Quist Needs National Democrats Support, Now! (Guest Post)


National Democrats with big money usually become involved in a congressional race through an organization known as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC.  The Republicans have their own version of this, known as the RCCC, and that group began spending large sums of money, over half a million bucks statewide, on negative ads against Rob Quist the day after Quist was nominated, ads calling Quist a leftist, a hated Democrat and on and on.

Hard hitting, dishonest, but possibly effective and with money behind it.  Gianforte has his own ads on TV, a million bucks worth telling voters how wonderful he is and how he’s definitely a Montanan….

On the other side?  The DCCC is nowhere to be found, nor does Quist yet have enough money to run ads of his own apparently, because there are none on TV.  That’s a major problem. It means that the Quist campaign is not on the radar of the folks with the big dough in DC. And that means it’s tough to be competitive.

Things were not made better this weekend when national democrats downplayed the relevance of Quist’s campaign, expressing hesitance about Quist’s campaign and denying that Quist is doing something of national importance.  The complete opposite should have been said, because Quist can raise money if his campaign is national in scope.

Where is the DCCC and why don’t they care about Quist?

Contribute to Rob Quist’s Campaign Here to send a message to these out of touch National Establishment Democrats.

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  1. DNC, let’s hope not the “Do Nothing Committee” as noted at Flathead Memo! Time for action was yesterday, not dithering and no excuse that ‘they’ didn’t realize Billionaire Gianforte was player, come on! And Jon Tester has more to lose if he sits on the sidelines and demoralizes Dems, Independents and Bernie voters IMHO.

  2. So where is the Montana Democrat Party? I read yesterday they sent $25,000 to DNC Feb 6 knowing then was no doubt going to be a seat to fill. Also according to same report have $141,000 in cash on hand. Why can’t they by a couple ads. Read Quist Facebook people are begging for Quist ads and material. Come on leaders in Helena step up and help Quist

    • Yeah…you can’t get a bumper sticker or a yard sign yet…why isn’t he coming to the rural counties who supported him?

      • It’s been reported that Quist intends to campaign in all 56 counties. He’ll make good on that promise, but it will take some time. But he also needs to campaign in the counties that produce the most votes for Democrats. A county level breakdown of votes for statewide contests in 2016 is available at:


        Please consider cutting him some slack on his schedule. Quist understands and care about rural Montana. Even when he’s campaigning in urban Montana, he also campaigning to improve the lives of rural Montanans.

        • I understand he needs to be in those counties. He has to do better in Park, Lewis and Clark, Yellowstone and Cascade than Juneau did against Zinke. Those are counties (minus Yellowstone which GG didn’t win by much over Bullock) that I believe he can take. You are right.

          However, he is going to have to win independents in other parts of Montana and get out there and show those new Central Committee members why they bothered to reform. That’s all I’m saying.

          I would like to get a sticker and a yard sign. Time is of the essence.

          • I do share your concern about the availability of stickers and yard signs. Quist’s campaign should make PDFs of yard signs and stickers available for download on his website. But that might not happen. Therefore, I hope that third parties such as Big Sky Rising, which has excellent graphic artists, will make such PDFs available. At Flathead Memo, I’ll provide links to the files.

  3. Paul Van Tricht | March 21, 2017 4:15 PM at 4:15 PM |

    Rob has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ Group “Our Revolution.” That may raise some money. Also Rob has been endorsed by the Montana members of “Move On.”

    • I am going to vote for Rob Quist, and I will be going around to each and every one of my friends to make sure that any who can vote will vote, and I don’t have any close R friends, it’ll all be for Quist. Also, I’m sending Rob some more $, I’ll be puking if effing Jersey-G gets that seat, Ugh!

  4. When I receive a solicitation call from the DNC, DCCC, or (as today) from the Democratic Governors Association, I bluntly ask how much effort and funding they have committed to the special election in Montana. When they hem and haw and dodge the question, I inform them that I won’t contribute a dime to them unless and until I see their efforts and funding showing up here.

    I see the proud declarations of how many campaign workers and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they’re committing to the special election in Georgia, yet nothing for the exact same number of Congressional seats in Montana. A seat that I believe is at least as winnable as the one in Georgia.

  5. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | March 21, 2017 11:15 PM at 11:15 PM |

    also as I keep pointing out a few hours invested in calling Free Speech TV hosts could yield good results-Jon Osoff hit a mini-jackpot by getting alternative press working for him. Daily Kos ring a bell? I have already called Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller on Rob’s behalf but they would be delighted to hear from the candidate himself. This outlet reaches millions, well a little over 3 actually, of active, engaged political people and this includes a surprising number of Montanans.

  6. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | March 21, 2017 11:17 PM at 11:17 PM |

    that’s 3 million. sorry. some days more than 3X that many!

  7. We Montanans only have one Representative in the House. Rob Quist is one of us, he has promoted Montana throughout his career. Please don’t let an outside Republican represent this State.

  8. Paul Van Tricht | March 22, 2017 4:11 PM at 4:11 PM |

    I just received my first solicitation for money for Rob Quist from Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders’ group) which is more than I have received from either the State or National Democratic Parties. We should be complaining directly to them now. The telephone number of the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) is 1-202-863-1500 use extension 573. Be patient the waits are very, very long. Email: dccc.org/contact/

  9. We should have checked him out better before we nominated him. If he can’t pay his taxes and has debt judgments against him the other side will hammer him.

  10. The other side was hammering him before this was news. Double g was airing attack ads before this came to light. There was a time that many of us had similar problems.

  11. Thank you Bob Williams that is exactly what happened. He is one of us and had to put up the same types of issues that many have had to face when it comes to banks and some in the medical community.

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