BREAKING: Gianforte Rakes in Millions From Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies

Gianforte’s federal disclosure shows he holds $2.5 million in stock in 12 pharmaceutical companies

 Recently released personal financial records show New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte is making millions in profits off of investments he has in 12 big pharmaceutical companies, including a number of multinational corporations.

“New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte clearly has a conflict of interest that raises questions about why he wants to run for Montana’s U.S. House seat in the first place,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “If Greg Gianforte is making money off of higher drug prices, we know that he won’t be fighting for Montanans’ interests when it comes to negotiating health care costs.”

Greg Gianforte owns $2.5 million in stock in 12 pharmaceutical companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Merck & Company Inc., CSL, Abbvie, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Shire PLC, Takeda, Taro Pharmaceutical industries, Allergan PLC and Bayer AG. The companies have come under fire for inflating drug prices increasing health care costs for hard-working Americans. In addition, many of Gianforte’s companies have lobbied against changing the way Medicare reimburses doctors for expensive drugs, which has resulted in increased costs for seniors.

U.S. House candidate, Rob Quist has spoken out against the high prescription drug costs saying pharmaceutical companies are putting profits before people.


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    CEOs of Novartis and Merck – which Gianforte is invested in – were reported at the White House meeting where Trump ‘went chicken’ and all his ‘tough talk’ to demand lower prices was tossed and instead ‘King’ Donald issued ‘decrees’ that he work to make it easier for Big Pharma (and GG’s interests) to make MORE profits by lowering and removing regulations that PROTECT public health and safety!

  2. Old Line Democrat | March 30, 2017 7:03 PM at 7:03 PM |

    The point that needs to be made is that right now Montana has no representation in the House of Reps. With a virtual three party divide between the Trump faction and the Freedom Caucus developing in D C one vote can make a huge difference. Who would you rather have voting your interests the Daines/Gianforte faction or the Quist/Tester faction?
    I know who has acted in my best interest.

  3. Who would you rather have, a Billionaire who denies science and believes he’s so ‘pious’ or a Montana man who’s worked in the fields, earned a scholarship shooting small town ‘hoops’ and boldly creating a VALUABLE Montana entertainment brand but also struggles like many of us sometimes, especially with medical bills and hard knocks? Rob may have big hat, but he’s got a BIGGER HEART, and did countless fundraisers raising money for desperate fellow Montanans with MEDICAL debts, on the verge of losing home, property and most importantly, a loved one without having help from a community and Rob was there to make it happen. Can you imagine Gianforte’s ‘disciple’s and minions doing that? NO, they say work till you drop, and then we’ll let you on the 6,000 year old ARK!

    • Yup, Rob is a Teddy Roosevelt Democrat-He sings softly and carries a big guitar! Like Teddy Rob loves our Public lands and knows it’s the Trusts and monopolies that need restraint, not government! He will protect our privacy, not sell it to the highest bidder! Please see my FB page “i Spy with my Public Eye” and lets hold the GOP accountable for this invasion!

  4. At some point, regardless of partisan affiliation, doesn’t it become absurd to think it is good representation to have 2/3 of our congressional delegation coming from the same company in the same town?

  5. My contribution to double GG’s fortune this month was $467.34 for my co-pay for a 60 pill supply of medication prescribed by my doctor to treat a difficult case of colitis. The total cost of this generic medication is well over $1400.00 per round of therapy which, if allowed would cost me a fifty dollar bill, had I the ability to import the medication from Canada. And you expect us to believe that this ultra rich asshole even cares about folks in similar situations?

  6. Good point Bozo. We’ve already seen what Daines does for Montanans, why not double the pleasure and send Gianforte to double the fun. We need a real Montanan in DC. Someone who knows what it’s like to struggle occasionally to pay the bills and can’t just write a check to make all problems go away.

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