Senator Tester: Russia ‘sought to undermine our privacy and our democracy’

Senator Holds Putin Accountable for Cyberattacks

Senator Jon Tester today called for greater sanctions to be placed on Russian officials following their hacking efforts to undermine America’s democracy.

Tester’s call for greater oversight comes on the heels of news that the U.S. is indicting two Russian Intelligence officers for hacking the Yahoo accounts of millions of Americans.

“It is important for the American public and all of their elected representatives to remember this: Russia attacked the United States and sought to undermine our privacy and our democracy,” Tester said.  “It’s not a partisan issue, it’s not something we should be playing politics with, but I believe the sanctions put into place were a starting point–more needs to be done.”

During a Senate Banking Hearing, Tester looked for next steps to hold Russia accountable for their invasion of Montanans’ privacy.

Earlier this month, Tester sponsored a bipartisan bill to prohibit any President from unilaterally lifting sanctions on Russia.

Tester sent a letter to President Trump urging him to keep sanctions on Russia.


4 Comments on "Senator Tester: Russia ‘sought to undermine our privacy and our democracy’"

  1. HORSE SLAUGHTER??? WHAT THE HELL??? Is he in the dog food business? OH….I “GET IT”….Maybe
    They are his idea of “Meals on Wheels” for the gourmet crowd….OR….then again, maybe he plans to harvest them after the FRACKING ON PUBLIC LANDS, AS WELL AS DRILLING and oh yeah….then again, the fewer
    HORSES the more cattle that can graze….on PUBLIC LAND…..!!!!!! ……”….I love the smell of napalm (SLAUGHTERED HORSE) in the morning”…Robert Duval

  2. This was a CyberWar attack-just as much an act of war as a 500 pound bomb. Actually a 500 pound bomb would have done less damage. We need to respond as if it were what it was and not let bullshit obscure that it was an act of war. (don’t mind me, I’m practicing my doublespeak in case the Trump admin runs out of spokespeople-I’ve been told the Duke of Blarney has nothin’ on me and I could sure use an extra million or two…) I think the proper response would be to use one of our stealth submarines and cut an ocean floor cable and reduce their bandwidth by 50%-take them a year or so to fix it and they sure as hell would think twice before screwing with us again. We DO have the capability if not the actual mission proposal.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 20, 2017 11:55 PM at 11:55 PM |

      You do realize that the one individual who is the supreme commander of our armed forces is being investigated for colluding with this very enemy, don’t you?
      We have more important business to take care of right now. It’s called impeachment.

  3. Senator Tester aligns with Heitkamp and Warner
    opposite of Menendez, Brown and Warren!

    Once again, Montana would be a better place,
    if Senator Amanda Curtis was in place.

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