Shut-in Gianforte Should Love Mail-in Ballots Bill


We’ve all been asking for weeks #WheresGreg or #MissingGianforte.

The Montana press has finally started asking where Greg Gianforte is or what he is doing to get elected as Montana’s lone Congressman besides trying to buy the seat with millions of dollars in radio, TV, and dark money attack ads.

The time has come for him to answer one simple question though:

Does Greg Gianforte support the plan of Republicans Steve Fitzpatrick and Geraldine Custer to hold an all mail-in ballot special election?

This situation has come to a breaking point. We all know that Republican candidates hide, they don’t like answering any questions, and they know their views are radical and out of the mainstream. Since Montana is independent and averse to national coastal candidates, Republicans like to just bank on down ticket voting. But with Greg, he is hiding something else.

Gianforte is well known for being awkward and uncharismatic. During the Governor’s race, he would go to town halls, forums with constituents, or even meet with his Republican party insiders and be extremely awkward.

He wouldn’t even socialize with normal billionaire banter of oppressing women and taxing the poor. He’d just sit in the corner, talk to his staff and then leave the event as soon as he could. Hey, it’s okay if he’s an introvert, many politicians are not grandiose or Greg-arious . But, this forced awkward socialization he undertook for nearly two years took a toll on the indoor kid from New Jersey.

Folks who know him well in Bozeman stated that after the election Greg became a recluse at the Gated Greg Gianforte Gallatin River Estate. No one would see him at the normal Gianforte functions, fundraisers, dining spots or even the Gym. If you combine his loss in the Governor’s race with the fact that schools across the nation are rejecting Gianforte’s hate money to name buildings after him, I wouldn’t show my face either.

We get it, tough election, tough loss, burned ego, he wanted some alone time. But the trend continues into the special election. People still don’t see him around, not just at campaign events. And as much as the citizens of Bozeman are happy they don’t have to see him there is a deeper reason why Gianforte won’t go out.

What is it? Is it that Gianforte has such an aversion to meeting new people that he just can’t it do anymore, not even for a mere 85 days? Or is it because he was hit with such a shock of losing the Governor’s race that he can’t bring himself to face the voters again? Spending $6 million of your own money to find out everyone hates you is a traumatic experience.

It is no surprise, given Gianforte’s personality and known anxiety around people, that he may be a billionaire shut-in locked in his own mansion. You know, kinda like billionaire Howard Hughes famous for going to the bathroom in milk bottles.

But that’s not an excuse Greg. Just because you can’t bring yourself to face the voters, does not mean the voters don’t deserve answers to their questions about your candidacy. This is an election to be Montanan’s lone Congressman, not waiting for your appointment by upper management to be the regional chief operating officer for your daddy’s company. You must be present to represent the people of Montana. If you ain’t gonna act like a Montanan and show up then don’t run to represent us.

We all know Greg wanted to be Governor of Montana—not a mere congressman. He doesn’t want this job to play second fiddle to his former employee Steve Daines. But, Daines keeps forcing him to run and wants Greg to be his surrogate in the House of Representative. It’s well known that Daines hated Zinke and they did not agree on conservative matters between the two chambers. Gianforte’s billionaire DC handlers are also pushing him to run, cuz hey, Americans elected a billionaire to be president, we must all like billionaires now.

But, Gianforte is much more comfortable being in the shadows, hiding from people, and funding dark money groups. He’s been doing it for years. The man does not like the limelight, he hides from it. The Gianforte 2.0 campaign is low on energy and clearly low on enthusiasm from their base. I wouldn’t blame republicans for not caring about this election since their own candidate is too afraid to meet likely voters, talk to supporters, or even show up to an anti-puppy rally just for the kicks.

Who would want to elect a guy who doesn’t want the job, has no enthusiasm for it, will quit in a year, and can’t think independently beyond his D.C. insider talking points. Not even daddy would give his kid a promotion with those “qualifications.”

Today, the Quist campaign called on Gianforte to support House Bill 83, the all mail-in ballot for this special election. Not only will this bill save Montana taxpayers almost one million dollars, it will allow every registered voter to have a ballot in their hand.

Not only that, Greg can fill it out his ballot inside the comfort of his mansion and mail in his vote back without ever stepping outside into the cruel, dark world of Montana that wouldn’t elect him Governor.


11 Comments on "Shut-in Gianforte Should Love Mail-in Ballots Bill"

  1. PRESS should have been asking GG about mail-in ballot LONG AGO, AWOL as usual, lost in ‘fluff’ stories….

  2. If these “shut-ins” are so crippled they can’t make it to the polls, maybe we should just give them a pill– you know, make them more comfortable in their last days.

    • boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 11, 2017 10:15 PM at 10:15 PM |

      Thank you but the VA already gives me several different kinds of pills to “make me more comfortable”. Still I manage to get out and volunteer and live a semi-normal life. Because I prefer to take my time on my couch, researching issues and candidates and making sure I’m casting my vote correctly and in a safe manner doesn’t make me some invalid shut-in. I trust my paper ballot far more than pushing some button on a digital display. If you really insist on the hassle I am sure County elections officials will let you stand there and fill out your ballot even if the rest of us vote-by-mail.

  3. Snidely Whiplash Duh | April 11, 2017 12:18 PM at 12:18 PM |

    Why didn’t you just save the ink and say Gianforte isn’t from around here?

  4. As we TOLD the COPPER KINGS, Montana is NOT FOR SALE GG, no matter how many Millions you have!

  5. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | April 11, 2017 10:17 PM at 10:17 PM |

    what is it you think you are adding to the conversation mr. Wattabout guy

  6. I’m going to vote for Rob Quiet but I’m put off by some of the partisan bull shit flying around. Just a few days after the Fall election I met Greg Gianforte for the first time at a fund raiser for Shakespeare in the Parks. He was friendly, affable and seemed very comfortable at a time when most would be pretty upset. We are a very divided country now but we all need to be able to work this out with good information and communication. could be a lot more selective with what s/he prints.

  7. Thanks, Governor Bullock.
    Property tax payers applaud your stand to hold down costs of county
    government by providing an all-mail ballot for the Special Election.

    Fiscally irresponsible Republican legislators are courting failure
    on May 25 if they fail to vote in a timely manner.

  8. Kansas incumbent ‘replacement’ for Mike Pompeo BARELY winds open Congressional seat against Dem challenger, after Trump, Pence and GOP descended on Kansans in desperate counter-attack which pushed Estes over the line, and that’s telling in a DEEP RED district!

  9. ‘King’ Donald congratulates Estes, who won by only 7 points, considering the MASSIVE GOP inputs versus paltry DCCC effort…

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