Greg Gianforte: Sales Tax an “IDEAL SOLUTION” in Montana

“IDEAL SOLUTION”  – Greg Gianforte in his own words

“What I would consider an ideal solution, from a high-tech perspective… would be to replace the current income capital gains rate with a sales tax,” Gianforte told the Council. “I know that there are a few political issues and Constitutional issues, but I didn’t think I’d be fair to come in here and not say that I believe that is the ideal solution—to move to a consumptive tax.”

Remember why we voted for Governor Bullock and why we Montanans said NO to Greg Gianforte?

Greg Gianforte hasn’t changed his policy stances since he lost the Governor’s race. The congressional race is a mirror image of the Governor’s race:

Rich out of stater trying to buy the race and impose his extremism on Montanans


A real Montanan who wants to help Montanans prosper.

The differences in policy, leadership, understanding of Montanan’s needs and concerns could not be more clear.

Montana Republicans like Greg Gianforte tried to force a statewide general sales tax onto hardworking Montana Families. HB 620, carried by Rep. Kerry White, was debated in the legislature and would have added a 2% sales tax on everything Montanans purchase.

The Republican running for Congress in Montana, New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte, is a known supporter of a statewide general sales tax.

Bullock is trying to make sure these out of staters can’t destroy the Montana we love.

Gov. Bullock proposes amending Montana constitution to ban statewide sales tax


4 Comments on "Greg Gianforte: Sales Tax an “IDEAL SOLUTION” in Montana"

  1. Sales tax is based on consumption and would affect the poor as a percentage of income. I’d prefer to increase the capital gaines tax.

  2. There’s one sales tax I could support. 90% on the amount paid to purchase political offices. Want to contribute $700K to candidate GiantFarce? OK, but it will cost you $630K paid to the Public Campaign Financing Fund for those who eschew corporate/big dollar donors in favor of $500/person donation limits. Or maybe a 300% VAT on second homes and automobiles costing over $75000 and ANY “luxury purchase” over the median wage-in other words, buy your mistress a $20K diamond bracelet and pay nothing, make it a $1,000,000 diamond tie pin and it will cost you $3 million VAT. Or we could just return to the progressive income tax that served us so well from the 1930’s until 1980. When one person working 40 hours a week could buy a house AND a boat AND a camp trailer. Oh, and BTW your kids could finish college without owing 5 years salary for the job they trained for, 15 years worth of the minimum wage job they actually end up with…I think most of us want to Make America Great again i.e. the way it was from 1935-1980 but the fact is the GOP is never going to take us there. THEY believe MAGA means the 1870-1900 Reconstruction/Robber Baron era.

    • Charlotte and Simon Loumer | May 11, 2017 8:06 AM at 8:06 AM |

      Amen to that. Gianforte is the only republican I did not vote for in the last election- he has no concept of Montana. We are third to last in gross national product. Adding another tax doesn’t change our property taxes it adds more money to government. This is not a wealthy state. I believe his intentions are to exploit not govern with humility.

  3. You’ve GOT to be kidding! Maybe someone could explain to me how “replacing the capital gains tax”, which only affects folks with the means to be subject to it, with a sales tax that would affect EVERYBODY would benefit the ordinary worker, most ranchers, and our aging population with limited means. This makes absolutely no sense to me, just a poor, “uneducated”, life-long Montana resident struggling to make ends meet in my senior years. Oh, excuse me! According to GG, I should still be working (which, incidentally I am, and still paying into Social Security!).

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