Rob Quist raised $754,307 in the first few weeks of his campaign to be an independent voice for Montanans in the U.S. House.

Rob has received nearly 18,000 contributions to his campaign, with an average donation size of $40. Two-thirds of the dollars that Rob has raised come from Montana.

Rob could not feel more honored that Montanans across the state are getting behind his grassroots campaign of being an independent voice for everyday Montanans,” said Tina Olechowski, spokesperson for Rob Quist’s campaign. “Unlike New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte who spent over $6 million of his personal fortune to try to buy an election, Rob has the backing of real Montanans who know Rob will fight to protect Montana’s public lands, get dark money out of politics and reform the tax system so it works for small businesses, rural communities and hard-working families.” 

The Montana Cowgirl Fundraising Page is quickly moving towards $5,000 raised through just the readers on this site. You have helped raise over $4,400 already with your support we can keep Rob’s Momentum going!

Donate $7.50 today so Rob knows that you are with him:

DONATE to Rob Quist HERE

The first financial filing deadline for the campaign is this Friday, March 31 so donate today to help him reach a Million dollars by Friday!

6 Comments on "ROB QUIST RAISES $750,000 IN JUST A FEW WEEKS!"

  1. PLEASE – put your money where your mouth is.

  2. I do not have a problem with candidates drawing an income from their campaigns. This may be the only way that good people can afford to run for political office. Just because Gianforte made a fortune helping companies send hundreds of thousands of jobs to China and is now able to self finance his own campaign, does not mean that because you cannot disqualifies you from running for office. And where was your outrage when tRump stole millions from his presidential campaign, yeah, dead silence, just another tRump hypocrite troll.

  3. What drives me nuts is hearing on the MSM about John Osoff’s great chances of winning the seat in Georgia and the National Dems are jumping in to help him-he’s down by 2% in a Redder-than-REDD state. Then sitting quiet in the dark is Montana’s own Rob Quist, running for a seat held by Democrats not-so-long-ago, in a Purple State, with a 20 point lead in polls. Not a peep from MSM or national Dems. Montana has had folks talk of seceding from time to time. Totally unnecessary, if we just stop reminding them we ARE a state the rest of the country will just keep thinking we’re Canadians.

  4. Sister City Democrats will be there to help Rob Quist win in May.

  5. You’re not alone in this fight. Many Sister District Democrats will be there to help Rob Quist win in May.

  6. You’re not alone in this fight. Many Sister District Democrats will be there to help Rob Quist win in May.

    (And apologies for multiple posts–just learning this system!)

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