Gianforte and Crony Knudsen say No to Mail Ballots


The Saga of SB 305 rolls on another day


New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte joined the Republican legislative leadership, poorly led by Austin Knudsen, in refusing to support efforts to make it easier for Montanans to vote.

Just one day after Montanan Rob Quist called on Gianforte to join him in asking the legislature to approve mail ballots for May’s special congressional election – a bipartisan proposal to save counties money and encourage voter participation – Gianforte refused to lend his support. Instead, Gianforte had his spokesperson say it is a “decision that needs to be made by the legislature.”

New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte bought his way into the Republican nomination and now he’s trying to win Montana’s one U.S. House seat by keeping Montanans from voting. Greg Gianforte and his voter suppression have no place in Montana. If Gianforte believes this decision needs to be left to the legislature, he should join us in calling on Austin Knudsen to bring the bill to a fair vote on the floor. Let’s let lawmakers decide.

County elected leaders from both political parties came together to urge the Montana Legislature to approve mail ballots for next month’s special election, saying it would improve voter access and save Montana taxpayers nearly a million dollars.

Governor Steve Bullock revived the push for mail-in ballots last week by issuing an amendatory veto. The initial bill to allow counties to conduct the special election by mail, SB 305, had bipartisan support, however, Republican leaders like Rep. Jeff Essmann and House Speaker Austin Knudsen tried to kill the bill. Essmann, chairman of the state GOP, sent a memo around ahead of the bill’s hearing, demanding his fellow party-mates oppose the bill for political reasons.

So, Montanans need your help to make vote-by-mail a reality in Montana.

Right now, Speaker Austin Knudsen is playing games and preventing a vote on mail ballots (HB 83). It’s ridiculous he’s playing games with Montanans’ voting rights.

That’s why you need to make your voice heard in three easy steps:

  1. Click here to contact your state representative.
  2. Tell them you want a vote on HB 83 and mail-in ballots for May’s special election.
  3. And hit send!

It’s that simple. Mail-in ballots are supported by Democrats and Republicans statewide, and holding May’s special election by mail would save Montana $750,000.

Click here to demand a vote on mail-in ballots!

Thank You!


#TheSagaofSB305 rolls on another day……


19 Comments on "Gianforte and Crony Knudsen say No to Mail Ballots"

  1. Unfortunately “my legislator” is Jeff Essman. But I did email him anyway. Since he says he wants to run for Mayor of Billings in the next election, I did point out that as Mayor he would have to represent all citizens, not just a few Republicans—not even the majority of his own party.

  2. Also nonresident, but think Essy and Knudy are doing everything to suppress voter rights.

  3. MONTANA NOT FOR SALE….not for the COPPER KINGS, NOT for a Computer Science (although Gianforte doesn’t truly believe in SCIENCE) ‘King’ for ANY PRICE!

  4. Michael J. Kello | April 13, 2017 4:25 AM at 4:25 AM |

    VOTE DEMOCRATIC!! We’re not perfect, but they’re NUTZ,

  5. It is fiscally irresponsible for Republicans to force this unbudgeted cost on taxpayers in Montana’s 56 counties, something for voters to remember in the future when the GOP makes fiduciary claims in future races.
    Then there’s Gianforte and Knudsen’s acknowledgement that big voter turnouts are bad for their party — bad enough in itself, but based on guesswork in this case. Legislators representing traditionally Democratic Indian reservations also oppose the mail-in ballot because of the nature of mail deliveries there, so it’s by no means certain a mail-in election will benefit either party.
    So the whole controversy boils down to whether to waste close to a million bucks.

  6. If Gianforte is elected do you think he will have open town hall meetings? You can bet the farm he will not. This message should be clear to all Mt. voters. We may get another Republican representative who won’t represent.

    • Old Line Democrat | April 13, 2017 5:57 PM at 5:57 PM |

      We will if you don’t go out and liven up and take responsibility for making. Sure like minded but distracted folks in your area get to vote in any of the available manners. It’s now less than a six week push. Can’t we count on you to sponsee about 10 new or relapsed democratic votes in to be counted?

    • All we will get is ‘Daines Lite’ with those two bozos….

  7. Ummm you don’t know how to vote either?

  8. You don’t believe that is my real name? You poor deluded imbecile.

  9. Why avoid the obvious?
    I can only short list what people will come to see in the months ahead.
    Add up wrongully closed polls,
    plus cross-check wrongfully preventing 2 million from voting,
    plus voting machine irregulatities in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin,
    plus Putin dumping thousands of Clinton Camaign emails thru conduit Wikileaks,
    plus a thousand Putin trolls and more bots and Sputnik News, RT TV, Breitbart News, Infowars
    yields stage 1-2-3 to like DJT and hate Hillary,
    = Bannon telling Donald we have Florida and have already turned Wisconsin.

    We’ve pre-sold you in Michigan to different Facebook/Twitter repeat voters we have successfully micro-targeted. Go there and Campaign and you will turn Michigan from blue to red, and so win the Electoral Vote.

    Never mind we and the Russians used stolen Voter Registration lists.
    And Facebook personal information stolen in 2014.

    Never mind that since 2015 British Intelligence have been following Putin agents colluding with prominent Republicans.

    Never mind that the FBI is listening in to Trump organization people colluding with agents of the Putin/ Oligarch/ Mafia money organization.

    • Old Line Democrat | April 14, 2017 10:44 AM at 10:44 AM |

      Poor old Snidley doesn’t understand the difference between voter fraud which I virtually non-existent and voter suppression which the Republicans have institutionslalized to depress democratic voter turnout. Yes, it is true that voter suppression can be used under the guise of protecting against the voter fraud that does not exist. That is unless Donald Trump is railing about dead people voting and millions of illegals voting etc. etc.

      • MAGA!!

      • What is really odd is that I post on the BDC comments section using the alias Snidely Whiplash. Wonder how this dipshit followed me over here and registered that name?

        Who cares, they are sad little trolls who only know negative thinking.

  10. Former Colorado Republican party chairman Steve Curtis, 57, has been charged with voter fraud and forgery, prosecutors say.

    Curtis, an AM radio talk show host, appeared Tuesday in Weld County District Court, where he was advised that he faces two counts in the case: forgery, a Class 5 felony, and misdemeanor voter fraud.

    Weld County District Attorney’s spokesman Tyler Hill confirmed the charges, but said he couldn’t discuss details of the allegations, which were first reported by KDVR-Channel 31.

  11. Really the GOP nationwide has admitted the more “We the People” are voting the fewer elections they win. So, do they change their policies to conform with their former supporters wishes? No, they just reduce the number of voters by any means at their disposal. Some might call this cheating. The problem with thinking sooner or later enough people will get upset about this to overcome the voter suppression is that often by the time the People get upset the vote has been permanently taken from them. Register and vote now, before it’s too late. This year make an effort to take two new voters with you! Before it’s too late.

  12. Want a ballot sent to you? Bypass your legislator and go directly to your County Clerk and Recorder. Ask for an absentee ballot. Even if you miss the mythical absentee ballot deadline, you can go to courthouse and vote in person during the two weeks before May 25. While you are there sign up to get a ballot mailed to you for all future elections. There’s more than one way to skin a cat also known as Republican Malfeasance.

  13. I just saw the Rachel Maddow report on how the Republicans killed a bill to allow this to be a mail-in election because they thought mail-ins would allow more people to vote and despite the fact that a mail-in campaign would cost Montanans at least $750,000 less than an in-person election. I think Quist should use this in his campaign. Something along the lines of, “Billionaire Gianforte and his Republican friends have conspired to force Montana taxpayers to pay nearly a million dollars more to suppress the vote in this very campaign by opposing a convenient mail-in election; that may not mean much to those billionaire, out-of-touch, Republicans, but I know how much that means to hard-working Montanans like you and I am making a commitment to you that I will work my tail off to prevent anyone of any party from outrageous waste like this!”

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