Republican College Student Conducts Highly Biased Poll Benefitting Gianforte

A new poll out has Greg Gianforte leading. No surprise there. Rob Quist is the underdog who has a chance to cross the finish line at the end ahead.

Republican operatives are working their hardest to discourage voters though. A new poll by the Emerson Polling Society,  group of college students, is out.


Peyton Lewis conducted the poll and works in the office of the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker.

You might want to avoid such inherent bias in your polls in the future Professor Kimball, but Peyton tricked you good.

Gianforte has some high paid consultants, online bots, and the best campaign yes men that money can buy, it looks like he tried to make a fake poll with his Republican friends in Massachusetts.

Nice try Gianforte but Montanans are smarter than you.


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  1. Also worth noting that Spencer Kimball, the prof who supervised the poll, is a GOP operative who led Fair Districts Mass– a dark-money group that tried to gerrymander districts to dilute the power of non-white voters.

  2. Ankle and others of good will. (You bet that includes Drunks for Denny!)
    At present no Montana blog even attempts to be progressive.
    Within a year there will be a progressive blog from and for Montana.

  3. Old Line Democrat | April 26, 2017 8:43 PM at 8:43 PM |

    Non Sequitur much?

  4. Survey of landline phones. I think we know who still uses landlines and, of those, who answer the phone without knowing who’s calling, especially from a Massachusetts number.

  5. You’re the person who’s rooting for the big $ candidate fueled by dark money, that makes you the fascist, punk!

  6. tin,
    you are showing too much of your ass while sticking your head in the sand. caution, you may get bit by something that will cause you harm. better to crawl back under that rock and save yourself from being nothing other than a pain in the ass.

  7. Montana Public Radio seems to be buying into the poll hook, line and sinker:

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