Gianforte and the Global Financial Elites….Russia, Wall Street & Big Pharma

Gianforte’s Russia Ties Troubling on Many Levels

News broke of a bombshell development in the U.S. House race for Montana’s next Congressman. Greg Gianforte has massive financial holdings of almost $250,000 worth of shares in Russian stocks, VanEck Vectors Russia ETF and IShares MSCF Russia ETF fund. Both of these markets have significant holdings in companies such as Gazprom and Rosneft that came under international and U.S. sanctions when Russia invaded Crimea, which the international community labeled an unprovoked act of aggression.

You all remember how Rosneft bought and paid for our current secretary of state Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson through the arctic drilling deal? And they were instrumental in getting embattled former national security advisor Michael Flynn to agree to lift sanctions. Oh, and how Russian hackers and online bots worked to spread fake news to favor Donald Trump. We all know this, these are facts the Trump administration is trying desperately to not let out.

But, what does this revelation tell us about Mr. Gianforte?

Well, for one thing I don’t know any working Montanans who have ties to sanctioned Russian firms.

But hey, he’s a multimillionaire so cut him some slack. Many working Montanans have a 401k—but this is not a 401k. This is diversifying a multi-million dollar portfolio and also leaves some questions about why?

How long has Gianforte known about these shady holdings and decided that his pocket book was more important than the security of Americans?

Gianforte is so far removed from the struggles of the working class that he will promote the GLOBAL financial ELITE’s agenda at all costs.

This is a man who every day puts on a fake smile, irons his plaid, and rehearses his folksy one-liners in the mirror. He believes, like his buddy Daines, that if everyone has a healthcare savings account (HSA) then they could pay for their health expenses. This only works if you have money to invest in the stock market!

Regular people do not have extra money lying around to invest in stocks or for a medical crisis. Gianforte wouldn’t know that because he has never lived a single day in the life of an average Montanan.

The financial elite really doesn’t care about your healthcare or job they just want to make more money off of you and continue to rig the game.

Gianforte claims he will divest his interests into a blind trust. So why didn’t he do this during his failed run for Governor? Why was he hiding all these financial ties to Russia, Putin, not to mention Big Pharma, and the investor class in the first place? It’s only because Gianforte was forced to disclose his financial holding by the FCC that we even know about this corruption. How can we trust someone who already lied about these ties and is only now being called out after he was forced to disclose it?

Trump also said he’d put his holdings in a blind trust— and didn’t.

Even if Gianforte did follow through on his “promise” to put his holdings in a blind trust, he’s already bought and paid for by Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Koch Brothers, Wall Street banks and now Russia?

Look no further than who is funding his campaign. Out of state dark money groups who have never set a foot in Montana are backing Gianforte to do their bidding. Gianforte’s success with outsourcing jobs, rewarding the financial elite, and continuing on with the economic stagnation working Montanans face will be well rewarded when he can further rig the economy from the inside.

The Russian investigation into election tampering is not going away and Americans demand answers.

Without an independent investigation by Congress, the American people will never know how far the collusion has gone and what the payoffs were. Gianforte has been against this independent investigation, and now we know why.

Working Montanans demand a Representative that has their best interests at heart. Someone who has lived their lives shared their struggles and holds their values. A sensible Montanan who demands transparency from government.

Not a wealthy transplant, like Greg Gianforte, who is bought off by out of state dark money organizations, Wall Street Banks, and now sanctioned Russian oil and gas giants run by Vladimir Putin’s cronies.



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  1. From Russia with Love!!

  2. Didn’t hear Gianforte try to justify his Russian investment tonight during the debate as something anyone who dabbled in that sort of fund would have?
    Are sanctioned Russian funds really that freely traded?

  3. *didn’t I hear*

  4. RSX and ERUS trade pretty freely.

  5. Montana Republican legislature allowed retirement fund investments in Russian Corporations in Blackrock Funds and this is what happens next.

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