Outsider and Outsourcer: Gianforte’s History of Failing Montanans


A day comes when all the talk must come to something, the rubber must hit the road and we all must get serious about the realities at hand.

It seems that Greg Gianforte lives in a fantasyland though. He thinks he can purchase a congressional seat in honor of the memory of Copper King William Clark. Gianforte spent 6 million dollars to try and purchase the Governor’s race and lost and now he thinks he can hide behind slick TV ads and not hold campaign events.

Montana is being hoodwinked by Gianforte. A tricky guy with a slick plan and lots$$ of money.

Greg Gianforte is trying to buy this congressional special election with so many slick TV commerical buys, robocalls, online video attacks and absolutely no campaign events. It makes you sick.

He would be talking to the voters of Montana if he actually cared what they thought. He would be traveling the state, having real conversations and touting his record and plans.

Let’s dissect why he’s not:

1st: His record is nothing to brag about, he tries to claim he will bring jobs to Montana, but that’s not what his record shows he has done. He outsources jobs, he does not create them.

Gianforte outsources jobs, he doesn’t create them:

2nd: His plans, what are they you ask? Good question. A lot of good questions to be asked of Gianforte these days, but all you’re likely to get is a lot of huffing and puffing about nonsense.

Montanans are wondering when New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte will come clean about his record of outsourcing jobs and hurting American workers, which voters rejected last November. Here’s a reminder:

  1. Gianforte profited off of helping companies eliminate American jobs and ship them overseas. As the former CFO of Gianforte’s software company put it: “Greg is a single-issue candidate, saying `I’m going to create jobs,’ but his experience is in eliminating jobs.”
  2. A former president of RightNow Technologies, Susan Carstensen, is now saying publicly that the company was chiefly engaged in “eliminating jobs.”  “The purpose of our business was to cut costs for companies, by eliminating and outsourcing jobs overseas with technology solutions for customer service,” she wrote.
  3. Gianforte cut costs for his own company by outsourcing jobs to Armenia and India. He even admitted that the “movement toward outsourcing” has been one of “the bigger drivers” in his business, and touted that his company has “deep relationships with many of the top outsourcers.”
  4. When theBillings Gazette asked Gianforte about his business practices being tied directly to outsourcing, Gianforte went “silent” and “wouldn’t comment” any further.
  5. After a report found that Gianforte may have outsourced jobs to reduce labor costs, the Billings Gazette editorial board called him out on wages, saying “he may not have wanted his own employees to experience wage growth.”

And the list goes on.

Multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte built a career out of helping companies outsource jobs. With a record like that, how can Montana workers expect him to stand up for them in the U.S. Congress?

Montana voters rejected Gianforte’s profiteering once before, and we won’t let him talk his way around his disastrous record this time either.


6 Comments on "Outsider and Outsourcer: Gianforte’s History of Failing Montanans"

  1. What would Congressman Gianforte’s position be on out-sourcing now? That’s why we cannot TRUST him on upcoming BUDGET battle, healthcare debate, holding Trump accountable and doing Congress’s constitutional duties, etc.

    • Old Line Democrat | April 4, 2017 9:29 PM at 9:29 PM |

      What’s Daines position on anything? No need to wonder it’s right there in the Congressional record and C-SPAN. Another title to try to make the “A” list of multimillionaires.

  2. Sally Dickinson | April 4, 2017 9:55 PM at 9:55 PM |

    He won’t even show up for ANY LOWV debates or discussions with his opponent. Let’s ask why he won’t enter a discussion about his beliefs/accomplishments and ROb Quist’s different history. So anti democratic and so transparent. A direct line of big money to say what “they” believe. Disgusting.

  3. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 4, 2017 11:55 PM at 11:55 PM |

    I’m dreaming I know but I can imagine an America that has finally grown tired of letting the Oligarchs steal our country and destroy our democracy. Could this finally be it?

  4. And don’t forget: he lied in his campaign about creating jobs in MT too. It’s EASY to look up from his campaign reports to Motl.

    Almost everything he spent that could be spent was spent out of state for his attempt at buying the governorship. He used the same Indiana web and social media company that Scott Walker made famous, big corporate printers in Wisconsin & Texas, an Virginia advertising, video and strat firm, an OHIO media buying and PR firm…almost all could have been spent with good firms here in state. And THEN maybe somebody would have believed he was about creating jobs in Montana. He’s an absolute fake.

    At some point the numbers were staggering: almost 2 million spent out of state and only 12K spent in Montana for apples-to-apples services.

  5. GG is not anywhere close to being a Montanan….does not come close even with a business located here he still does not qualify. A Montanan is proud of everything he does and says…does not accept “big money” to degrade a true montana citizen. I am a fourth generation proud Montana woman..my grandfather was a Montana Supreme Court justice. I do not believe in what GG says nor in his qualifications to represent this great state.

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