Classic Knudsen: Let the Clock Run Out While Montanans Wait on Infrastructure

Austin Knudsen and Republican Leaders look to sink infrastructure, again.

For the third time in three sessions, the House Republicans are looking for any excuse to not pass a statewide infrastructure bill.

Radical republicans have already motioned twice now to Sine Die and end the session without an infrastructure plan. Every Montana is ready for them to leave the Capitol, but not until they do their jobs. They have one thing to get done, and that bill is sitting in Speaker Knudsen’s lap.

Republicans are looking to go home again smiling and telling their constituents in Eastern Montana that all the liberals in Helena wanted to steal your tax dollars on pet projects. They lost everything again this session but stood their ground by blocking infrastructure for their own communities. Sound familiar?

Don’t be fooled. Rather than Republican legislators rallying together in an effort to get meaningful projects done all across Montana and in Eastern Montana, they are holding infrastructure hostage for bills to eliminate a women’s reproductive rights or divert our tax dollars to charter schools. That is not real leadership.

Republican leaders are radically out of touch with the people of Montana. These infrastructure projects are for schools and universities that all Montana’s children will attend. It is for a veteran’s home that our family members will stay in. And it is for roads, bridges, and sewers projects our communities desperately need.

Schools, Veterans, and Roads.

Those are Montana values, and Montana priorities.

Republicans have 5 more days of running the legislature on the taxpayer’s dime ($50,000 per day) to get done what should have been done at the beginning of the session. Talk about the endless failures of fiscal responsibility by the Montana Republicans. If your legislators vote again to sink infrastructure, tell them to take a hike.










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