Ryan/Gianforte Healthcare Plan – 100K Montanans Lose Coverage

By Ross Peter Nelson

The GOP(Don’t)Care Bill

After six years of whining, followed by a frantic few months of pretending they had a plan, the Republicans finally offered up a GOP(Don’t)Care health bill, to almost universal disdain. As bad as it is, it’s worth pointing out in particular how it affects Montana. It’s interesting to note that even Republican lackey Steve Daines has backed away from the bill with a mealy-mouthed statement saying, “We can do better.”

The first problem with the AHCA bill is that people will lose their insurance, over 14 million Americans in just a single year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Clearly those aren’t all in Montana, but that could easily affect 142,000 of us according to Montana Public Radio. That is one of every seven people in the state. When people lose coverage, they are sick longer, which means a loss of productivity to employers. It also means a loss of jobs, since fewer workers will be employed at hospitals and clinics. More importantly, some of those people will die due to lack of affordable care.

While this primarily affects people who signed up through the ACA exchanges, people who are covered by their employers will also be effected. Because the ACA mandated coverage, employers were required to offer it. The AHCA removes that mandate, so some employers will stop offering insurance.

The ACHA also breaks a promise made when Trump was campaigning. He said that Medicaid would be untouched. Under the ACHA millions more will be denied Medicaid coverage and the Medicaid budget will be slashed by $880 billion dollars over the next decade.

Individual states like Montana would also have to come up with more money because the AH”CA converts Medicaid from a matching program to a capped subsidy where the states get a fixed amount, regardless of need. That means that either services would be dropped, or the state would have to raise taxes in order to make up the lost Federal funds. Over the next decade, those states (including Montana) would have to come up with an additional $253 billion to meet the program’s costs.

 Montana is a state where about one in seven people are over 60. These are among the hardest hit by the bill. According to the Kaiser Foundation, a 60-year old Montana making $30,000/year will lose 50-75% of their current tax credits if AHCA is enacted.

Finally, the AHCA generates a huge tax cut for people who earn over $200,000/year. Unfortunately for the rest of us, only a small fraction of the people here make that kind of money. The end result is that we’ll pay higher taxes, get lower quality care, and subsidize tax breaks for those who need the least help. AHCA doesn’t deserve our support. Make sure your representatives know.


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  1. On these pages, early last month, I ptredicted as much. Quote:

    January 20. Trump signs an executive order threatening to gut the Affordable Care Act. During the campaign he said that he’d repeal the law and replace it with “something terrific.” Repeal seems imminent; replacement not so much. To understand the gravity of this threat to Montanans, listen to the Montana Budget and Policy Center, a non-profit think tank located in Helena:

    “Through access to health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Montana’s uninsured rate has dropped from 20% in 2012 to 7.4% in 2016, with thousands of Montanans accessing health coverage through the health marketplace….” Repealing the Act “could have disastrous impacts on Montana, leading to 142,000 fewer Montanans with health coverage than if health reform were left in place.”

    Are you among the 142,000 Montanans who might soon lose health insurance? Did you, like 57 percent of Montana’s voters, cast a ballot for Trump? If you are and if you did: you’re welcome.

    End quote. Are politicians listening?

    • Why listen. They expect that the sheeple will have forgotten by the next election. Then it will be god, guns and gays again.

  2. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/white-house-admits-trump-insurance-for-everybody-guarantee-isnt-going-to-happen/ar-BByo3Nf?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp

    Healthcare for EVERYONE, that’s what ‘King’ Donald conned everybody with, so do you disagree Gianforte!? Do we work till we drop dead GG? Now ‘GG’ says he’ll fight China, won’t outsource like he and his fellow BILLIONAIRES loved, and while your at it, why not ask your ‘Bro’ Trump where his ties are made, and ‘Princess’ Ivanka, just about ALL made in China and other global sweatshops!

  3. Gianforte trying the good ‘Ol GOP tactic of tying all to Pelosi, but here’s nice ‘Bromance’ pick of Ryan, Gianforte together, ‘disciples’ of ‘King’ Donald ‘healthcare for all’ CON job of ‘WEALTHCARE’, which won’t fix that cowboy from Circle who fell off his horse and expects somebody to fix his leg, even though he
    voted for the ’45 caliber’ adulterer, ‘family’ values city-slicker who never SWEATED a day in his life loading boxes, working a loading dock, stacking hay, fixing fence, grunting in the mud, changing oil, fixing tires, loading cattle, running a cash register, he NEVER did any ‘grunt’ jobs described in the famed ‘Alabama’ class song about the working men and women, ‘Forty hour week’…..most of the jobs effected by Trump’s ANTI-union stance, anti-workers rights, and trade wars that only cripple our exports to other nations now insulted and attacked by Trump, like China, Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, virtually EVERY nation except – yes wait for it – Putin’s RUSSIA and the oligarchs that ‘King’ Donald has to love, he owes them BILLIONS!

    • Putin has something hanging over tRump’s head, I’m guessing tRump has been receiving enough favors from Russia as to qualify as a Russian agent.

  4. President Trump’s downslide in popularity,
    may be a factor in Rob Quist’s strong upside popularity poll in Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


  5. rats need table this the #TrumpRyanWealthcare bill and the budget as the RoadToRuinMilitaryIndustrialWetDream Budget brought to you by the Kremlin Klan-all the brutality of slavery with a bright new wrapper!

  6. Cripes! friggin spell check! Democrats need to label…#MilitaryIndustrycorpWetDream Budget gdarn granny-starving hungry orphan’s tears vampires!

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