Greg Gianforte Laughs at Montana Press Corp – Won’t Oppose Healthcare Repeal for 100,000 Montanans

GOP Insiders’ Plan Would Leave 24 Million Uninsured, Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires Like Gianforte

Montana U.S. House candidate Rob Quist denounced House leadership’s health care plan in D.C.–which would leave 24 million Americans uninsured while giving $600 billion in tax breaks to corporations and millionaires.

Millionaire Congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte this week refused to publicly oppose the proposal that would effectively cut access to health insurance for thousands of Montanans.

Montana reporters would do well to find Greg Gianforte, let alone get an answer from him on any substantive issue.

“Montanans deserve a real answer on where their candidates stand when it comes to reliable, affordable health care– and Greg Gianforte is not giving them that,” said Rob Quist, candidate for the U.S. House. This D.C. health care proposal is dangerous and out of touch with what working Montanans need– and until Greg Gianforte tells us he’d vote against it, it’s safe to assume he’ll be toeing the party line, just like he always has.”

House Republican leadership, which wrote the health care proposal, is currently spending $700,000 in TV ads on Gianforte’s behalf via their SuperPac.

According to the Associated Press and non-partisan reports, under the D.C. health care proposal:

  • Montana would have to spend an extra $126 million a year to continue its Medicaid expansion program under proposed legislation to replace the federal Affordable Care Act
  • 12,700 new potential jobs in Montana created under Medicaid expansion would not materialize

Greg Gianforte lost his bid in Montana’s 2016 gubernatorial race. He touts his support for efforts in D.C. to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides affordable healthcare to over 70,000 Montanans. Gianforte has long funded D.C. special interest groups, including Americans for Prosperity, that fought Montana’s bipartisan HELP Act.


5 Comments on "Greg Gianforte Laughs at Montana Press Corp – Won’t Oppose Healthcare Repeal for 100,000 Montanans"

  1. Old Line Democrat | March 17, 2017 2:01 PM at 2:01 PM |

    Too bad we don’t have a true investigative news structure in Montana. The Lee chain newspapers will have to most slanted view on this as is possible.
    Again we know GG has pledged his loyalty to Trump. The fight has to be carried on in person and social media. Force Daines and Fox to take a position and carry it over to GG. Activate seniors as they will be hurt the most and will umferstand the bill of goods they’ve been sold with Trump.

  2. The PRESS needs to PIN down Gianforte if he supports Trump’s budget that will essential KILL Meals on Wheels, which literally will contribute to premature deaths of seniors, veterans, widows, disabled if they’re forced out of their homes into sub-standard ‘nursing warehouse’ or more expensive assisted living which our ELDERS can’t afford, otherwise they wouldn’t be so desperate for one hot meal a day? What kind of Nation are we, the Richest with the GREATEST (Trump, we already have GREAT Agriculture and Nation!) food production in the world, and we can’t feed our moms, aunts, uncles who fought in Korea, Vietnam who might be disabled, also on MEDICAID, social security only that ‘The Donald’ says he won’t touch, BUT see if Trump has any CREDIBIILITY since he’s spewing lies and falsehoods on a daily basis!!??

  3. Go ahead Gianfart, laugh at us but we will have the last laugh when we vote you out of office! And everyone in the Republican party who believe poor people do not deserve a helping hand should be ashamed of themselves especially as they go to church and act like a bunch of hypocrites….

  4. That’s the GG we all know and loath…let’s keep working hard democrats…this is an important race for hundreds of reasons. We need to put our foot down on this one and say no more. Some like Amanda and some liked other candidates – but the time for squabbling is done. We have a candidate who stands of the exact opposite side of the GG’s of the world…let’s get out and get him elected!

  5. I’ve known Rob for 30 years and he’s no politician but he has the makings of another outstanding Montana Statesman, like Mansfield and Rankin. He’s not the regular baby-shaking hand-kisser we expect politicians to be but time and Tester will allow him to grow into the role of faithful leader. If Trump has taught us anything he showed us the age of daddy/college/lawyer/DA/Judge/sElected office is over. Getting common sense back in DC is going to require some uncommon politics. Maybe a special EP fundraiser-“Happy Trails” for Mr. Giantcontortion on the A side and “Go Away (little Greg)” on the B side-to the Moody Blues’ “go away little girl”-or was it the BeeGees?

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