Questions Tim Fox needs to answer after trip to Washington

HELENA – Today, the Associated Press reported that Attorney General Tim Fox was being recruited by the DC Republican establishment as their backup choice to run for Senate in 2018.

The article contains a few eyebrow-raising facts, including that Fox met with embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump, and others. This trip and these meetings raise a number of questions that Montanans deserve answers to:

  • Was the trip paid for using Montana taxpayer funds?
  • Did he meet with Mitch McConnell, or other establishment Republicans like the National Republican Senatorial Committee?
  • Does Montana’s chief lawyer think it’s acceptable for Attorney General Sessions to lie under oath to Congress and the American people about his secret meetings with the Russians?
  • Did Fox express any concern to President Trump about how his replacement health care plan would make Montanans and seniors pay more money for less care and reduce the number of insured Americans while lowering taxes for the rich?

“Instead of doing his job in Montana, Attorney General Fox admits he has been busy being courted by establishment Republicans in DC,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan. “Montanans need to know what Fox did on his trip to DC, who he met with and why, and whether these meetings took place at the taxpayer’s expense.”


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  1. Did he take a personal day? Or as an elected official, can he just shirk his duties at will as he strategizes for his next government gig? Just curious how that works.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 16, 2017 5:36 PM at 5:36 PM |

      As an elected official he does not need personal days. Most elected officials work way more hours than 40 hours per week.
      However, we should know who is paying for this trip. Fox is a hardcore very conservative evangelical. He has quietly involved Montana in some nasty anti-equality cases. He is an incredible hypocrite with a sweet smile and evil thoughts. He bamboozled the unions to support him in the last election. He will be a formidable opponent for Tester. But he is still a non-evolution believing guy. He can believe that but he should not be empowered as a Senator to impose those beliefs on everyone else. He is a poor mans Gianforte but a better politician than GG.

  2. Does anyone know whether montana, under Fox, has participated in the Crosscheck program?

  3. Here’s a map of the USA w cross check counties in vivid color.

    Regarding cross check voting in Montana, the map agrees with stuff I have read.

  4. Gapers don’t answer questions. How dare you question your betters?

  5. Breaking News. New questions to ask Sessions. Maybe Sessions approved if not suggested, which Russian Government agents would be contact points for Trump Transition organiztion. And many more observations from a careful observer. Who may not understand basics of hacking. But nevertheless grasps what she can, and connects the dots much much better than anyone else in my limited experience.
    Yes, she is brave and some people seek to discredit her work. Yes the New York Times figured this piece was worthy of publication. Yes Glenn Greenwald helps me see thru superficial bias of liberal USA media.
    But the breaking story by Louise Mensch speaks directly to we the people ALSO to our government — with critical questions for Congress to ask of specific people involved with agents of the Putin Russia Government.

    To follow the story check Twitter feed from Glenn Greenwald and Louise Mensch.
    In my limited experience, only out of the mainstream journalists Mensch and Greenwald accomplished the day to day work of each building a seperate but comprehensive understanding of how Russia has meddled and manipulated the Political process of the USA.
    The day to day work of seeking to understand how the bank was maybe using different servers, to hide bank laundering of Russian hot money.
    Day to day work of, if not analysis, at least of getting the gist of other workers who published work about communication hubs involving Russian agents. Day to day work completely beyond my understanding.
    Complicated stuff yes.
    Once again, a Senator Amanda Curtis would be on the job. Understanding proceedings and informing us what is going on in Washington DC.
    Do think and re-think how much you and Montana would have benefited if Amanda Curtis had been elected as a Senator for Montana.

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