Helena City Candidates Give Us Something to Get Excited About

If you are in need of something good to look toward given the depressing and lackluster nature of the Montana legislature, some of the candidates running for Helena city races will certainly cheer you. Popular city commissioner Andres Haladay is filing re-election, and Helena favorites Heather O’Loughlin and Wilmot Collins have each announced that they will run for municipal seats: O’Loughlin for city commission and Collins for mayor.

Helena is a town that’s ready for fresh, new leadership, and its encouraging that each of these candidates is committed to investing in infrastructure, open to new ideas for future growth, and responding in a timely way to the needs of Helena residents.


Wilmot Collins

Wilmot Collins

Collins has lived and worked in Helena for the last 23 years and works for the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (Child & Family Services Division). He is also an adjunct instructor at Helena College – University of Montana and a member of the U.S. Navy Reserves. Wilmot has a BA in Political Science and Sociology, a Masters of Science Human Resources Management and just completed his course work for his PhD in forensic Psychology. Collins is married to Maddie Collins, a Registered Nurse at VA Montana and a member of the U.S. Army Reserves. They have two children, Bliss, a junior at the University of Montana, and Jaymie, a member of the U.S. Navy.

Heather O'Loughlin

Heather O’Loughlin

O’Loughlin was born and raised in Great Falls. She currently runs the local non-profit Montana Budget and Policy Center, a research organization focused on the needs of low-income families. She received her bachelor’s degree in business-finance and economics and law degree from the University of Montana. O’Loughlin served as policy advisor on education, housing, and women’s issues for Senator Max Baucus. She and her husband, Neal Ullman, returned to Montana to raise their daughter in Helena.

Haladay is completing his first term on the City Commission. He also works

Andres Haladay

Andres Haladay

as an Assistant Attorney General in the Montana Department of Justice. He, his partner Hannah, and children, Opal and Grey, live in the South Central neighborhood. They have been proud to call Helena home since 2010.

“I’m excited to have such qualified people ready to serve Helena,” said former state Senator Christine Kaufmann, who is serving as O’Loughlin’s campaign treasurer. “I know that each of them will be a voice for making sure all people who call Helena home and visit our community are welcome.”

The election is November 7, 2017. Stay tuned for more information about how to volunteer and donate to these campaigns once it becomes available.

I can’t think of better people for these races, and investing in races like this is key to making sure Montana has a farm team of strong statewide and congressional candidates in the future.


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  1. Wilmont’s is the man. 100% behind him

  2. Are you shiting me???!!!! Sorry don’t usually use such vile words but Wilmot Collins ??!!! Are you shiting me??!!!! Is this Montana? Or more like CA? NY? DC? UK? Sweden? France? Saudi Arabia? When you all eat your words, what side dish of fava beans would you like?

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