Rosendale’s $2700 a Head Florida Fundraiser to Pay Himself Back

Matt Rosendale’s first big action as Montana Auditor is to try and recoup the expenses of his failed run for congress in 2014. Back when he lost to Zinke in the primary he self-funded with his personal fortune and now he is trying to get Floridians to pay him for running for office. Sounds confusing, right?

Well, state and federal election law allows for separate donation amounts and must be held in separate accounts. So, he is trying to get rid of his debt from 2014 from that federal race now that he is State Auditor he can sell some access to get his money back.

Only Maryland multi-millionaire Matt Rosendale would think this was a proper use of his title as a statewide elected official.

I do wonder what these people are really buying with this donation?

Also, if he raises more than the quarter million he wants to give back to himself then he can start a federal account which means he can use that money to run for Federal office in 2018.

This is the way that Matt Rosendale announces his bid for Senate?

By trying to trick Floridians into giving him money for some sort of access. Not a good look.


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  1. Irish Montanan | May 3, 2017 4:06 PM at 4:06 PM |

    More interesting than the event is the website used as an RSVP. Check out who else has email addresses:

    The “what we do” tab on the website clues us into why he’s headed to FL.

  2. There is a lot going on at the national level with our healthcare/insurance needs. Sounds to me like Rosendale is going to Florida on “business”. The Goldwater Taplin website states, “On the state level, GTG members have decades of experience working with state insurance regulators, state legislatures and Governors. We can help you with licensing matters, products approvals and other regulatory matters.” Anything illegal here? Damn “politicking” anyway!

  3. Standing tall for freedumb needs to be updated to standing tall for money!Is he going to do a drone hunting seminar?

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