Rosendale & Fox Silent as Montanans’ Privacy Sold to the Highest Bidder By Daines

A dangerous bill – which rolls back internet privacy protections on personal customer data, allowing Internet providers to sell user information for a profit – has been signed into law after being passed in the U.S. House and Senate. Senator Steve Daines supported selling this bill that sold Montanans Internet browsing history to corporations. This is very disturbing news.

Last week, a group of senators, including Jon Tester, sent Trump a letter asking him to veto this bill, arguing the legislation will “seriously undermine the privacy protections” of people who use the Internet. Today, Tester spoke on the Senate floor about the bill’s dangerous impact on Montanans’ privacy.

But even as Republicans in the Montana State Legislature fight back against the law by introducing an amendment, two people eyeing Tester’s seat – Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox – have stayed silent as their party attempts to put Montanans’ privacy up for sale.  The silence from Fox, as Attorney General overseeing the Office of Consumer Protection, is particularly deafening.

While Steve Daines show a blatant disregard for consumer privacy protections in favor of a select few big corporations, Matt Rosendale and Tim Fox have stayed silent.

Rosendale and Fox have shown they have no issue being mentioned as potential candidates for Senate, but when it comes to this dangerous bill endangering Montanans’ privacy, they haven’t said a word.

Tweet to Rosendale and Fox with #SilentButDeadlySelloff to tell them you want to hear if they stand with Montanans or Big Corporations that Daines sold us out to.


And don’t forget to say thanks to Senator Tester for standing up for Montanans’ privacy.



4 Comments on "Rosendale & Fox Silent as Montanans’ Privacy Sold to the Highest Bidder By Daines"

  1. Where’s our FREE PRESS on demanding answers about this critical 4th Amendment issue of DIGITAL privacy, especially ‘Tech God’ Gianforte, Daine’s mentor? Daines and ‘ilk’ always SCREAMING to the high heavens about ‘takin’ yer’ gunz away’ but what about this assault on our privacy by commercial, corporate sleazes?

  2. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 4, 2017 11:50 PM at 11:50 PM |

    please see my “I spy with my public eye” Facebook page for another way to fight back against these politicians who invade OUR privacy and allow others to profit from the invasion. Politicians and their families live somewhere, their kids go to school, they shop for groceries and clothes, well, clothes anyway. No matter, whatever and wherever they go take their picture and post it. Post pics of their shopping cart, their garbage, their kids yearbook picture that looks like he’s a dweeb, their dirty car-anything as long as it’s legal and snoopy! Got some hot gossip? Police Reports and mug shots, even second cousins are fair game. If they are going to fight dirty we must do so as well, heck with that “turn the other cheek” crap-that just gets you two black eyes. Or am I being too mean?

  3. Leave minor kids out of it! The privacy-stealing thugs won’t leave them alone, but the so-called ‘good guys’ should not stoop so low.

  4. Well lets use their own law against them! Lets start buying the info and lets see how much smut these congresspeople are viewing!

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