College Aged Son of Steve Daines Meets with Racist and Posts Sexist Tweets

Steve Daines son with Racist Nigel Farage who has said things it’s ok the racial slur “Chinky” when talking about Chinese people or post signs that say, “No Dogs. No Irish.” or

When he said breastfeeding women should ‘sit in the corner

Mr, Farage sparked protests from mothers after he told women to “sit on the corner” if they wanted to breastfeed their children. “I think that given that some people feel very embarrassed by it, it isn’t too difficult to breastfeed a baby in a way that’s not openly ostentatious,” Mr Farage said.

He added: “Or perhaps sit in the corner, or whatever it might be”.

When he said the gender pay gap exists because women are ‘worth less’

He sai women were paid less because they were simply “worth far less” than many of their male counterparts.

“A woman who has a client base, has a child and takes two or three years off – she is worth far less to her employer when she comes back than when she went away because that client base won’t be stuck as rigidly to her portfolio,” he said.

And here is the screenshot for when it is deleted:

So, considering the company he keeps it is not that surprising that he would be a men’s rights activist who posts tweets like this about objectifying and taking advantage of women or celebrating a men’s rights holiday.

That’s the link, here is the screenshot for when that is deleted:

and screenshot:

Needless to say it would be really embarrassing if someone looked up the criminal record of Mike and found something.


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  1. We are having a LOT of this ” like father like son” swamp sewage dumped in America lately.

  2. Why am I not surprised? I taught my sons, and daughter, to treat everybody politely, male or female. How is that too difficult for Son of Daines to understand?

  3. Another real christian like Gianforte.

  4. Real ‘moral’ Crizchun Valeewz!

  5. rotten apples, tree, all that tripe.

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