Too Late for “Getting to Know You”

Shall we dance?

On this cloud of pure fiction, shall we fly?

Shall we dance?

While toads croak, “Drain the swamp,” not bat an eye?

Or perchance …

Will we say we are a state you cannot buy?

Will we say you can’t just waltz in,

Smother us with lies and schmaltz, and

Think that we’ll give you one more chance?

Sure, you tell us not to worry

But with Pence as Arthur Murray,

Shall we dance?

Shall we dance?

Shall we dance?



9 Comments on "Too Late for “Getting to Know You”"

  1. Kinda wants to make me puke up in my mouth a little bit

  2. RationalThought67 | May 21, 2017 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

    I wonder if Pence’s wife knows…oh wait a minute, it is females he is not allowed to look at, touch or interact without his wife being present.

    Proceed. Gianforte is just plain giggly in anticipation for his turn…

    You can’t even begin to make this stuff up. Fiction writers are taking a beating for the next several years.

  3. Chris Krager, at 19 seconds in had to crowdfund for injuries he sustained while taking care of maintenance issues at our local homeless shelter. FYI, Chris does the blogging ( ) as well as playing Mr. Fix-It in addition to his ordinary duties as executive director of the Samaritan House.

  4. Team Quist has posted a new series of short, positive (mainly GOTV) ads on YouTube:

    Off point on the post, but worth watching. There is no creepy voiceover attack stuff against the other side. Almost all are a person facing the camera with something to say.

  5. Zinke swing dances Karen Pence
    Includes a double hip toss

  6. Latest poll seems to give Gianforte 48% chance of winning. I believe that matches the 48% of the vote in the Governor’s race which resulted in Gianforte’s loss. GG seems to have made no effort to court the RINO vote. God forbid that he rise to that level.

  7. Why you should vote for Greg Gianforte
    1) He is enthusiastically endorsed by Montana State Senator District 7 Jennifer Fielder , CEO of the American Lands Council, the Utah based organization working to transfer public lands to the western states.
    2) He will protect your public lands access (from all those free loading hippie “proud public land owner” types with their neverending mantra “keep public lands in public hands”, who never paid to access anything, probably all Democrats) #2 goes with #1
    3) He will fight Washington’s “War on the West” (even though there is no war on the West, this phrase really stirs up the tea party base and we need more Montana Militia type excitement in the Republican Party) #3 goes with #2 and #1
    4) I like to hear him say “Drain the Swamp”, sounds way cool when he talks Trumpese.
    5) His idea to take away salaries if there is no balanced budget should strike fear into his wealthy coworkers when he is elected.
    6) I thought he was running against Rob Quist, but from the advertisements, I know I am sure not voting for Nancy Pelosi (doesn’t she already have a job ?)
    7) Greg’s explanation of how social security and retirement is not a biblical concept, video on youtube, is good enough for me. We should all be working and not cashing social security checks! (get on your feet you lazy Democrats, put down the canes, push over the walker, get out of that wheelchair and move your lazy liberal a** on down to the unemployment office and get a job!)
    8) Greg blew me away with his vision of our ancestors riding dinosaurs, cowboys are overrated – try that stuff on a TRex – Mr Quist dude!
    9) Greg will lead a national movement for a Constitutional Amendment setting term limits on Congress. It will be a lot of work to get all the states in line on this, but since the Supreme Court says “the vote” is a term limit and Congress is exempt from term limits, it has to be done.
    10) Greg is not a Democrat! We don’t have enough Millionaires in Washington, those guys are not beholden to any(one) or special interest group. You can count on Greg to decide what the right thing is on his own, set his own agenda, and not be distracted or swayed by the people that elect him. Government of the people, by the people, for the people is such a dated and trite concept.

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