BREAKING: Students Protest Gianforte his at New Jersey Alma Mater for his Bigoted Remarks/Donations

I guess Greg didn’t get the memo that the calendar changed from 2016 to 2017 and that voters are looking for fresh ideas and not the same old establishment politics of dark money, dirty ads and disappearing.
We haven’t seen Gianforte at any events lately or heard much from him outside of TV ads, but a new development from his alma mater in New Jersey is drawing comparisons to his failed gubernatorial bid last year. It seems that Gianforte gave his New Jersey alma mater 20 million dollars in two donations to slap the Gianforte name on a building.
When students at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey found out about Gianforte’s donations and connected the dots to his support of anti-LGBTQ hate groups they did not want his name on a building where they went to class.
This feels like deju vu, remember back in 2016 when students in Bozeman at Montana State University protested Gianforte when he purchased the naming rights to a building on the campus at MSU as a blatant publicity stunt to win votes? That did not go over well and the Montana Board of Regents recently changed the rule about building naming, making sure such blatant partisanship was not dragged into their halls of learning by politicans.
Oh yeah, never forget he demanded the name of the building be changed from the School of Computer Science to the School of Computing as science is not something Greg Gianforte is a huge fan of:
An informative youtube video with famous paleontologist Jack Horner even appeared discussing Gianforte’s funky ideas on science and the earth’s age, which Gianforte believes is 6,000 years old:
Read this story to get a true understand of the outlandish and frightening beliefs that Gianforte wants to teach to children instead of real history and science:   New Expose Finds a Plethora of Hilarious “Facts” Taught at Gianforte’s Creationist Museum
Back to the student protest in New Jersey:
The student paper at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey is out today with a scathing overview of this campus controversy surrounding famous alum – New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte.
According to The Stute, students have started a petition asking the college to explain why they are “honoring Greg Gianforte in light of what he stands for, condemn the discriminatory rhetoric of the groups who received donations from Greg Gianforte, and reaffirm their commitment, in actions and not just words, to be an inclusive campus regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Looks like Gianforte’s fringe policies are no more popular with students in his home state of New Jersey than they are here in Montana.

More from The Stute:

The petition notes Gianforte’s opposition to LGBTQ protections ordinance in Bozeman, MT, as well as over $1.5M in donations to the Montana Family Foundation, Focus on the Family, Alliance Defending Freedom, the NJ Family Policy Council, the Family Research Council, and the American Center for Law & Justice.

Four of the aforementioned organizations have public stances against legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. Both The Family Research Council and American Center for Law & Justice have opposed efforts to legalize homosexuality in Uganda and Zimbabwe – the former classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The American Center for Law & Justice supported an effort in Kenya to remove an exception to the country’s abortion laws that allows abortions to take place if the mother’s life is at risk. The petition also mentions Gianforte’s donations to a creationist museum and the Heritage Foundation.

The Torch Alliance, Stevens’s LGBTQ organization stated “We find it disappointing that donors who are so generous to the future of students pursuing higher education have such outdated views. However, The Stevens Torch Alliance remains true to its mission statement to be an educational and community tool for this campus. Individuals who feel marginalized by recent events are more than welcome to visit our meetings or contact us.”

Read the entire article HERE.


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  1. Wow, almost 15 people there, lol. What have you losers done for Mt and education?

    • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 8, 2017 1:15 PM at 1:15 PM |

      just because that’s all you see in the photo it isn’t an indicator of student interest-some attend classes etc. But we forget, tRumpsters need books with purty pitchers to unnerstan tings.

  2. What is Johnny Quist’s addition to education for curriculum and infrastructure based on his success. lol

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      ABER DAY KEGGER ring a bell? Remember when the GOP congress gave us money for a building but none for books? ha ha it was so funny we forgot to laugh. Liquid Assets and MMWB came together and raised the $$ to actually have a world-class collection of historic books and documents from Montana’s past. And what have YOU done?

  3. Oh yes, protect social security since that is his only income.

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      who are you referring to? SS NOT Rob’s income. Not Bernie’s income. Not Jack’s income. And I doubt it’s any of Giantfartes’ income. Please clarify.

  4. Above four comments look more like four foments!

  5. Most LGBT people have hetero, cis parents.
    Most LGBT people–just like most hetero, cis people–are not infertile. They can and do have children. They also can adopt the children removed from or abandoned by abusive hetero, cis people.
    Although you may choose to ignore facts in favor of bigoted lies, that does not mean the facts change. The facts still exist, whether you acknowledge them or not.

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