Legislative Wrap-up, Winners, Losers and Nutjobs


It’s over, it’s finally over. The 2017 legislative session is over and Montana lost out, while Republicans try to spin that they worked for us. That is not the case. We sent 150 people to Helena to get an infrastructure bill passed. About 40 Republicans decided to play politics with road safety and needed upgrades for our vital infrastructure.

We all knew they’d get a budget done, somehow, even with:

Austin Knudsen’s impotent leadership.

Austin Knudsen is why those potholes go unfixed.

Austin Knudsen spent the legislature running dark money TV ads for Washington insiders, not doing his job.

When you think back on 2017,  remember Austin Knudsen could not deliver for Eastern Montana, he could not deliver for Great Falls, Billings or deliver a few needed funds to fix the crumbling buildings on the MSU campus.

MSU alum Knudsen abandoned his roots for that DC Dark Money from the Washington elites.

You’ll see Knudsen running for statewide office soon. If dark money continues to decide elections, he might just be your next congressman, attorney general or if Montanans pass on the word that he is a bum, we can send him back home for good, back to DC.


Kim Dudik had a great session, everyone agrees. She’s getting kudos from Republican AG Fox and the Republican former mayor of Kalispell, Tammi Fischer.

Can Kim Dudik break the statewide curse for Missoula democrats? 2020 is a long way away, we shall see.

Kim Abbott had a very solid session, she fought hard for and helped pass an earned income tax credit for Montanans in a bill great falls rep. Jacobson carried.

Bryce Bennett had another solid session, he is the champion of voting rights and election reform. He’s running for state senate in 2018, send him $10 bucks here so he can continue defending our Montana elections.


Adam Hurtz is barely worth mentioning, but it’s always nice to see a one-term wonder leave Helena. Missoula will send him packing in 2018.

Same for Jermy Trebas, total loser, wing nut. If his house was on fire, I am not sure who would put it out…You paid for this jerk’s healthcare Montana, let’s not give this type of person the power to decide if firefighters should have healthcare, ok Great Falls?


Billings rep. zolnikov decided not to even show up for the final infrastructure vote.

This tactic is pretty typical zolnikov, he loves pretending that he represents people, but he’s truly just a cynical politican that plays on political opportunism for press opportunities, he gets ink here because he’s bum. Do better Billings, elect someone who will actually cast votes when they matter, not just so he can put it on campaign literature for 2nd reading maybe votes.

Here’s the list of dummies who largely represent Eastern Montana, yet couldn’t pass a bill to deliver for their communities with tax money from Bozeman.



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  1. Big Sky Democrat | May 1, 2017 8:03 PM at 8:03 PM |

    Is it just me, or does anybody else think it stinks to be in the minority session after session? When will we learn? If we actually nominated better candidates who could win in districts east of Bozeman maybe we could get something done.

    • James Douglas | May 2, 2017 8:11 AM at 8:11 AM |

      Or if we the party would send $ into those areas to help? Or in Western Montana?

      Better yet…typical Democrat areas like suburbs of our major cities and union/blue collar towns?

      The party needs new leadership. We are beholden to the elitist, East Coast machine. That isn’t going to win elections here.

  2. This Knudsen and four Reps from here in thr Flarhead Don’t give a shit about Montana and those who voted for them have set back the rest of us many years. Why do people vote for these criminals?

  3. Extremist ‘Whackadoodle’ GOP legislators who ‘whine’ about borrowing $$$ went to BANKS I’m sure to get $$$ for PERSONAL INFRASTRUCTURE like a HOME MORTGAGE and BUSINESS LOANS to help operate a ranch, buy new machinery and take Section 179 deductions! What a BUNCH of losers, FIRE THEM, find replacements now for these buffoons who failed to get vital money for fixing BOILERS in Grassrange schools, a roof at a Terry school, finance WATER systems for God’s sake!

  4. James Douglas | May 2, 2017 8:15 AM at 8:15 AM |

    I find it offensive that this post says and I quote “Can Kim Dudick break the state wide curse for Missoula Democrats?”…Here is a novel idea, why don’t you incorporate all “Montana Democrats” in that title? This isolationistic attitude isn’t working.

    Do you realize that not every Democrat in the state wants their city/county to be Missoula? While I like Missoula, the Democrats in Missoula are out of touch in a lot of ways.

    It’s going to be a tough sell to keep running urban Democrats in a rural state.

    FYI, I thought someone should tell you the obvious.

  5. “Here’s the list of dummies who largely represent Eastern Montana”….if you look at that list, it is mostly western Montanans, by about a 2:1 margin. The whackos from the Flathead and the Bitterroot alone outnumber the eastern Montanans.

    • East-West balance in MT Legislature:
      Ravalli legislators helped rule this 65th. Session.
      (1.) Majority Leader of Senate, last term Fred Thomas. Who is also Dean of Senate.
      (2.) Majority Leader of House; third term Ron Ehli.
      (3.) Majority House Whip; Theresa Manzella.
      (4.) Chairperson of all important House Appropriations; Nancy Ballance.

      Flat amazing only one Comment about the mis-labeled East – West Legislator list of “dummies”!
      How revealing, of new mediocrity norm here at Montana Cowgirl!

      Whole different subject. Greg Gianforte on Face the State this Sunday with Mike Dennison.
      (I first admired his work way back when he reported for the Great Falls Tribune.)
      Also with David Parker, whose work I occasionally admire.
      Remmber his feigned aloofness to Rob Quist on recent Face the State.
      Many are wondering how he will treat Mr. Gianforte.
      Not much wonder about how Mr. Gianforte would treat us average people in Montana.

  6. boB AKA @Gyrogyrloose | May 2, 2017 12:35 PM at 12:35 PM |

    Or North of Missoula? Bro-Dell and Skuzz are both horrible at their jobs, I know I’m not the only one leaving messages berating their laziness and inaction and yet they keep getting re-elected. 2014 there were a couple of seats here with Republicans running unopposed. On the other hand, door-to-door canvassing in my Precinct trying to increase the numbers of D’s on the map convinced me the average IQ and CQ are both much lower than I expected.(I for Intelligence, C for Compassion). I’m one of Thom Hartmann’s Tag-Yur-It! newbies to the Democratic Party and I’ve been slowly working to fill in some of the dark spots on the map, a task that could discourage someone less intelligent than me. Somehow I’m still believing Americans will soon wake up and realize the Brilliant Businessman they voted for is making Bernie Madoff look like a shop-lifter at the Super Kmart and that his talent for bankrupting casinos is prelude to his doing the same thing to America, rip off all the vendors and contractors, canoodle tons of tax breaks to enrich himself and then file Chapter 11 and move to Florida to golf and engorge himself on those ill-gotten gains. Meanwhile there will be millions of families suffering and paying the Debt and our reputation as a world leader in every field will be destroyed for a Generation. I hope this alone will cause conservatives to wake up-Climate Change and Extinction are the only problem we need to be talking about-everything else is related to it or meaningless if we fail to address it, Bigly.

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