GUEST POST: Trump’s Budget Would Make a Russian Gulag Proud*

Photo of a Russian gulag, The Economist

by Sarah Kirch

Today America gets its first real look at what Republican governance looks like.

They’ve been calling for this kind of war on the poor for years.  Now, they’re bringing their fantasy to life. The White House has dumped Trump’s budget on America while Trump is out visiting other countries. Here’s what’s in it:

Trump’s budget eliminates low income heating assistance, or LIHEAP.

Trump cuts the Children’s Health Program by 20%. In Montana, that would mean more than 20,000 kids would lose health coverage.

He cuts an additional $610 billion from Medicaid – on top of the $800 billion in his so-called American Health Care Act, or – which guts health care to pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthy.  The ACHA cuts alone mean 259,000 people would lose coverage or face massive price increases, more than $4,600 per person, for an average Montanan.  So this NEW additional cut of $610 billion is doubly cruel.

The budget makes deep cuts to SNAP, America’s most effective anti-hunger tool. Estimates range from 22-27% cut here. In Montana, almost 70% of the people who get help with food are children – and more than 30% live in families that are elderly or have disabilities. [PDF]

It guts aid to children with disabilities (such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism).

It includes deep cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which benefits workers who pay into Social Security and whose careers have been cut short by severe medical impairments, contradicting the President’s pledge not to cut Social Security.

The fact that Trump released this budget when Trump was traveling overseas (where it has become even more apparent that he tires of work easily) and cannot defend the horrific proposal seems like a PR disaster until you remember that the White House probably thinks it’s better for him not to have to talk about anything ever again.


*To be sure- Trump’s budget is actually so cruel a Russian propaganda firm called the White House out on it – no really.  


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  1. Trump is one person. It is his budget, the Pence plan, and output of a Republican controlled House and Senate. It is why one seat in a special election matters. Electing Rob Quist is one step closer to sanity and decency, and a beacon for real change, 2018 election time. One could turn to the astronaut quote, on the Moon. Giant step, for progress, if Rob wins.

  2. MOST on SNAP are poor WHITES! I’ve had family on them when they needed it for a few months, safety net essential and non-negotiable NOT to have it in richest country on Earth!

  3. As usual the GOP wants to solve the deficit by declaring a war on the poor. Don’t forget, many of the poor work and you see them everyday. They work for large corporations like Wal-Mart and small local businesses like restaurants and retail stores. Let’s get real with the facts. Health care and health insurance have become extremely expensive in America. Even the best intentioned employer finds it difficult to supply affordable health insurance to their employees. The only solution is one payer or socialized medicine, the same as our neighbor Canada and many other European nations. This would take an expensive burden off employers and employees and allow for better wages. As for cuts to LIEAP and SNAP; if wages for the lower and middle class had been keeping pace with inflation for the past 40 years, the need for these programs would be a lot lower! We haven’t even talked about child care expenses for the poor and middle class! If both parents work, then daycare must be purchased which pretty much wipes out the wages of one of the working parents. And how about GOP cuts to education? If our nations children cannot get a quality public education unless their families are wealthy, where does that leave our nation’s future? College becomes more and more expensive every year. Families cannot afford it or students must incur massive student loan debt which in turn prevents them from starting a family or buying a home until most of that debt is paid off. The GOP claims to be a pro-life/pro-family party. They most certainly are if you happen to be rich, white, and generous donors to the Republican party. For the 99% of America who don’t fit that description, they could care less whether you live or die!

  4. I’m SICK that one of aunt’s is ADDICTED to FOX NOISE, she’s on medicare, MEDICAID, gets other help services from our gov’t safety net, and she still VOTED for tRump and Gianforte! AARGH!!!

  5. John Ilgenfritz | May 24, 2017 7:57 AM at 7:57 AM |

    According to the picture, it appears that at least the Russians gave their people wheelbarrows!

    The election results will tell us whether the majority favor swamp draining and wall building or what’s in the best interest of their families here in Montana; health care, education, so on and so forth.

    • Snidely_Whiplash | May 24, 2017 8:53 AM at 8:53 AM |

      Well let’s think about it, dipfuck. Health care sucks and is not affordable for those of us paying for it, though I’m sure you love it if you’re poor and get credits (aka tax breaks for the rich). Common Core sucks donkey dick- if you have a kid in the system or are paying a tiny bit of attention, you know what I’m talking about (the US is 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science). And so on and so forth– like our 4% unemployment (aka full employment), expanding economy (job & economic growth), and so on and so forth.

      • Snidley – Do you know of any software out there that might outsource wheelbarrow pushing? Someone has to have made a few bucks off of that sort of opportunity.

        • Snidely_Whiplash | May 24, 2017 11:11 AM at 11:11 AM |

          Are you talking about a multi-national company that has, wait for it, multi national employees? You fucking dolts can’t pull your head out of your sphincter long enough to acknowledge all the jobs in Bozeman that were created by Jersey Greg– yeah the jobs providing $450k homes to be built at record pace while you hairy palm it in mom’s basement, waiting for more free shit. Gross.

  6. Hahahahaha. You all sound like a bunch of old stinky cunts with one foot in the grave. Clueless fucks!

    • Can someone get this post deleted? It’d be a really good idea to ban this guy from the site. PLEASE!

      • Montana is a fine state. Any state has people who reflect badly on it. Paddler, there will always be those who do have a First Amendment right to prove themselves lesser humans than the rest of us. Wait long enough and the individual will have a comment about Nancy Pelosi, who’s not in the Montana special election despite GG propaganda she is.

      • Montana is a fine state. Any state has people who reflect badly on it. Paddler, next this individual will have an unsavory comment about Nancy Pelosi, who’s not in the Montana special election despite GG and DC propaganda she is. Even while GG may need this person’s vote, realize that this person is a tiny fraction of the GG voter base and not a part GG would endorse or treasure. The election is about the future of Montana, of the Democratic Party, and of the nation. Keep eyes on the prize. GOTV for Quist.

  7. they dumped this budget on the American people to try and take the focus off the Russian investigation. WE are smarter than that

    • Carol, you may have put a diversion in front of substance. Russians are not squeezing the nation for more for themselves. Russians are not on the phone calling, “Now move on to lowering my taxes.” This budget is to lower GG’s taxes.

  8. Good luck tomorrow from Oregon to all my Montana friends and relatives. I’ve always loved your state, ever since I spent so much of my childhood there.
    Go Quist!

  9. Big Sky Democrat | May 24, 2017 3:37 PM at 3:37 PM |

    This is what our lives will look like until we can figure out how to nominate candidates who don’t suck.

  10. This post suggests a novel term in politics, “A New Gulag Order.”


  11. Gianforte just body slammed a reporter in Bozeman. Cops are taking witness statements.

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