Rob Quist Leads in Early Poll!

An online poll is not an exact science, but a this is a great indicator. It was in Gianforte’s current city of residence, Bozeman.

                Poll results via Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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It’s easy to see why Rob Quist would see this early lead. He’s a real authentic voice for Montana. He’s the real deal. His

His opponent, Greg Gianforte is the opposite of him in every way.  A candidate who does not know where he stands from day to day.outsourcing wizard who

Greg Gianforte is an outsourcing wizard. Gianforte sues Montanans to deny them access to Public Lands. 



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  1. Good to see that, but it’s early, and we Bozemanites head right to the poll page. More troubling is that while making calls, I’ve talked to several people who have still heard of him and even some who had no idea that an election is coming up. Work to be done!

  2. OUCH!
    Still NOT heard of him.


  3. CORRECTION – NOT a “duplicate”

    “…NOT heard of him…”

  4. Is there no way that you can allow me to correct my error and put in the NOT without telling me that it’s a duplicate?

    “…NOT heard of him…”

    • here here! The fracking spell checker is always either failing to correct me or totally obfuscating my original diversion with near hisses and mitts.

  5. I wish he would go out and campaign in the rural areas to go after the knuckle dragger vote more. I got a call from a Quist volunteer yesterday who excitedly told me that Rob was knocking on doors in Helena yesterday, and was having a rally in Constitution Park today. I told her he already has the Helena vote, he needs to go knock on doors in Dillon and Hamilton, places like that.

  6. Diane Langenfus | March 20, 2017 1:42 PM at 1:42 PM |

    I am in Helena, missed my door. Eould live to hear what he has to say. I see on his FB page where he is speaking, would love tosee him right here in Helena.

  7. Rob is pretty clear about his positions on his website. Check it out if you have yet to hear about him. He doesn’t have the financial advantage of ‘GiantFortune’ so we are not likely to see as much advertising–so spread the word. His values are solid and you can check out what he has to say on issues on his website:

  8. Rob is an uncommon man with a lot of common sense. If we raise him up right we could have another Mansfield/Metcalf/Roosevelt kind of Statesman-he certainly has the foundation. I know it’s sure time we had a Dem in the House again-just in time for impeachment hearings maybe?

  9. Rob Quist stands on his own merits. Comparing him to Gianforte is like comparing Will Rodgers to Richard Nixon.

    Are there approved Rob Quist yard signs available?
    Petersen’s comments are on-target—Yeah to him.

  10. This is hilarious! The Chronicle poll is unscientific and Bozeman is nicknamed Boze-Angelos for a reason.

    • Gianforte is in trouble and he knows it. His campaign is putting out fake news stories and conducting polls that are slanted to show that he has support of a majority of Montanans when they know he is the most disliked politician in the state. He is desperate and will sink even lower the closer the election gets. They are now distributing flyers with complete lies about Quist and not identifying who put it out in direct violation of election law. I have faith that the Montana voters are smart enough to see through this, but a lot of people have moved here in the last 10 years and they may believe this BS.

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