Gianforte is the Swamp


How many of you have seen Gianforte’s commercial about “draining the swamp?” Probably a lot since his ads run non-stop.

A better question is how many of you saw this commercial during the Governor’s race? The answer is none.

After exclusively only being in D.C and secluding himself in his mansion, for the past three months, Gianforte has a pocket full of dark money and a brand new bag of tricks. He now has a scruffy beard and wears freshly pressed flannel with under armor camo underneath. Not sure why he is so prepared for Montana weather since he never leaves his gated, riverside mansion. But, Gianforte also sounds different.

Don’t get me wrong, he still sounds like a whiny dork from New Jersey trying to play cowboy, but Gianforte no longer talks about how he can create jobs. After the D.C. consultants and dark money groups told him he should flip-flop his stance on Trump, sure enough, he did. Gianforte now says there are too many multimillionaires, like himself, in D.C. and he wants to drain the swamp. But which swamp does Greg want to drain?

Is it the corrupt political and economic system that he and other billionaires have used to outsource our jobs overseas? Does he want to promote buying American or just continue outsourcing jobs to India? Or, like Trump, is this just another empty promise and Gianforte will quickly abandon Montanans to do the bidding of his billionaire class?

When announcing for the House seat, Gianforte quickly flip-flopped his support for Trump in stark contrast to what he said during the Governor’s race. President Trump’s name was absent at Gianforte’s once frequent rallies, tele-town halls, and campaign events.

Whoa, all in on the Trump train huh?

Reporting by the Billings Gazette’s Tom Lutey, highlights Mr. Gianforte’s standoffishness toward Trump during his visit to Montana. Montana House candidate Senator Ed Buttrey visited with Trump during the same event and even donated to Trump’s campaign. As for Gianforte? Well, let’s just say he couldn’t find any spare change to donate to Trump while he spent $6 million losing the Governor’s race.

But now he says he wants to drain the swamp by bringing New York swamp rat Donald Trump Jr. to Montana.

So, again does he want to do right by the people of Montana or will he turn his back on this campaign promise just like Trump Jr.’s daddy did?

It seems very likely since the D.C. swamp helped Gianforte buy off the Montana GOP establishment and rig the nominating convention against Senator Buttrey.

Like Trump, Greg Gianforte does not actually support the campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” Trump appointed plutocrats from Goldman Sachs into positions of power to benefit Wall Street. Trump has begun bombing Syria to benefit the wealthy elite who profit off dropping our tax dollars on people in other countries. Gianforte’s financial statements show his links to Wall Street elites, Big Pharma, and the architects of war.

Gianforte is all on board the Trump train for a war in Syria and anywhere else.

Sure, Gianforte has said he and his wife will put their financial holdings into a” blind trust.” Right, like we should blindly trust Gianforte to put Montana first over his money.

Gianforte is a corrupt man, he will do anything, say anything, cozy up to anyone, and change his positions in order to get elected. Let’s send this swamp thing back to New Jersey where he came.


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  1. Gianforte and his mentor ‘Steve’ the SWAMP FOXES!

  2. Got my first “Dark Money” ad in the mail. It was designed to look like an NRA endorsement but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s not. It does at least fess up in the fine print that the flier is not authorized by any candidate. “Dark Money Stalks Your Gullibility!

  3. I suspect he’s actually a giant gopher in a man suit– he certainly seems to have a rodent sized understanding of both politics and religion, and well… just look at those teeth.

  4. Bonnie Eldredge | April 23, 2017 6:53 AM at 6:53 AM |

    Why do we need another Rubber Stamp Repuglicant in Congress with DAINES there?? We have all the Repug votes we need to keep that swamp well filled.

    Nice thing about tRump supporters? They still think they won!!

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