Montanans Write to People of New Jersey: Have You Seen Greg Gianforte?

New Jersey State House

125 West State Street

Trenton, NJ 08608


People of New Jersey:


We are writing on behalf of the voters of Montana voters to inquire into the whereabouts of New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte. While Mr. Gianforte claims to want to represent our state, he seems to have gone missing from the campaign trail.

Recently, Mr. Gianforte was spotted in Washington, D.C., dining with the backers of the disastrous health care bill that would have raised Montanans’ premiums by an average of $306 every month. Since Montanans now know the devastating impact of that bill on our wallets, we speculate that Mr. Gianforte decided to hop on the express train to New Jersey over facing Treasure State voters.

Alternatively, with Montana’s sportsmen continually concerned about Mr. Gianforte’s shaky public lands policy — including suing the people of Montana to close off public river access near his property — perhaps he fled to his home state where he wouldn’t have to worry about stream access or public land transfer. Has Mr. Gianforte filed any lawsuits pertaining to river access in your state?

Or maybe Mr. Gianforte realized that after spending $6 million of his personal fortune on a failed gubernatorial campaign, Montana voters can’t be bought. Did Mr. Gianforte recently make any large purchases in your state, where he may get a better return on investment than trying to buy another election?

With just under eight weeks until our special congressional election, Montanans are wondering if they will ever have a chance to question Mr. Gianforte about his New Jersey values. We appreciate your assistance as we investigate this matter.


Montana Voters


16 Comments on "Montanans Write to People of New Jersey: Have You Seen Greg Gianforte?"

  1. This is petty and pathetic and needs to stop. There are plenty of reasons to oppose GG. Where he was BORN shouldn’t be one of them.

    I don’t like GG and I won’t be voting for him. But it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s from *gasp* NEW JERSEY!!! Let’s give the man what little credit he deserves: he built his business in Montana. Now he wants to be a politician. Fine, let’s judge him on his merits. Where he was born is not one of them.

    Guess what. Many Montanans were born out of state. If you weren’t, then your parents were, like mine. Or your grandparents, great grandparents, etc. Demonizing GG and his supporters because he was born elsewhere is completely pathetic, and it’s the kind of stuff the right is doing right now to immigrants. Frankly I find it offensive.

    Let’s be the bigger man here. Quit calling him “Jersey Greg.” I’d say “Creationist Greg” is far scarier anyway.

    • Yes and no…the right does this all of the time, and I’m becoming a firmer believer in pretending we should fight fairer than the right hasn’t worked well for us. While I don’t care a bit if that puddle of money GG is from out of state…the right has always used that little spiel when convenient against candidate on the left…or any voice that doesn’t agree with it. How many times does a liberal in MT have to hear go back to CALIFORNIA because you think workers might need to be paid a living wage?

      I think frankly for some, part of it is that GG tries to dress himself up all montana-esque with crispy pressed jeans and a new hat filled down by the river (which is a little ironic) to look like he’s one of us.

      So while I don’t endorse it in many ways, I don’t mind throwing the hypocrisy back in their face a bit either. How about let’s win an election on this one and we’ll all write GG an apology letter suggesting that New Jersey isn’t good enough…?

      • Well put and damn straight.

      • “The right does this all the time.” Huh? When exactly? And I bet you thought Obama was the real deal when he put on blue jeans and rolled up his sleeves– just like one of us!! How pathetic– The guys platform is “I’m from around here.” Brilliant.

  2. I find this thinking also offensive. I was born in Williston,N.D. Because at that time it was the closest hospital to our rural Eastern Montana home. So am I am from North Dakota because I spent 3 days there even though I lived the remaing 68 years of my life in Montana. What is the point to continue to use this. The reason I think Gianforte is missing in this campaign is there is already enough negative info out there on him so he is playing it safe not to give the democrats anymore ammo. He has name recognition due to his failed run for governor. Unfortunately also to poor political advice given to Quist about being more forthcoming early on about his financial problems that campaign is now facing much negative press. Because it appears the Quist Campaign has no money to buy any major media ads he can’t respond to Gianforte’s negative attach ads. It is sad the national Democratic Party is not lifting one finger to help Quist but pouring all kinds of money in 5th Georgia district race. It is helpful some Montana blogs are supporting Quist but to be honest how many readers do they reach. Quist needs ads at 6 and 10 when most Montana voters are watching tv local news. Many younger voters do not know Quist from his band days. I hope the negative press lately didn’t hurt Quist fund raising to much but time will tell.

  3. He is inside my TV running slimy ads.

  4. Old Line Democrat | April 3, 2017 7:16 PM at 7:16 PM |

    I just came from a Quist fundraiser. He is the real deal. Everyone needs to hear him speak with the passion of a native Montanan. He knows what it is like to be what we are and seems prepared to make that known. This man is worth getting behind. He can communicate with Montanans who have always been republicans but know the need to work with people to get anything done.
    This election will be won on a person to person basis. Make it your mission to talk to one or two people every day it can happen but it won’t if we dig on our hands and carp about focusing on New Jersey.

  5. Hey Rick, are you telling us your guns aren’t registered? Isn’t that against the law right now? And as far as Quist being in debt, he’s only thousands in debt, unlike the guy in the White House, who’s tens of millions in debt. And you think we shouldn’t vote for him because singers aren’t people? Stop letting Rush Limbaugh, who’s only a disk jockey, tell you how to live your life.

  6. C’mon, folks. No one is belittling New Jersey. Where he was born is the one thing we really know about him. But in all truth, he may own property in Montana, but he apparently doesn’t represent the state or our values. His extreme views on public education and public lands are in fact opposite. The day after Rob Quist was selected as Democratic nominee, the GOP of behalf of Gianforte was running hate ads. Sorry, that’s definitely not Montana.

    • Old Line Democrat | April 4, 2017 5:38 AM at 5:38 AM |

      Just as importantly, why would Montanans want to have two thirds of their congressional delegation be constituted of mega rich ultra conservatives who work for the same company, attend the same off beat religion, and support the most draconian proposals presented by the dark money interests? We don’t and shouldn’t. This is a great opportunity to bring Montana back to the center and work for the people not the elites. Our voices need to be heard.

      • Me too Old Line! Steve + Greg = 3X as many problems.

        We got to focus on big consequential stuff Voters are talking about.

        Time to let go of shooting old arguments at small, up close images of Mr. Gianforte.

  7. Rick Ferguson: I will take Rob Quist any day because he is honest about his debts, which were mostly incurred because of health problems. The same could happen to you or me any time, and unless you have a lot of extra money set aside, debt is inevitable. Quist will be a much better representative for the average Montanan, rather than a selfish billionaire who wants to bar fishermen and boaters from river access and who says he takes his instructions from the biblical Noah.

  8. The “Advancing Conservatism Society of Hamilton MT” has an ad on the back page of April’s Bitterroot Valley Properties Directory, inviting “Any interested citizens of Ravalli county” to meet and ask questions of Mr. Greg Gianforte, U.S. Congressional candidate for the Republican’s party.” Monday, April 17th, 7 – 9p.m., Bitterroot River Inn The ad also says Quist and Wicks were also invited, but hadn’t responded. They have a Facebook page.

    I would also like to say that calling out Gianforte’s birthplace has been “done”. We get it. His policies and positions are more important.

  9. Rick, I would be very concerned that people like Gianforte and Trump will eliminate your veterans’s benefits, social security, medicare and any other entitlement that you may be relying on. (By the way, they’re called entitlements because you are ENTITLED to them) These people want nothing more than to raid every last dollar from public programs and give them to their backers and family members. Be prepared for them to sell off the National Forests and parks as well.

    At least Rob Quist has been where many Americans have been: facing tough choices because of a messed up health care system, and trying to make ends meet anyway.

    Any why is Oprah a thorn in your side? She is a self-made person as well, just like Gianforte, but without the bad science. I would rather have her opinion than then that of the KKK or NRA.

  10. I thought it was funny! Come on people you all lose your funny bone? The only ones who can claim being real Montanan’s are the native peoples, everyone else came from across the pond, in this case New Jersey! So far what I have read is that Gianforte didn’t create any meaningful jobs here in Montana. Didn’t he use foreign labor in his companies?

  11. I’m also of the “don’t matter where you’re from, it’s where you are headed” crowd and I just don’t care for where the GOP wants to take us. The only thing being from out-of-state and wealthy applies to is this-like other wealthy immigrants before him Greg is discovering it’s a lot easier to buy a hunting cabin in the Crazy Mountains than it is to buy an Office in DC. We need to make it impossible and getting money out of politics is going to require amending the Constitution-an effort Rob supports and GC fears! Corporations are not people and money is not speech. No need for a Con/Con where Oligarchs could consolidate their power, a simple amendment will do! (We the)People= has a heartbeat. Corporation-has a Quarterly Report, no heart or heartbeat. Cash/$$/Money=shouting obscenity in Temple, what got the early GOP kicked out of temples and made them mad enough to crucify Oba, ehr, I mean Jesus for exposing their hubris and greed. The center of GOP life is the love of and pursuit of MONEY. Avarice and Lust are the tags for the GOP so geography really isn’t necessary.

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