Montana Taxpayer Petition to Revoke Salaries of MTGOP Leadership Austin Knudsen, Sales & Essman


Republican Leadership decided long ago to Waste Montana Taxpayers Money. 

The time has come for accountability.

Montana taxpayers must demand that the Montana Republican Leadership at the Legislature act in its best interests or have their salaries revoked.

Sign the Petition Here: Revoke the Salaries of Austin Knudsen, Scott Sales and Jeff Essmann

“We, the taxpayers of Montana, do hereby demand that the salaries of Republican “Leadership” in the Montana legislature, AUSTIN KNUDSEN – JEFF ESSMANN – SCOTT SALES be revoked until such a time when they quit wasting Montana taxpayer dollars by passing a fiscally responsible mail-in ballot election, quit playing political games that hurt future economic investment and pass legislation that will help all Montanans.

Currently, this Republican “Leadership” is wasting Montana taxpayers money by not finishing a budget and passing an infrastructure bill. They are extending the session to continue paying themselves.

They have also wasted over $750,000 of Montanans’ money by not passing SB 305 to hold the special election by mail ballot. This plan is supported by a bipartisan majority of legislators as seen by the 51-49 blast motion that attempted to bring it out of committee after it had illegally been sent to the kill committee that Austin Knudsen and Jeff Essmann had chosen.

Scott Sales salary should be revoked for gross negligence and stupidity for harming Montana’s economy by threatening a tax on out of state bicyclists that is already harming the essential Montana tourist economy.

Governor Bullock has vetoed the Republican attempt to waste money and has given SB 305 one last to chance to pass and the deadline to pass it is tomorrow, April 10th, by 5pm.

Governor Bullock said:

“I take seriously my responsibility to strengthen our democracy by helping make sure that more eligible citizens can participate in that democracy, not fewer.

Call your legislator now at 406-444-4800 and ask that they vote to pass the fiscally responsible plan to hold this costly and complex election in a reasonable manner, by mail.

It’s simple, Montana Republicans are spending taxpayer money because they know they need to rig the election for Gianforte to win. Gianforte has aburdly high unfavorables and he knows he can’t win so he’s having Essmann rig the election with the GOP Majority leader, Austin Knudsen.

Greg Gianforte is scared of Montana voters, he will not come out and face them in the light of day, he’s not holding events, he’s not making any public appearances and last time anyone saw him he was in Washington DC, taking Dark SUPERPAC Money.

Greg Gianforte is arrogant, dismissive and intolerant of others views. Montanans want someone who knows their struggles and lives, not a GOP shill who is bored and wants to play politics. Gianforte is completely out of touch with Montanans.

Gianforte wants this Congressional seat for a trophy on his mantel because he wants to claim Montana, buy Montana.

Montanans told Greg Gianforte in 2016 that he’s not from Montana and not for Montana. Montana is not for Sale. In 2017 Montanans will tell Greg Gianforte, mail ballot or no, that MONTANA IS NOT FOR SALE.


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  1. Why isn’t ‘GG’ wearing his fashion Carharts back there in DC? Now he’s all jacket and tie? Where’s the designer blue jeans?

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that they shouldn’t be paid! I have never seen a state legislature that has come up with more stupid bills then this one has. Fiscal responsibility my …eye!

  3. going to my phone right now!

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