Gianforte Wants to Destroy Social Security and Doesn’t Believe in Letting You Retire


Republican congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte, is already well known throughout Montana for his bigotry and intolerance. For example, we know that Gianforte disdains LGBTQ folks, contributing millions to anti-Gay groups in Montana and nationwide.

Gianforte and his family’s famous compassion doesn’t stop there. The failed gubernatorial candidate also has it out for Montana’s disabled, retired, wage earners with survivor benefits, spouses, and disabled children. In short, everyone who benefits from and is eligible for Social Security.

The worst part is that Greg Gianforte, in his typical fashion, doesn’t even attempt a sophisticated response as to why Social Security should be gutted, in contrast to his fellow Republicans across the country. No, the GOP candidate for Montana’s house seat thinks that Montanans should be denied access to Social Security because Noah didn’t retire.

During a speech at the Montana Bible College in Bozeman in February of 2015, Gianforte had this to say about Social Security:

“There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it’s been an accepted concept in our culture today. Nowhere does it say, ‘Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach.’ It doesn’t say that anywhere. The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn’t like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical.”

This is coming from a man who’s comically constructed platform desperately wants you, the voter, to think that it identifies with everyday Montanans and their struggles. In fact, Gianforte claims on his campaign page that he is in favor of “strengthening” Social Security and keeping Montanans healthy. Is that why Gianforte hitched his wagon to the disastrous GOP/Trump health plan that, if enacted, would strip fourteen million Americans of their health insurance?


In reality, Gianforte’s political motives for Montanans could be nothing further from the truth. From serving as the chairman on the board of a private Christian school that doesn’t allow students with disabilities to suing the Montana department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, seeking to get rid of a fishing access point that Bozeman residents use constantly, Gianforte has worked relentlessly to undermine and exclude Montanans he doesn’t prefer all across the state. It’s not at all surprising that he now seeks to pull the rug out from under everyday Montanan’s feet once again.

Let’s take a quick look at all those lazy slackers who Gianforte seems to think don’t deserve decent healthcare. He’s talking about:

I’m also assuming that Greg doesn’t know that:

It’s truly astounding that Greg Gianforte, a New Jersey billionaire who used Montana as his personal summer vacation home for twenty years before moving here, is the candidate now telling everyday Montanans that they shouldn’t receive Social Security benefits because Paul Ryan and Noah say no to retirement security.

Is this real?

It’s unbelievable that this man is even running again after losing in the gubernatorial race but it looks like he’s more determined this time around to spend millions of his own dollars in an effort to buy Montana’s vote. Therefore, it’s imperative that Montanans remember a crucial detail about this repugnant GOP billionaire candidate: Gianforte is playing with our lives. He’s playing with our education, our success, with our dreams, with our hopes.

Gianforte doesn’t care about a single one of us.

He thinks that he can buy our votes with TV ads and radio infomercials without having to knock a single door or make a call.  Greg Gianforte believes that Montanans are so naïve that we’ll simply roll over and believe his slanderous and untrue accusations aimed at his opponents. First Steve Bullock and now Rob Quist. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Montanans don’t roll over. We stay standing up. Especially when an out-of-state billionaire comes and tries to take advantage of us and the Montana we all love.


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  1. Gianforte is a Steve Bannon clone without the bad complexion. Clean up your act Mr. G. and come up with some plans that will actually make people’s lives better. I like nothing about you Mr. G and especially I do not like the fact that you claim to have been a Montanan for the last twenty years when the truth is you have been spending a couple of summer months here for the last twenty years and only now are spending a tiny bit more time here because you hope to pick up Montana’s only house seat.

  2. wow. I have rarely see such all out BS. Hope you get sued for this. And you wonder why Hillary lost and your losing Dems.

    • You can’t sue someone for telling the truth. Absolutely everything in this article is true and it only takes a few minutes of research to find that out.

    • It’s called “In his own words”

    • No, we are not wondering Tin, we’re investigating, although you don’t appear to understand the difference. By the way, you meant “seen” not “see” and your last sentence makes no sense unless you meant “you’re” instead of “your” in which case it would explain your lack of rhetorical ability.

  3. What a POS! How convenient for him to quote biblical verse when it suits him!

  4. From what I understand, Greg made his billion from selling to Oracle, but never shared it with the 15 locals who helped him build that business. Those folks are still working while Greg gets to pretend he can be a politician. And I’m sorry, but not “believing” in evolution is like saying you don’t believe in gravity because that’s a theory after all too. What I gather about Greg is that if you don’t fit his religious ideal of how you should behave, then by golly, he should have the right to punish you. Everyone is entitled to their belief system, but to be in a position of power and make decisions based on those religious beliefs- smells like theocracy to me. Isn’t that what we rail against with those Middle Eastern Jihadists? No thanks Gianforte- you can go play with dinosaurs to your hearts content and maybe in 600 years you can work at running for political office again.


    This is NATIONAL issue, even NY Times has Rob Quist ‘on the radar’

  6. As a Lutheran, I’m not insulted as all and embrace science and religion together, and the Earth is billions of years old, as confirmed also by the scientists at the Vatican (yes, there are and the ‘top’ guy is Pope Francis, a man of SCIENCE himself) and that’s compelling enough for me. How can Gianforte EMBRACE Computer Science to make his fortune yet DENY proven climate scientists with years of research, data and technology? Would Gianforte deny his family the miracles of modern – SCIENTIFIC – medicine to cure sickness and illnesses in his own family?

  7. Nope. The writers of the Old Testament didn’t talk about retirement programs of any kind. That came with Jesus, talking about caring for the elderly, infirm and marginalized. (Jesus didn’t have ANYTHING to say about LGBTQ, by the way). And the Bible doesn’t anywhere mention airplanes, space shuttles and computers. The Bible DOES prohibit eating of shellfish and swine. I wonder when Mr. G last had a dinner of lobster, crab, shrimp, ham, roast pork, BBQ ribs, etc.

  8. Hey TIN,

    If you are sooooo confident about how this article is so wrong post facts instead of trolling. Also why don’t you post your real name and not a piece of metal you are wearing for a hat! EVERY statement in this article is FACTUAL not fake news. That is the problem with trolls, you hide behind screen names and watch alt right FAKE NEWS and spew it out with no degree of backing it up with documented facts. Post your opinions with your name if you are going to try and discredit something written on this blog.

  9. Looks like the trolls are busy. I wonder if they are getting some of that Dark Money to grease their palms. Several are doing Gianforte more harm then good. It’s crazy to preach to the choir when the choir is not likely to read Cowgirl.

  10. Hey Tin, you got no Care? No Try?
    Maybe time we say goodbye thin lie Tin.

    Mr. Gianforte walks and talks discrimination.
    Check out what he said and did Sunday to a newspaper reporter,
    while Greg was stumping in front of American Conservatism
    Christian group in Hamilton.
    The story made top front page in the Missoulian.

  11. @tin(foil hat) – Comments? OK, why don’t you offer something factual about the actual topic under discussion? Or is it just the case that you don’t have anything factual to offer so you just fall back on BS trolling? Typical trumpchump – all mouth and attitude, but short on truth.

  12. Typical TIN HAT,
    You are afraid for 5 or 6 people on the left? Funny considering most on the alt-right (YOU) are all about grabben ur gunz and shooten it up with the sissys! Plus you almost never see someone on the left attack someone but the same can not be said for the tin hats of this world. I would think I have way more to be afraid of on your side of the fence by posting my real name but then again it just goes to show you how big of P***** trolls like you are.

  13. Well he should be thrown out of office!! He’s evil!

  14. No one in the Bible is documented as going to the bathroom either. So gee…

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