Gianforte Tries Re-Brand for Congressional Race


How many of you have seen Gianforte’s commercial about “draining the swamp?” Probably a lot because it is running non-stop.

A better question is did you see an ad like this during the Governor’s race? The answer is no.

After being in D.C for the past month, Gianforte came back with a brand new phony folksiness. He has a scruffy beard now and he wears his camo under armor everywhere, even inside his mansion. But, he also sounds different.

Greg no longer talks about how he can creating high-wage jobs after it came out he is the Outsourcer-in-Chief. 

The D.C. consultants and dark money groups got in his ear and now he likes to talk about draining the swamp. But which swamp does Greg want to drain? Is it the corrupt political and economic system that he has benefited from all these years or is it the newly filled swamp in D.C.???

See, we as Montanans need to ask the question…does Greg Gianforte actually Represent Montana’s values or does he support the DC establishment and President Trump and his plans to “drain the swamp.” Because, well, Gianforte never really supported Trump during the Governor’s race.

Solid reporting by the Billings Gazette’s Tom Lutey highlights Mr. Gianforte’s standoffishness toward Trump during his visit to Montana. State Senator Ed Buttrey visited with Trump during the event and even donated $2,000 to Trump’s campaign.

As for Gianforte? Well, let’s just say he couldn’t find any spare change to donate to Trump while he spent $6 million losing the Governor’s race.

President Trump’s name was especially absent at Gianforte’s once frequent rallies and teletown halls. After Trump’s Access Hollywood bus comments about grabbing women’s private parts were revealed, Mr. Gianforte went so far as to say during the Great Falls Gubernatorial Debate that, “I have said previously that I would vote for Donald Trump. I reluctantly continue to believe that that is the right course…” Whoa, all in on the Trump train huh?

But now he says he wants to drain the swamp. So, again which swamp is he planning to drain? Is it the swamp that allowed Gianforte to buy off the Montana GOP establishment and rig their nominating convention against Senator Buttrey? Is it the swamp that he and other billionaires benefited from by shipping American jobs overseas to Armenia, India, and China?

Gianforte’s company developed software that makes it easier to outsource and eliminate jobs. And when the Billings Gazette last fall asked Gianforte about his business practices being tied directly to outsourcing, he went “silent” and “wouldn’t comment” any further.

But now that Gianforte is bringing up outsourcing in one of his own campaign ads, “no comment” won’t cut it. Voters deserve to know why he puts profits over jobs.

As for China – Gianforte’s financial disclosure statement shows he has more than $25 million invested in foreign companies, including over $1.2 million in China. And if you look closely, you’ll see he also owns stock in Swiss banks that have paid $8 billion in fines for helping wealthy Americans shield billions in assets from the IRS.

Gianforte, keeping jobs on U.S. soil? Maybe he meant to put that ad out for April Fools’ day.

Or, does Gianforte want to drain the new D.C. swamp? Does he want to get rid of the plutocrats from Goldman Sachs like Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin who worked for Goldman for 17 years who was put in a position of power to benefit Wall Street? Based upon Gianforte’s financial statements, Wall Street connections, and links to Big Pharma, not likely.

Today, Gianforte said he and his wife will put their financial holdings into a ”blind trust.” This is either a direct swipe at the failure of Trump to do the same with his own financial holdings or he has no intention of following through on this promise and will happily swim in Trump’s Wall Street swamp.

So, which is it Gianforte? Do you support draining the swamp, or not? Do you support Paul Ryan and Trump’s reckless agenda, or not? Do you support the Wall Street banks, or not? Do you Promise to stop outsourcing, or not? Do you want to lower prescriptions drug prices and take on Big Pharma? Not likely considering he holds millions of dollars in Pharmaceutical stocks….

Montana values are not a new style of talking you can pick up on, it is a way of life and a dedication to our state.

Montana voters need to know where Gianforte stands before they decide.


5 Comments on "Gianforte Tries Re-Brand for Congressional Race"

  1. DNCCC, in this link, I read that you folks are considering Quist ads in Montana. Good. Strongly suggest you follow thru on Cowboy’s view differentiating Gianforte from giant force of President Donald J Trump!
    Would Mr. Gianforte ally or caucus with the Freedom Caucus?
    If not with whom?
    Who will Greg work With?
    To roll logs away from the swamp drain.
    Then get down and dirty to pull garbage off the grid
    over the manhole drain.
    Logs and garbage plugging up the drain.

  2. Gianforte’s “no balanced budget, no paycheck” commercial is a Daines copycat.

  3. “Solid reporting by the Billings Gazette’s Tom Lutey… ” That’s an oxymoron.

  4. Not an oxymoron. A misspelling of soiled.

  5. Was it Daines or Zinke that once hired an expensive West Coast PR/Image firm to help make him more electable?

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