Republican Alleged to Have Assaulted Reporter Who Asked Him About Trumpcare

Greg Gianforte assaults reporter over health care question

Dozens of national news outlets are now reporting on the dark turn today’s special congressional election took when GOP candidate Greg Gianforte is alleged to have assaulted a reporter who Gianforte a question about the Congressional Budget Office scoring of Trump’s health care repeal bill, the AHCA or American Health Care Act.

Here’s MSNBC on this breaking story.


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  1. Eyewitness Alicia Acuna wrote eyewitness account…..see she said at no time was victim aggressive.

  2. This guy is a loser, just like the rest of the GOP. And why would proud long time Montana residents want to go against their own self interest to elect some rich guy from New Jersey who obviously wouldn’t even want to live there?!

  3. He looks like a total fool! The story is on all the news channels, trending on FB and all over twitter. I certainly hope the people of Montana aren’t dumb enough to vote him in now.

    • Paula – Truman said if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. I’d hate to be his sauce chef in the kitchen. Ticking time bomb. Have to stay nimble.

  4. His supporters will love this. Finally one of their guys has attacked a representative of the liberal lame stream media-they’ll love it! The vast majority of them will wish they had been afforded the chance to do this. Won’t hurt him a bit and will probably actually boost his chances to win. Remember, this is Faux News Amerika and the brown shirts are now running the show.

    • Hi Law: I actually think you have a pretty good point. It begs the question (you don’t need to answer): How long until the guy starts wearing a neck brace?? Because his story claim of having broken glasses only by being “body slammed” does not pass the common sense test.

  5. I’ll bet he now regrets his party didn’t pass the mail-in only ballot legislation!

  6. It would be nice if Rob or Halladay were to write a “Ballad of the Thug and Thud.” They could perform it at a victory celebration. GOTV. The victory celebration is the preliminary need. So, GOTV. In Gianforte’s favor, at least he did not outsource the assault. Out of character, not outsourcing it, but hope it’s a gift that keeps giving.

  7. Breaking: Montana newspapers withdraw endorsement of Ginaforte:

    at O:25 into the item the endorsement news.

    More important, possibly the same reporter:

    at 7:00 into it, GG “Make America Great Again.” Catching the Trump train belatedly.
    On the whole an eleven minute video report without any gotcha attempt. Guardian. So the more recent overreaction from Ginaforte to Guardian coverage seems unmerited. They did aggressively cover the conference call news, the Ryancare GG taxes thing.

    The public lands issue.

    • Not the Same reporter but he also reports for the Guardian. And, like the reporter who was allegedly assaulted, this man is not aggressive.

      • I believe we can leave out the “alleged” in view of the fact that it was witnessed, and law enforcement investigated and charged Gianforte with a crime.

        Doesn’t surprise that a Republican, especially a Trump “fan,” would believe themselves exempt from the rule of law, including those against commissions of illegal violence, because there are sufficient moral-less morons who APPROVE the commission of crime. Why else would they vote for Trump, who BOASTED of his serial commission of the CRIME of sexual assault and battery?

        And they the very same people who hate “Communism” and “Communists,” but LOVE TOTALITARIAN KGB/”Communist” Russia/Putin.

  8. Good morning: Been a while since I posted, been lurking, so I saw the news last night, listened carefully, and thought I would chime in. Obs 1: Coverage so far on Cowgirl seems to accurately portray the other coverage, so that’s fair, but you need to go to the source. Obs 2: Greg clearly lost his cool in the incident, which is a negative.

    That being said, You need to go onto one of the outlets that has the whole incident. Greg clearly was polite and asked the Guardian reporter to leave, speak with someone else, and that he was not authorized to be there (i.e trespassing). At that time, if you listen carefully, Greg felt shocked and invaded, as the reported shoved a microphone/phone directly in his face, after being asked to leave. I am guessing and am pretty sure he perceived this as an invasion and an attack. In fact the Guardian reporter (contrary to popular portrayals in the press), instigated the incident, and arguably “assaulted” Greg first. And as stated in Greg’s statement, the Guardian reporter caused the fall, not Greg (to use a basketball analogy, he sneakily pulled him down to make it look like a charge).

    My read: From personal experience (many years ago in Jersey), Greg is not the one to assault anybody, ever. Don’t believe the claim of the biased Guardian reporter, and those who repeat that lie. Greg, in fact, is a person that would stand up for someone who was weak and unfairly attacked, even if the incident put himself at risk.
    This I say from first hand experience.

    This was an incident that was planned and instigated by the reporter with an agenda. The other reporters in the room are closing ranks with the lying Guardian reporter. There is a police investigation, yes, but it is only based on he said/she said so far. In my opinion, in the minimum, the Guardian reported needs to be also charged with trespassing (who let him in the room?).

    Greg is someone who is in shape. As reported here, he was captain of his HS football team. If he did in fact body slam the guy, he would have a lot more damage than just his glasses.

    I personally hope he does not give up, and keeps the courage of his conviction. He is at a disadvantage as follows. As reported here he is a practicing Christian, and will at some point apologize for loosing his cool. The lying Guardian reporter however, has no such scruples, and will not admit to his scheme to instigate this.

    What sometimes happens (remember Hillary and Trump)is that people see through the lies of the biased media and lying left. Most reasonable people, I think will be willing to forgive Greg for losing his call. Let’s see how Montana reacts. If they buy in to the BS, well then, Greg should find something else to do in a more civil line of work, where he does not have to deal with such shady characters.

    • Richard Miller | May 25, 2017 8:30 AM at 8:30 AM |

      BULLSHIT. No matter who you think you are, you just cannot go around and throw people to the ground if you do not like them doing their job. Just what do you think he is going to do when the Washington press corp goes after him should he be elected? Gonna beat them all up? Nothing other than a barroom antic by double gg to show he is a tough guy? If your skin is that thin, do not go into politics-better to stay in the safety of your cubicle.
      Forgive him? Forget it. What he did IS NOT A MONTANA VALUE!

    • Old Line Democrat | May 25, 2017 9:12 AM at 9:12 AM |

      You should go back to lurking it is much better than making a fool of yourself by making up excuses and alternative facts about what occurred.
      The Fox television crew were eyewitnesses. Their statement corroborates what is on the actual recording.
      The biggest point though is that GG has told everyone but his big donors on a conference call that he would make up his mind on the Republican replacement healthcare plan was scored by the CBO. The score just came out and the election was the next day. Obviously, GG couldn’t honestly answer the question without exposing his hypocrisy.
      So his reaction ? Physically attack a reporter doing his job in trying to get a statement from a politician that painted himself into a corner on a critical issue.
      You expose the depths of your political bias by trying to whitewash this sorry episode.

    • “As reported here he is a practicing Christian, and will at some point apologize for loosing his cool. ”

      A practicing Christian would have apologized immediately, and not direct his henchman to lie and cover up about it. No, Greg is definitely a FAKE Christian.

      • He’s not only above the law; he’s also above the Ten Commandments — er, Ten Requests, or Ten Suggestions.

    • Goddamn right, Bronxie! And, when the liberal yellowbelly press and their liberal snakes-in-the-grass politicians try to come take our guns, we’ll bodyslam them, too; and then shoot ’em with our guns. And, they should know not to be comin’ ’round with no radical Mooselims or illegal Mexcans, either. We’ll bodyslam them, too. And, we’ll bodyslam all them LGBT dykes and faggots. And, we’ll bodyslam all those who ain’t good clean conservative Christians, like Susan G. By God, we’ll bodyslam as long as it takes to make America great again.

    • yeah: violence is not only acceptable but also defensible. IS that the sort of politics you want — murder in the streets based exclusively on baseless name-calling and smears?

      As for Gianforte being a “practicing””Christian”: until we are proficient we are only practicing. So far it is obvious that his forte is ignorance, hypocrisy, and lying:

      “Thou shalt not lie.” — “God”.

      As for you:

      “Thou shalt not lie against others.” —

      “A system of laws, and not of men.” — John Adams.

      If we claim to believe in the Constitution (and pursuant laws), then we do not ignore the rule of law when it is inconvenient. Assault is against the law — illegal.

      As for your “Alt-Reich” smears against reporters you don’t know, and media you DON’T READ:

      “Justice and the rule of law are to be ABOVE politics.” — John Adams.

      Take a break from deceiving yourself that rejecting the rule of law when politically expedient makes you a “patriot,” and GET AN EDUCATION:

      Instead of stupidly smearing and media YOU DON’T READ, thus stupidly undermining your own smears, READ something more than right-wing fruit fringe sewerage that you allow to lead you around by the moron’s nose.

      REASONABLE people don’t make ANY excuses for ANY violations of law — except, of course, when their core political ideology is hypocrisy. REASONABLE individuals recall Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Try critically examining your own “thinking,” measuring it against the “standards” you falsely profess to believe.

  9. Unless Gianforte was physically attacked by this guy, he has no excuse for his actions. If it was a trap, he should have realized it when he started talking to the guy and subtlety asked his staff to escort him out. They keep telling us to vote and make our voice heard. Well I am. I’m fed up with both anointed parties. And that’s why Mark Wicks gets by vote. It would be great if Wicks wins but just the fact that he makes a good showing at the polls will make our voice heard loud and clear that WE ARE FED UP WITH BOTH SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.

  10. Hey G.G. er'” Bronkskid Troll” .G.G. Wants to body slam 70,000 Montanan’s out of Healthcare. Get it? ..Oh.. you don’t care cuz you got your’s right ? Free?…hmmm.. G.G. is desparate to get into the Trump camp, he spending HUGE amounts of money with the Trumps to lure them to our State for political support . Can you imagine what it cost G.G. to have Donny JR. , Pence, and calls from Donald himself to support his campaign ? To spend that kind of money to buy an election and looking like you might lose (again) would make anyone uptight …Temper Temper G.G.
    Shady character’s claiming to be “Christians” make me puke.

  11. Hey Bronxkid-
    No idea if you are so loyal that you are blind to what is front of your eyes, but whatever your motivation, thanks for the material that I can bring to my clients that harm others…such beautiful examples of rationalizations and defenses…with a theory (it was planned by reporter) that you pull right out of this air, w NO evidence. Eyewitness accounts demonstrate that G G was the aggressor, and your response is to believe in a made up theory that your guy was the victim!! (This is a common tactic by batterers, who blame the woman for making them be violent! Then, expect their apologies to be forgiven w no true commitment to look at how they got THAT FAR OFF AS A HUMAN BEING! (In terms of twisting reality around 180 degrees!)
    Of course, there is a clear reason for him being agitated…and it has been spoken to herein.
    He was being asked a question that would expose that the true NON-CHRISTIAN IMPACT of his policies (“I will not raise taxes on anyone”-translate “my rich pals”!)
    He supports a health care bill that dumps 23 million Americans, and a budget that cuts disability benefits, Medicaid, while supporting the proposed increase in a defense budget that equals the sum of many other industrial nations combined, and wastes huge amounts on supporting Egypt in their murdering of the innocent in places like Yemen, where our munitions target hospitals, women, and children. (Creating more terrorists!)
    Crap on the poor when they need the help the most and cut their children’s healthcare benefits (CHIP) as well! Some Christian!
    These folks support GG and Mr. T’s policies…arguably the most selfish Americans ever! (Remember, GG also supports Trump when he congratulates the Philippine’s Pres on his commitment to murder 3 million addicts, and then invites him to The White House! A guy that admired Hitler! (I guess one could say that at least THE PHILLIPINES GUY is direct about how he will kill people!)
    The blindness of anyone that follows Trump, or his toadies like GG at this point is willful ignorance, bias, or a level of non-empathy that is astounding!

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