When Will Greg Gianforte Divest his Russian Financial Holdings?

News continues to break about Republican Gianforte’s massive financial ties to U.S. sanctioned Russian companies.

This scandal highlighted in the congressional debate last night. Gianforte was questioned how he could look out for Montana’s and America’s interests and national security when Gianforte profits off Russian aggression into the oil-rich region of Crimea?

Gianforte continues to claim that he will divest these interests and put his financial holdings into a blind trust if elected. Why should doing the legal and right thing for the people of America be a condition of getting elected?

Gianforte Needs to immediately Divest as an Act of GOOD FAITH TO MONTANANS

Gianforte spent $6 million (341,684,287₽ Rubles) trying to buy the Governor’s Office. Yet, he continued to hold onto these sanctioned companies in his $200-300 million personal portfolio. He never thought it was important to divest or put his assets in a blind trust last year.

He actually lied and hid it from Montanans during the entirety of the Governor’s race.

Gianforte only now says he will do the right thing now that he’s been caught.

In 2014, 6 members of Congress divested their stocks from these Russian companies when they came under U.S. sanctions. But not Mr. Gianforte.

Montanans demand transparency from our elected officials.

He hides, he lies, he cheats and steals. Sounds more like an east coast financial elite hoping to screw hard working Montanans out of their money.

Tell Gianforte to divest his illegal financial holdings now, not if he’s elected.


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  1. Gazprom was stolen from others by CZAR ‘VLAD’ and was initially sanctioned in 2014 for Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, so it’s not like Mr. Gianforte’s been in ‘isolation’ (especially if he wants to be in Congress and involved in issues of trade, national security and funding wars) and knew ‘nothing’ about what Gazprom was and other Russia financial securities.

  2. So why is Blackrock and Acadian, both Russian corporations, in Montana’s investment portfolio? Under MCA 17-6-201, the MT Unified Investment Program may invest up to 3% of retirement funds in venture capital companies. “Preference should be given to investments in those venture capital companies that demonstrate an interest in making investments in Montana.”
    Could Blackrock and Acadian be investing in Montana elections?

  3. William Worrell | May 2, 2017 8:03 AM at 8:03 AM |

    How does a someone with all that money have 22 tax leans they might have been paid. But im 56 home owner and I have never had a tax lean such a crook and those 500 jobs he brought how many were from montana and how many still live here crook…….

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