Secretary “Reefer Madness” Stapleton Brings Henchman to Intimidate Fitzpatrick at SB305 Hearing

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, and then vote by mail

As you’ve all heard by now, the actions last week in House Judiciary regarding the vote by mail bill (SB 305), were atrocious.

Puppet Chairman Alan Doane, who is too dumb to breathe (believe me), limited testimony again for speakers testifying on a controversial bill. Some county commissioner drove over 400 miles to be at this hearing advocating to save their citizens thousands of dollars in the upcoming special election.

Puppet Doane limited testimony to only allow supporters to state their names, but badass Montana grandma, Carole Mackin, was not having any of it. She stood at the lectern and said she would finish her comments or Doane would have to have the sergeant at arms pull her out of the committee room. Doane chose to kick grandma to the curb sending the hearing into a frenzy.

But you know all that. It’s already been widely covered that Alan Doane is a mouth breathing idiot chairing a kill committee because if he ever had an independent thought, it might kill him.

What was not widely covered was the maniacal tirade and conspiracy accusations made by Secretary of State Corey Stapleton.

When the hearing broke out into chaos, Secretary Stapleton took off scared and ran out of the committee. He didn’t even use the main stairs to his office. He chose to sneak up the back staircase and take the long way to his office. After putting on his big boy pants, Stapleton came back guided by his body guard, 6’ 11” Elections Director, Derek Oestreicher.

What later became a scene straight out of the Princess Bride, small man syndrome Stapleton (Vizzini) aided by his giant lackey Derek (Fezzik) began yelling at SB 305 Sponsor Steve Fitzpatrick, “YOU did this. This is all your fault!” Inconceivable! Now get him Derek and make it quick!

Fitzpatrick told him to get out of his face, since Fitzpatrick was seated at the time.

Next, Corey Stapleton, who ran on making the Secretary of State’s office less political, testified as an opponent to SB 305 and went on a very political rant at the tippy top of his itty-bitty lungs. He spouted conspiracy theories about ballots being stolen or fraudulently used. He said his office would be sued. He said he has only been in office for three months and doesn’t know how to do his job. Sounds like another businessman I know. (cough-cough, Mr. President)

Stapleton then said that he and Derek the Giant couldn’t handle more people voting, and that sort of populism would not be a good thing for Montanans. More Montanans voting, what could be wrong about that? (Jeff Essman?)

Well, most of his conspiracy testimony stems from his views that the 3 states that do an all-mail election (Colorado, Oregon, and Washington) all have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

So, Mr. Stapleton is afraid that when more people vote, they tend to vote for what they want to see in their government. People are tired of the war on drugs so when more people vote they choose to decriminalize and regulate the use of marijuana. And wow, look how these states are raking in the tax money.

When more people vote, they vote to get rid of self-interest politicians who are selling out the middle class and out Montana values.

When more people vote, Montanans receive critical services for children and the elderly, and a robust public education system.

But, when Montanans SAY they want more people to vote, they realize that the Republicans don’t want them to vote. The Republicans would rather stay in their gerrymandered districts and suppress your vote.

The truth of the matter is that more people voting is good for our democracy and voting by mail will save cash-strapped counties money. County elections officers and commissioners desperately need this bill to pass. Otherwise, Secretary “Reefer Madness” Stapleton and the Montana Republicans will be forcing a huge price tag on the citizens of Montanans.

If vote by mail does not pass, I suggest Montana county commissioners make Secretary Stapleton pick up the check to cover the extra costs.





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  1. She was warned… Sounds likes Doane was channeling another little misogynist
    jerk, our esteemed representative Daines.

  2. John Ilgenfritz | March 26, 2017 4:44 PM at 4:44 PM |

    The folks who don’t want a mail ballot claim that it did not have adequate safeguards and could not be trusted. After testimony, when committee members were free to question those who testified, one of the committee members called Secretary of State Stapleton forward and asked him if he voted by mail. After an awkward pause, he replied, “YES”. Laughter filled the room as well as the hallway. S.O.S. Stapleton was also asked a couple of questions regarding the election process.
    He pleaded ignorance. The room was full of county election officials and, one of them, answered questions. 54 of 56 counties voiced the desire that the bill be passed. A bill, which did not mandate a mail ballot, only offered the county election officials the option of using the mail ballot for this particular election. The objection to this bill is purely political. I commend Senator Fitzpatrick (R) for his integrity and courage of sponsoring this bill and Republican Lewis and Clark County Commissioner Susan Geise Good for chastising Republican leadership for putting party ahead of constituents.

  3. I think it should be “too dumb to breathe” (“e” at the end of the word).

    You might want to edit that. Thanks.

  4. Something needs to be done about allowing people who are completely unqualified to do the job that they were elected for. I mean it is happening at all levels of government, not only in Montana where it’s happened at least twice now in the past several elections. Corey Stapleton was the latest of the ‘incompetents’ forced on us at the state level. Just because a person is breathing and a body that’s dead from the neck up should not qualify them to run for elected office. We need some type of amendments to both our state and federal constitutions to prevent this. We are already stuck with a Secretary of State in Montana and a “so called” president on the national level wrecking havoc on our governmental systems. We need to fix this before we end up with some really serious problems that we would be unable to reverse.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 27, 2017 1:26 PM at 1:26 PM |

      Normally, it’s those awful public employees who keep the operations running when we get a no-nothing official elected. The problem with Stapleton and the rest of the right wing nut jobs is that they can’t get past their Koch Brothers indoctrination to recognize the madness of their position. We can only hope we survive the next four years intact.

  5. Sec Stapleton apparently doesn’t realize that it is 56 county election offices that run these elections. He also warned that we would be “the laughing stock” of the nation if this election is conducted by mail. Furthermore the secretary asserted that the three all mail ballot states are “a mess” while providing no facts what-so-ever to back up that claim. One thing for sure, mail balloting generally provides much greater turnout. Particularly in an unscheduled election like this one. Most Montanans were sure this bill would pass. If it doesn’t, expect a horribly low turnout.

  6. SB305 will be held until time has expired. We will have a regular ballot. Another reason to vote Quist no matter what??

  7. I smell a rat

  8. Obert Undem, an octogenarian retiree | March 31, 2017 4:09 PM at 4:09 PM |

    If only Gilbert and Sullivan were around adding to their long list of musical comedies, this debate in the current Legislature could be memorialized along with this duo’s long list of timeless and still hilarious politically laced great musical productions of the late 19th and early 20th century time period! It would be one long lasting laugh from the first to the last words of such a comedic drama! Obert Undem

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