Gianforte STILL Supports Dark Money and Unpopular Citizens United Decision

Failed candidate for governor, New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianoforte refused to support a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United and taking corporate and special interest money out of politics.

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte will continue to fight for corporate money in elections.

As Montanans fight to overturn Citizens United, Gianforte is funding the groups that believe corporations are people. We need a voice in the U.S. House that wants less money in politics, not more. 

Gianforte has deep ties to the controversial Citizens United decision and special interests meddling in our elections.
Rob Quist announced his support to overturn the unpopular and controversial Citizens United decision.
Gianforte refuses to follow suit.

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  1. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 7, 2017 9:45 AM at 9:45 AM |

    The difficult part of electing Rob in the face of all the Dark Money against him is the anal/cranial reasoning that results in “conservatives” saying “see, money doesn’t make any difference!” This is ONLY because of our small population and geographical/ideological divisions are less pronounced. In other words, rodeo veterans will tell you the best view is sitting on the fence and that’s where the large majority of Montanans are-in the middle. Extremists from either end won’t win a State-wide election. If Giantfarte hadn’t pushed his religious views so much earlier he may well have snuck in as a “fiscal conservative”. We seem to like those but personally I see nothing conservative about cutting revenue to the point your Government cannot operate. The hell with this “I want my country back” shit-I WANT MY GOVERNMENT BACK! A properly functioning Government-made up of We the People-is our bulwark against despots and oligarchs who would take our wealth and power and turn them against us for their own gain. Against Corporations who will poison our air and our water, who will sell us dangerous drugs-dangerous not because they make you high but because they don’t do the job they are supposed to do, Corporations who will put profits ahead of food safety, who will put money ahead of children killed by detergent that looks like candy, who think seat belts are an UNFORGIVABLE intrusion into their ability to sell cars at a profit and asking them to increase the MPG-are you kidding? What I DON’T WANT is a Government making laws about my body and what I can put in or take out of it. Make no law respecting personal decisions-that’s kinda what the 9th Amendment says and that’s all I want-a Government that recognizes that Amendment.

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