Guess Who’s Running for Governor?


Sources within the New Jersey political world and D.C. consultants say there’s a chance Mr. Gianforte will throw his hat into the race for Governor of New Jersey. The New Jersey Primary for Governor is June 6, 2017, just enough time to spend 6 million to push disgruntled Republican primary voters away from embattled GOP front-runner Lt. Governor Kim Gaudagno whose ties to Governor Chris Christie’s bridgegate scandal will ensure a Democratic win.

It appears Gianforte is seeing the writing on the walls here in Montana. With his polling numbers looking worse every day in the race for the House of Representatives against Rob Quist, Gianforte will become a two-time loser in Montana politics.

Greg Gianforte is going to use his most famous skill and outsource himself out of Montana.

That’s it. He’s done. Unless Gianforte wants to keep running ever year for every open seat, and then eventually the voters just take pity on him and vote him in as Secretary of State, you know, the Corey Stapleton strategy.

But with his brand in ruins and looking for the door it makes sense that Gianforte would decide to throw out his camo and rhinestone jeans, put on some fake tanner and throw his gold chain into the race for Governor of the Garden State.

Gianforte has been on the east coast a lot lately and meeting with D.C. consultants. It’s been reported he is absent from the campaign trail in Montana, too busy with other work. Wonder what other work he has been up to if he is too busy to meet with Montanans.

When Gianforte was setting up his run for Governor, he tried to buy influence by donating money to organizations and universities. You all remember the backlash over Gianforte’s obscene yard sign that is now MSU’s Gianforte School of Computing. Gianforte recently got in hot water again by giving his hate money to his New Jersey alma mater, the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Gianforte has received positive press in New Jersey for this donation and is considered a local hero for his business work at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he made his millions. With his D.C. consultants and Republicans on the ground working his message, it’s more and more likely that Gianforte hopes to be the spoiler in the divided Republican primary race for New Jersey Governor. This makes sense because everyone knows he wants to be the CEO, the boss, not 1 member of congress out of 435.

Like Gianforte, Governor Chis Christie used his own fake folksiness and ability to be an asshole to convince the voters of New Jersey to elect him twice. But Montanans have a nose for bullshit, and look poised to reject the phoniness of Gianforte again.

If golden son Gianforte returns to the New Jersey where he made millions, it is likely the people of New Jersey would appreciate his ties to Wall Street, which is across the Hudson River, and authentic east coast values. Here’s hoping Jersey Gianforte sells his Gallatin River mansion to never again threaten Montanans’ public access or invades our lives through endless T.V. ads.


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  1. This is all too much to wish for. Instead of drenching people with more Democratic hubris, can we just focus on the realities of the election before us?

  2. I can find no corroboration for this. I expect fake news from the right wing. Spreading stories like this both discredits us and influences people to not vote or get out the vote for Quist. If you can back it up, let’s see some proof. Otherwise, shut up.

  3. Amen! What they said! There is no writing on the wall !

  4. Ed is spot on with his critique; my sister lives in NJ and has been looking into this since posted and finds zero corroboration; stop putting up nonsense like this, it is NOT helpful.

  5. Alternate heat and ice to your credulity. You’ve really strained it.

  6. Apparently there are quite a few people who read this blog who have no sense of humor. I can see them Saturday night, watching the tube….

    “Why is Melissa McCarthy dressed up like Sean Spicer dressed up like the Easter Bunny? That doesn’t make any sense!”

  7. mT Cowgirl is SATIRE! No need to cry fake news. Just enjoy the laugh!

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. Behind Charles Kuralt, I find the cowgirl to be the best source of news out there.

  8. Satire is tricky, Cowgirl. This post misses the mark.

    • A follow up: earlier this month there was a story about kangaroos being introduced in Wyoming.

      I fell for it until I realized what day it was — April Fools!

      I fell for this one, too, until I gave it more thought and actually did some research. No way, I finally acknowledged; it must be satire. And I love good satire but in these days of alt-facts and faux news, one needs to be very, very careful.

      By the way, I appreciate your Arntzen advisor story. A quick google of Beddow reveals him to be a mineral, oil and gas, drilling and “quiet title actions” attorney out of Billings. One has to wonder whose interests he’ll represent. Good job, Cowgirl.

    • Final follow up, although a little late: I stand corrected. The Patrick Beddow I referred to, above, is not the same fellow that Arntzen hired. If anyone is still reading this thread, I offer my apologies to Patrick G.N. Beddows. Arntzen hired Patrick H. Beddow Sr., a contractor, to advise on State Land Board matters: “Beddow, a consultant minerals landman from Billings, has been involved with oil, gas, hard minerals, coal and land-title related issues for over 38 years,” according to the Helena IR.

      Of course, Senior Beddow has a strikingly similar resume as G.N. Beddows’ (related perhaps? I couldn’t find the connection, though) and it still raises questions on impartiality and the absurdly high salary.

      • My apologies all. I stand corrected. Very sorry for the sideways diversion.

        Back to subjects of why such high high salary.
        What does Motana gain from the expensive expertise?
        I can see $90/hr on Consultancy Conract.

        AT $90/hr ?base salary? we all need to see his creds and output.

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