Koch Brothers Group, AFP, Only Opponent to Bi-Partisan Pre-K Bill


At this point what more would you expect? Another legislative session is coming and soon going and the Goon Squad of the Koch Brothers, AFP, is back at it again by attacking universally popular legislation that 44 other states have had for years. Montana is currently one of only six states without a publicly funded pre-kindergarten option for four-year-olds.

AFP was the sole opponent of the bill at the hearing held for it. THE ONLY OPPONENT!

While AFP was the only opponent, dozens of school teachers, parents and business groups testified in support of Governor Bullock’s early childhood education proposal.

Last session a similar bill was not passed. If the only opponents are Kansas billionaires perhaps we should listen to Montanans who demand a better educational system for their children.

“Preschool prepares our students for success in school and in life,” said bill sponsor Billings Rep. Kathy Kelker. “Despite the overwhelming evidence to support investments in early childhood education, Montana has lagged behind most other states in providing high quality preschool.”

Jeana Ross, Republican Secretary for the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, spent the day at the Montana State Capitol on behalf of Republican Governor Robert Bentley to meet with lawmakers in support of Governor Bullock’s preschool grant program proposal.

“This is not a partisan issue elsewhere in the country. Other states – some of the reddest of red states like Alabama – have recognized the value of high-quality early childhood education,” Governor Bullock said of the visit. “Their states are better off for investing in their kids. Thank you to Secretary Ross for showing us how it’s done.”

Alabama has had state-funded preschool for four-year-olds since 2000, known as First Class. Similar to Governor Bullock’s proposal, a variety of providers are eligible to apply for competitive First Class grants. Alabama’s First Class progr

“We know this is a strong investment in our state’s future,” said Governor Bullock. “Now is the time Montana finally makes investments into the success of our kids through publicly funded early childhood education.”

The Pre-K proposal is for $12 million in grants to allow school districts, Head Start programs, and high-quality preschool providers to offer preschool for four-year-old kids at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Representative Kathy Kelker who is sponsoring the legislation, House Bill 563, also spoke at the rally.

Last session Montanans sent these minions of the infamous Kansas Billionaires packing as meaningful legislation was passed much to the chagrin of the out-of-state A**holes.

Call your legislator at 406-444-4800 and tell them to vote for HB 563.

Earlier in this legislative session an AFP staffer David Herbst threatened legislators while testifying on a proposed minimum wage increase. Herbst told legislators that if they chose to disagree with the Koch Brothers party line then revenge would be exacted and that right quick. This attempt to frighten legislators was immediately rebuked and called out for what it was, a blatant attempt to bully democratically elected officials working on the people’s business.

This outrageous behavior is nothing new from AFP. They threatened Republican legislators at the last legislative session for even considering voting for Medicaid expansion. They spent thousands on radio, mail, and events to attack responsible lawmakers who were listening to their constituents. Many call it the turning point in the 2015 legislature when citizens stood up to these bullies intent on silencing them.

After these meetings and the public outcry against AFP a reasonable agenda was passed with a working majority of Democrats and Republicans working alongside the Governor. These guys never learn, Montanans will not be told what to do by out-of-state billionaires.

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