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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/05/us/politics/montana-house-special-election-greg-gianforte-health-bill.html

    So Publius II: Not only praising what Ryan and company did; but showing who he really is, the money sources he courts when the rubber meets the road.

  2. Remember how upset folks got about Turner, Letterman, Bridges, Keaton etc buying up Townships of land and running bison. The idea is spreading. Us natives will just have to get outta the way.

  3. Support Quist, because Steve Bullock and Jon Tester don’t! Where’s Bernie? Tom Perez, no Latino’s welcome in Montana

  4. Cowgirl, tin, ppl, Publius II – It’s been around a week since that conference call. Do you know if the press has been able to get GG to release names of those touched for five grand new money each? That seems essential information for voters. If GG declines to tell, should we presume the worse? New Jersey folks, drug companies, Wall Street, Adelson at his Casino, public land privatization interests, everything? Any help? Any ideas? Any Montanans called?

  5. Nope, do you know where the DNC monies came from that Quist has received? Do you know what Quist’s monthly expenses are, travel, etc.?

    • What we know, tin, is Gianforte made a phone call back east; shaking lobbyist money trees at five grand a pop. That’s fact, public and raw. If he’s called anyone in Montana for support, who? Also, subscribing to GG emailing shows stuff in the queue saying from Marco Rubio, and from Paul Ryan, but it’s the same old footer and request for money from others, by a multi-millionaire. (Nothing saying it’s from Ron or Rand Paul.) Is there one in the works saying, from JEB!

      Anyway, as a GG supporter, do you feel Quist and Sanders will get bigger or smaller crowds than GG and MP? The Quist-Sanders multi-city schedule is online:


      On advertising, it seems GG has focused on creepy-voiceover stuff on why Quist “would be bad for Montana,” while Quist appears and speaks in his own ads about why he’d be good, and better than GG. And it seems GG wants to say Quist would want guns registered and Quist says GG wants to impact the places you’d use them to hunt, so it’s a wash. Or do you see it differently? Quist being willing to appear in person, and speak both on tour and in ads, seemingly more than GG?

  6. http://helenair.com/news/politics/state/nd-amendment-hunting-and-fishing-highlight-trump-jr-s-visit/article_8765482c-e441-5c68-a532-0312111a5a14.html

    Montana not 4 Sale counter-Rally, 4-5:30pm, 11 May, Great Falls Airport, Terminal and Airport Drives intersection parking area…tell Trump Jr. and GG – MILLIONAIRES – we’re not for sale to be exploited, have Deathcare shoved on us and FIRE Putin, not FBI Mr. POTUS!

    • Steve Bullock and Jon Tester do not support Quist. Why should we? Where is Bernie?

      • Hey tin, how much of a patriot are you that you support little Donny so enthusiastically. Maybe we should be checking to see what contact you have had with the Russian spy agencies, maybe you need to sign up as a foreign agent. Kind of interesting how you deflect from the treason that trump, Pence, Flynn and the rest have committed, maybe you are just a Russian troll pretending to be an American. I don’t know what else it could be to be so defensive of these traitors. Maybe you should change your moniker to Boris or better yet Vil’gel’m since you use Bill on another blog.

      • Here we go again. Some of what Bill says at Intelligent Discontent, is what Tin says at M Cowgirl.

  7. Obamacare 44% increase for Montana 2017. Who’s your daddy? The only heads to roll on the Russian investigation will be Susan Rice & co for unmasking for political purposes and leaks.

    • Strange my family is on the ACA as i am self employed and my wife is a cancer survivor. Our increase was around 18%, we get a small credit but pay most ourselves around $1250.00 per month for $2500 deductible. Still more reasonable than buying in the open market without a group, same coverage that way through Blue Cross/ Blue Shield would be around $1600. And Rice is in the clear, you Russian troll.

    • Yup, tin. You are making the same argument Quist makes to move from what’s there to single payer healthcare coverage for all as a right. It would cost less and offer more bang for every buck. Take the profiteering middlemen out of the loop, clop Big Pharma upside the head and say, “Behave!” And when you step into that, I agree.

      GG, in his lobbyist conference call back east supports just pulling out the rug, saying “It’s a bad rug anyway.” In Montana it’s, “More study is needed . . .” What has GG to offer that the other millionaires already in the House have not delivered for the moblike super-affluent constituency? He’d just be more of the same. The contest seems either Quist or more of the same.

  8. Next year $1800.

  9. Mike Pence is traveling to Montana. What’s that worth? He publicly lied about Flynn. Now he’s been the one to lie about the new AG office guy and a memo, with follow-up “decisive leadership.” Next thing, Trump then admits he’d have fired Comey anyway. The memo bit was a smokescreen. Tell me both times he did not know what was truth. Does that make Pence Trump Team’s designated lier? Two out of two; and didn’t he try to softpedal Nunes? He and GG can swap stories about fish they’d caught. Or sales tax policy. Or public lands. Job Outsourcing. Noah and retirement. Ryancare and phone calls.

  10. Apology. “Lier.” Above. Only one cup of morning coffee. If two, “liar.” At least not written to parallel “fire.” A link on Pence


    It embeds an MSNBC Morning Joe two minutes, “Pence was in the room.”

    Does anyone see Pence being much help to GG campaign?

    • Every time VP Pence says POTUS 45 is “strong and decisive”,
      know in truth that they both are weak and divisive,
      servants of K Street, K Bros, the Mercer family operatives
      of the so called Federal Reserve System yielding
      BOOM and BUST cycles,
      each cycle cycling wealth upwards
      overly dependent on foreign Investors.

      POTUS and VP POTUS are but symbol and substance of the new Russian Global attempt at World Disorder.

      So day after PURGE #3, POTUS invites who but Putin’s friend H. Kissinger, and Agent Sergey Lavrov into the sacred USA Oval Office. No USA TV or reporters. Only RUSSIAN TAS TV.
      Guess what, at last minute Sergey Kislyak shows up with AV equipment, in our Oval Office.

      Oh, the ‘prestigious’ Law Firm that POTUS (?hired/retained)?). Oh of course, the Law Firm of 2016, in Russia.

      Oh, the Bank of Cyprus? Maybe biggest volume bank in Europe.

      Oh, the big Picture!
      Putin still putting moves on Brexit, the USA, and France.

      And Mike Pence completely forgot,
      what Isaiah and Jeremiah said,
      about being wary,
      of long lasting consequences,
      from dealing with foreign powers
      practising harsh iniquities
      sanctioned by alien gods.

  11. No–he’s more of a detriment.

  12. This whole election can be summed up in one word “integrity.” Voters your choice. No one is looking over your shoulder in the voting booth.

  13. How much of the campaign funds were diverted to pay off liens?

  14. Rob Quist earlier this week released a statement on Bernie Sanders.

    “I’m excited to have Bernie Sanders come to Big Sky Country to witness the grassroots support behind our campaign and share the message that we need more elected leaders fighting for working class families, instead of millionaires, corporations and special interests,” said Rob Quist.

    Um, Bernie Sanders Just Bought His Third House
    Katie Pavlich

    Socialist Bernie Sanders is living the good life. Not only is he a hero to the progressive cause, he just purchased his third home for $600,000. That’s right, his third home.

    Bernie Sanders now has one thing in common with the millionaires and billionaires and other 1 percenters he so frequently attacked on the campaign trail: he now owns his very own summer home.

    Vermont magazine Seven Days reported Tuesday that the 74-year-old senator and his wife, Jane Sanders, have purchased a four-bedroom house on the shore of Lake Champlain for roughly $600,000. Jane told Seven Days that they had recently sold a house in Maine that had belonged to her family since the 1900s, and used the proceeds to purchase the new property, which is located in North Hero (population 803, as of the 2010 census). With this purchase, Sanders now owns at least three houses, the others being in Burlington, VT, and Capitol Hill in D.C.
    To give this some context, only 63 percent of American families own a home. The average value of homes owned by these families is $358,200 according to the Census Bureau.

    Doesn’t Bernie know he doesn’t really need three homes? Shouldn’t he redistribute at least one of his homes to someone who doesn’t have one at all?

    • They bought it last August. Try to keep up.

      “However, the original Seven Days report included information on how the Sanders’ afforded the summer home. O’Meara Sanders said that she had inherited a vacation home in Maine, but the family was unable to make use of it due to its distance from their primary residence in Vermont, so she sold it and used the proceeds to finance the purchase of a more suitable vacation home in North Hero:

      “My family had a lake home in Maine since 1900, but we hadn’t had the time to go there in recent years — especially since my parents passed away,” she said. “We finally let go of it and that enabled us to buy a place in the islands — something I’ve always hoped for.”


    • Frank N Furter | May 14, 2017 4:52 PM at 4:52 PM |

      MISSOULA — Lee Enterprises has bought the free alternative weekly newspaper the Missoula Independent.

      Lee already owns Missoula’s daily newspaper, the Missoulian, along with the Billings Gazette, the Ravalli Republic, the Independent Record of Helena and the Montana Standard of Butte.

      The Independent is distributed in Missoula, Ravalli and Lake counties. It began publishing in 1991 and publisher Matt Gibson has owned it since 1997.

      Lee Enterprises’ vice president of publishing Mike Gulledge says the weekly newspaper will be editorially independent from the Missoulian.

      He tells the Missoulian that Gibson will remain the Independent’s publisher and its other employees will be able to keep their jobs.

      Gibson says the acquisition will allow both the Independent and Lee to maximize their resources to deliver strong local reporting and expand their audiences.

      So, all those papers are owned by Lee Enterprises? Right?

      Such a surprise that all 3 have endorsed Gianforte. After all that Lee has done to smear Quist.

      Tin, go fuck yourself.

      • Mr. Furter, you need to buy your team a Plexiglas belly button so they can find a better candidate next time. Try extreme vetting.

    • Tin, you started this thread so it would be impolite for you to end it. So – reading the thread, lots of trees, but see the forest.

      It will be a voter judgment of who would be best to send back east. Who wins that, Quist who says he’d be best against a dominant millionaire multitude, or GG, who’d be able to be closer to those he’s now having to conference call?

  15. Frank N Furter | May 14, 2017 4:48 PM at 4:48 PM |

    As a lawyer who practices property-rights and real-estate law in Kalispell, I was shocked to read a Billings Gazette article that overtly implies wrongdoing by a Flathead County resident who actually did nothing wrong.

    It didn’t take me long to realize the reporter, Tom Lutey, doesn’t understand property rights and taxation law; in fact, even the headline was incorrect. Let’s start there.

    That headline, “Quist has ties to rental property not listed on state tax rolls,” is patently false. This accusation has every property-rights lawyer in the state laughing. The Quist property is on tax rolls. The Montana Department of Revenue has assessed it as rural residential (not commercial). The current Department of Revenue classification AAB2 accurately identifies the barn as a residential structure in fair condition. Yet the article goes on to imply that because the structure is technically described by the department as a “Standard Barn” the Quists are committing some sort of wrongdoing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The reporter even uses a quote from Bob Story who incorrectly speculates that this is commercial property. Residential property includes single-family residences as well as multifamily rental dwelling units. The Quist barn dwelling is Class 4 residential property, not commercial property. Why would this reporter include a quote from someone whose guess is blatantly wrong? Unless to purposefully mislead his readers.

    But perhaps the most head-scratching piece of the Billings Gazette story is that it implies that if a property owner modifies or improves the structures on their property, they are obligated under the law to notify the Revenue Department. That is incorrect.

    If this were true, every Montanan who puts new carpet in their home, or paints the exterior, would need to report the building upgrade to the Department of Revenue so it could reassess the property and possibly tax them more. That’s ridiculous and backwards. Whoever disagrees with the state’s classification or market value may request an informal review, or appeal directly to the county and/or Montana Tax Appeal Boards. The Quists have simply not contested the Department of Revenue’s classification.

    The type of invasion of privacy the article suggests is precisely why Flathead County got rid of its building-permit requirements decades ago — you had to pull a permit every time you wanted to put in a new door.

    Let’s be clear. There are properties all over the Flathead which are undervalued and overvalued for tax purposes. The Department of Revenue has the right upon notice to enter the lands and make determinations. The people here doing the assessments are good hard-working people. If something is inaccurate, they eventually try to get it right. They will do so here.

    No one in this state in the Quists’ position would have done anything differently than the Quists. I’m unclear why a reporter would go to such great lengths to make a mountain out of a molehill. Hell, there isn’t even a molehill in this case. I encourage future reporters or newspapers to contact credible sources and get the facts before diving into issues like property law that they clearly know nothing about.

    DeJana is a Kalispell attorney.

  16. Kaboom, did you hear that…..exploding heads. Don’t worry these comments will all be deleted when they get back to work at the state capital in Helena in the morning…hehe our tax dollars at work…lol…..children can you spell fascist?

  17. POLLING QUESTION: With ten days to go, is there anything newer than the last report, GG appearing to lead by “single digits,” the gap closing?

    COVERAGE QUESTION: With Pence and Sanders visiting Montana, is there any sign the national press will take notice and publish? (So far it’s been GG making one phone call and getting notice and national coverage. You wouldn’t expect him to do it again the same way.)

    ENDORSEMENT QUESTION: So far, it has been as expected, each of the two camps having their say. Do endorsements matter. In an earlier thread Lee newspapers making parallel GG endorsements was noted. In 2016, it seems Bullock got a media endorsement sweep, but reporting suggested in well covered popular race newspaper endorsements matter less.


    The one prediction I make: GG will carry Glendive. But by single digits.

  18. Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi say jump Quist says how high. Montana who?

    Giggle: Workers Sue DNC Over Sub-Minimum Wage, Withheld Overtime Pay

    Many top Democrats are furious that Bernie Sanders appears to be running for president again, or at least planning to drag out his decision long enough to freeze the race around him.


    DNC Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit After $1 Million in Bonuses Given Out

  19. tin – See you and raise you. And an invitation for anyone else to pile on:

    CEO pay, UnitedHealth mentioned with Fortune not a den of Berniecrats-

    Size and reach of the beast, UnitedHealth-

    UnitedHealth website has a “Newsroom” page-

    Missing from there, today’s news that feds join a whistleblower suit against UnitedHealth for over a billion in “alleged false claims” against paid tax money with opening paragraphs noting it’s a second federal suit on overcharging-

    An image of a bloodsucking leech-

    Now tin, first, please do defend the Republicans’ insurer-friendly agenda on healthcare. Tell us again why single payer universal healthcare for all as a right is less fair than UnitedHealth being in the equation. Second, as he was a former CEO, tin, could you guess for us what Gianforte thinks of CEO money lust, whether it can or should be curbed, or at least taxed higher?

    When Bernie visits he may talk about it, tin, so get your protest sign ready with a photo of UnitedHealth’s CEO and saying “FREEDOM” and “GREED IS GOOD” to show up to hoot and show scorn.

    • Eric, thanks for justifying one of the main reasons Obama Care is failing. Let’s go to a single payer system so they have a monopoly like Quist and the bernicrates want.

      • tin – I think somebody later in the thread trumped your answering about Mr. Portfolio and his likely view of CEO money lust. Thanks anyway. Quist is running against a portfolio, with many hoping the man wins. You for the portfolio?

  20. Frank N Furter | May 17, 2017 3:22 PM at 3:22 PM |

    Rumor of a breaking story that a certain Congressional Candidate has ties to a French/Swiss Cement company that paid money to ISIS.

    Pass the popcorn.

  21. FNF fyi: Not just a Swiss/French construction material firm, but top gun; per an April 24 online report of its CEO resigning over the Syrian payments: “The construction materials group — the world’s largest by market value — was created in 2015 through the combination of Switzerland’s Holcim and France’s Lafarge.” Big time – Big crime.

    PLUS – Looking for profit opportunity per the wall “Mexico will pay for” – March of this year:

    If they’re after a part of the wall, they may have been a part of GG’s recent five-grand a pop effort. Their DC lobbyists, whoever.

  22. FNF help me: If LaFargeHolcim USA gets a big part of THE WALL, would the value of GG’s shares go up, or down? And, what good is THE WALL and spending on it, if any, going to do for Montana? THE WALL is not on the Canadian border.

  23. http://missoulian.com/opinion/columnists/greg-gianforte-running-to-fight-for-montana/article_e0bf8860-7399-5754-82a3-3b86bb57ff66.html

    Mr. Portfolio gets a guest gig; but does not mention his portfolio. It must not be a reason he’s seeking office. Russian sanctions lifted, Russian holdings go up or down? THE WALL gets funded, LaFargeHolcim USA gets a piece of THE WALL, do those shares go up or down? But the portfolio is irrelevant to any of the man’s motives, or else he’d mention it. He’s holding, not trading, as if in anticipation of something, but whatever it is, it’s irrelevant. Irrelevant to Montana values he fell in love with.

  24. Frank N Furter | May 18, 2017 2:38 PM at 2:38 PM |

    It seems Mr. G will donate to anyone as long as they are a member of his party.

    “Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte is one of several prominent Montana Republicans who contributed money or support to the 2016 legislative campaign of a Columbia Falls man described by watchdog groups as a white nationalist.

    “I was unaware of some of his views and we supported him because we supported all (Republican) candidates in the last election,” Gianforte said Wednesday.”

  25. So Quist who can probably not get a security clearance? Drug use and financial issues.

    • Tin – Don’t need a security clearance to pass Single Payer. To start taxing the rich. To undo Citizens United. To help end stupendous college debt. To assure families can plan family size and growth patterns. Mueller’s got his job and his clearance, so what are you doing interjecting a nonsequitur? Flynn had a clearance and how do you expect that to finally work out? Gianforte probably could not carry a tune, but that’s like the clearance, not needed when it’s a broom that’s needed, to sweep aside the cruft and a spine that’s needed to stand up to the billionaires rather than conniving with them.

    • If there’s a point, make it. I’d like Quist to be on the Financial Services Committee. No clearance needed to police Wall Street and the banks. Quist is experienced and would do well there. It would not be schmooze city.

      • Big Sky Democrat | May 20, 2017 8:11 AM at 8:11 AM |

        Boy if there is anything we learned about Quist is that he is no financial wizard. I decided not to bother voting this time. To hell with it.

        • And how did you learn that? From a newspaper article? From a Gianforte TV ad?

        • Richard Miller | May 20, 2017 3:26 PM at 3:26 PM |

          So your one vote does not make any difference? Then why bother ever registering to vote. That is stupid-to think that there were several million that had the same idea and we now have the disaster president.

  26. Good morning. The rooster crows Saturday, May 20. Quist-Sanders rally schedule for today and tomorrow:
    It’s that vision thing. Will Greg attend?

  27. A personal million bucks “loaned” by Gianforte to the Gianforte campaign reported by USNews online, carrying an AP feed:

    Ego trips can get costly, but if you’ve discretionary millions, go for it.

  28. VP Pence draws 700 for Giantfart; Sen. Sanders draws 4000+ for Quist.

    • DB – It would be nice to see that ratio at the polls May 25.

      Parting shot on this thread: Quist is an honest man. Only that. He and nobody else is the focus. Quist and GOTV and may the best Quist win.

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