New Ad up in the MT Congressional Race Features Audio from Gianforte’s Violent Meltdown

republican Gianforte body slam assault reporter violent meltdown videorepublican Gianforte body slam assault reporter violent meltdown video

The ad is simple – it’s the actual audio from the Guardian reporter who Gianforte is charged with assaulting, according to the Fox News team who witnessed the event, after reporter Ben Jacobs asked Gianforte about the CBO Score for the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare:

“Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, “I’m sick and tired of this!”

was thrown to the ground and punched by Republican candidate Greg Gianforte.


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  1. ?Felony
    ? Intent 2 Choke
    ? How many fist shots 2 head
    ? What broke glasses
    ? Elbow damage from slammed backwards 2 floor
    size & weight dif
    ? Reporter had notebook in one hand.
    Recorder in other handy.

    1. Did Daines Aid aid GG to wrongfully leave scene?
    2. When was Misdemeanor Served?
    3. Still no apology private or Public?

    Mr. Gianforte needs counseling

    • Coming unglued under pressure is not a good trait for a public office seeker. It shows instability.

      The Williams listing implies malice, so, Montana lawyers out there, is grading between misdemeanor and felony dependent upon the degree of actual injury, and is clear malice – enhanced intent – a factor that could kick otherwise misdemeanor behavior to felony status?

      A FOX online report indicates the sheriff contributed to Gianforte’s candidacy, and it is unclear whether the citation was issued with or without prior consultation with a prosecutor. Also no prosecution official contributions either way have been seen in online reporting.

      • If this gets plea bargained down, watch VERY carefully. It surely was more than “disorderly conduct” or some such lesser included.

  2. Because of the choking, punching of his face and placing himself on top of Ben Jacobs pianoforte should be charged with felony assault. The Gallatin County Attorney should revise the charges to felony assault.

    • Naomi – A dimension that troubles me. I won’t say cowardice, but do you suppose he’d have pulled that stunt if it was Jesse Ventura interviewing for Guardian? I just have the feeling, likely not. Picking on a smaller person is bullying and more a hate crime than if like sized. To me at least.

      • Naomi, I am 6’6″& 250lbs. If someone (male or female?) strikes me I wont hit them back. But I could really mess them up. I haven’t been violent towards another human in over 25 years. Would he not be bullying me if he threw me to the ground and punched me in the face? Or should I utterly rip someone limb from limb in of show of strength and defense? The size matters not. The intention of violence is the crime.

    • Naomi,

      Actually, there is no such offense as “felony assault”. There is an offense called Aggravated Assault:

      “45-5-202. Aggravated assault. (1) A person commits the offense of aggravated assault if the person purposely or knowingly causes serious bodily injury to another or purposely or knowingly, with the use of physical force or contact, causes reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury or death in another.”

      “Serious bodily injury” is defined in 45-2-101. General definitions. . . .
      (66) as “bodily injury that:
      (i) creates a substantial risk of death;
      (ii) causes serious permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function or process of a bodily member or organ; or
      (iii) at the time of injury, can reasonably be expected to result in serious permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function or process of a bodily member or organ.
      (b) The term includes serious mental illness or impairment.”

      While I believe the victim was taken to the hospital, I have not read or heard that he suffered permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment.

      I don’t mean to excuse Gianforte but the focus of aggravated assault is the harm done, not how the harm is done.

  3. Someone called my attention to good advice Greg should have been given, the young lady Republican legislator looks spry and wiry, but likely would find in Jesus cause to not body slam anyone:

  4. From a ZDNet column Gianforte wrote in 2007: “The strength of a company’s brand and its bottom-line business performance depend on how well it understands and responds to customers. To deliver excellent customer experiences, it’s essential to actively listen and respond to your customers as they’re communicating with you.”

    and ‘Gianforte characterized the traditional attempt to “manage” the customer as a strategy that had been flawed for quite some time, but that now, with the growing empowerment of consumers via social media, the failure to take into account the full life cycle of the customer would be catastrophic. “In a real sense, this is a new and unique problem that didn’t exist five years [ago] in terms of the impact it can have on organizations,” he said.’ from a CRM conference in 2009.

  5. I voted today,not for quist but against gianforte. There is enough pathology in DC without enabling this hypocrite carpetbagger to gorge on more power

  6. No matter what happens, GG is a ONE Term wonder! Can you imagine Gianforte conducting real IN YOUR FACE town halls!!!????? He’s such a SNOWFLAKE, like
    his Orange Menace master and mentor ‘AWOL DAINES’ who does town halls screened on the phone!

  7. Big Sky Democrat | May 26, 2017 6:48 AM at 6:48 AM |

    Boy I am sure glad they got that ad up and going!
    Ten elections for this seat and we got our ass kicked worse
    than that reporter. Pat Williams would show up at Colstrip when
    the guys got off shift and he didn’t hate working men and coal.
    He didn’t go out and campaign on abortions and gun control.
    And he won. I’m done with the democrat party.

  8. I believe the media stated the sheriff department in charge had some financial backing by Gianforte so forget the “fair and balanced” approach to an investigation. My own perspective on the horrific situation that America is in will not stand with either party. Both have become too controlled. You have Republicans and Democrats who have switched parties to further their agenda and the most dysfunctional Congress in history. That doesn’t leave much to work with. What IF Bernie Sanders had stood his ground and not have chosen to not go with the Democrats ? Would that have made a difference now ? Only time will tell, but at the acceleration speed America is going now under this administration it is only a matter of time until we have our own Armageddon.

    • What you imply is that if anyone gives a nickle to another, it is impossible for them to do their job with integrity. The Gianforte foundation is a charitable trust that gives money to several organizations including the arts, homeless, education, etc. So this is actually a judgement on people being generous and those receiving funds. WOW! I live in Gallatin Valley county in Montana. I personally know Sheriff Gootkin. He is a man of integrity and honesty. For you to blanket assume the contrary when you cannot even name his name much less even met the man is offensive.

  9. Gianforte’s apology was genuine for several reasons.
    Reason #1. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, signaled he expected the apology and he has the power to eject Gianforte from a seat in the US House.
    But wait there’s Reason #2. According to Conservative Talk Radio, pressure from co-workers is leading Fox news reporter to change her description of event. Some will call this “witness tampering.” An apology is about the only way to quiet well meaning “friends?” who can turn a misdemeanor into a felony.
    And reason #3 Gianforte should be on his knees and praying. Well no reason to show all our cards but I will say it’s a trump card.

  10. After careful and Sherlock Holmesian review of the “Gianforte Guardian Reporter Incident”, I have come to the following deductive conclusion(s):

    1) “Agressive liberal reporters” are also clumsy…
    2) The reporter tripped, probably over his own feet and …
    3) Gianforte, taking quick and decisive action, reached out to cushion the reporters neck by wrapping his hands around the reporters neck – having instantly noted the possibility of a neck/spinal injury that might be incurred in the fall caused by the reporters clumsiness …
    4) The reporters fall pulled Gianforte off his feet by the physics of mass and downward acceleration…
    5) Gianforte tried to cushion the reporters fall with his own body, and fearing the shock of the impact from the fall might have caused the reporters heart to stop beating – began to administer cardiac assistance by beating on the reporters chest with his fists.
    6) I can only conclude that Gianforte’s quick actions saved this reporters life and prevented the tragedy that might have meant paralysis and permanently degraded health. The reporter should thank Mr Gianforte for preventing a possible future of life in a wheelchair.
    Greg Gianforte is a hero!

    • Old Line Democrat | May 26, 2017 10:06 AM at 10:06 AM |

      Have you been called for a guest spot on the run of Fox News’ programming yet?
      A person of your insight and pithy writing could get a substitute slot for Sean Hannity.
      You might have to keep some of your real world sensibilities in check but what the heck, you’ll be working in Fantasyland.

  11. Comments from Gianforte fans thinking it was okay for Gianforte to put his hands on the reporter – or anyone else for that matter, proves that there are knuckle-draggers among us that are severely stunted intellectually. And what makes things worse is that these unevolved nitwits get to vote.

  12. Rob would have been excellent in the job. Few candidates, anywhere, have such promise. Gratitude for Rob doing it is widespread. The vote count rules but the better man did not win.

    • I am sure in the long run, there will be a lot of people who wished they had voted for Rob Quist. Thanks to Mr. Quist for a great job you did.

  13. Great election – The Democrats (The party of the rich) spent record-millions of dollars on this election, and got their ass kicked so hard that I’ll bet they taste shoe polish !

  14. I love the cartoon on the front of this blog – a donkey hands an elephant his own a@@! Priceless! Especially because it’s so ironic, now that Gianforte won by 6 points.

    It looks like this site is an echo chamber. Every article in the past month is pretty much about Gianforte. And what did it accomplish? Zilch.

    Maybe you liberals ought to start vetting your candidates. Math teachers from Butte and country singers from Cutbank is the best you can do?

  15. Welp suck it cowgirl Montana is red.

    • Hey Baby Anarchist; “Montana is Red” should not mean violent, explosive, incapable of answering a fair question and sucker punching. But I guess voting in billionaires from New Jersey is the new red Montana.

  16. Any thoughts whether the two DCCC ads helped or hurt the Quist effort? The Team Quist items all seemed less aggressive, and were more about showing Quist positively, and less about negatives Gianforte represented; or is that not a shared view?

    • Eric, if you go to this article in Jim Connor’s blog you’ll see that Rob did o.k., considering. I liked that he stayed positive, largely. Maybe he will have contributed to raising the tone of future campaigns here. I hope.

      • Mike – Thanks. I was unaware of the blog, but have it bookmarked. A thought
        “Daines, a Republican, is the junior senator from Montana and has served since Jan 6, 2015 (next election in 2020).”
        2020 will be a Presidential year, greater turnout; Trump up; Rob should consider the senior house of Congress. I’d contribute; it’s grassroots. He might then, however, be challenged for staff, since it would be a bigger year’s worth of contests.

  17. In the newly enacted Marcy’s Law — Ben Jacobs may find his constitutional rights under Marsy’s law to be helpful especially the part about being protected from friends of the accused. Hey! protecting him from Gianforte’s friends has the potential to really stress Montana’s budget unless perhaps the court requires Gianforte to provide him with bodyguard protection.

  18. Snidely Whiplash | May 30, 2017 3:06 PM at 3:06 PM |

    I see this commie rag has gone silent since the cock sucking musician lost to the body slamming millionaire FROM JERSEY. Where are all the poor snowflakes? Melted!

    • Snidely Whiplash | May 31, 2017 4:19 PM at 4:19 PM |

      I see you are using my handle from the Bozeman Comical opinion page. That is ok, you won’t use it for anything of import you sad little man with a microscopic penis.

  19. My Mark Twain Tee shirt drew comment today- it says voting doesn’t matter or they wouldn’t let you do it. I am actually more in agreement with H.L. Mencken when he said the voters have spoken and they deserve to get what they voted for, good and hard! I know quite a few millionaires in Montana and I just don’t know why we keep electing the least likely to ever do anything putting working Montana families first. Instead we keep picking those more likely to help the Robber Barons in Montana History. Have we forgotten already how the 90’s VooDoo Economics and Trickle Down worked out or do we expect it to come out different this time? My brother and I are talking about selling out and moving West…

  20. Gianfart will not get elected to a 2nd term. Trump will be impeached. That is all.

  21. Well, I for one am glad I can go back to admiring mens buttocks from afar.

  22. “He who angers you conquers you.”

  23. Things need to go really bad before there is even a chance of it getting better. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average Montana voter. Why, I was just sitting on a bar stool today next to some dumb SOB complaining about reverse mortgages, saying, “And when you die, the government takes your house!” In this day and age of Trump, I no longer have the energy to correct him.

  24. Bartley Deason | June 4, 2017 4:19 PM at 4:19 PM |

    This is the latest article i have seen on MTCowgirl and it is from 5/25/17. Has the site gone down? On vacation? does anyone have an answer?

    • Ya gotta give the trolls someplace to exhibit their intelligence.

      • Old Line Democrat | June 5, 2017 6:24 PM at 6:24 PM |

        Nonetheless, this was a great showing for “non-right wing nut jobs here in Montana. Sanity may comeback quickly here as people move on. Don’t let this disappointment give you an excuse to give up.
        Fox’s bowing out for Senate shows he’s already running for Governor. He doesn’t want to be tainted by the Trump debacle. The ins will have to justify their votes. A big issue for some candidates.

    • Kevin D Curtis | June 6, 2017 9:12 AM at 9:12 AM |

      Ever since MTCowgirl changed hands it has been dying a slow death.

  25. It appears that Mr. Gianforte has tried to bluff his way thru settlement of his assault case by agreeing with the victim to donate $50K, Jacobs agreed not to sue, and Mr. Gianforte pleads no contest to the assault. Mr. Jacob’s is to appear in court Monday for the hearing. Mr. Gianforte grabbed Mr. Jacob’s by the throat, with both hands, threw him (body slam) to the floor, positioned himself on top of Mr. Jacob’s and his utterance iced the cake. That sounds like a “serious” assault. But the Gallatin County attorney apparently has not agreed to a no contest plea. Monday in Gallantin Co.Court will be very interesting. According to AG Sessions any conviction of a crime now is to be prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law. That means when Mr. Gianforte pleads guilty to his crime he should be sentenced to the fullest degree, $500 fee and 6 months in jail at the minimum. Support the Gallatin County attorney. Encourage the County attorney to elevate the assault conviction to a first degree felony. Support what is right and just. The law can work in the people’s favor if we are vigilant.

  26. There’s still the elephant in the room about Greg Gianforte that hasn’t been adequately addressed. The press seems to be giving him a free pass.

    Worse than losing his cool and assaulting a reporter is his calculated fabrication of how it went down and who was to blame. Unlike his spur of the moment outburst, that lie was constructed in order to create doubt in voters minds on election day. We can deduce this from the fact that eyewitnesses were immediately describing what happened and the fact that the reporter was running a recorder in front of his eyes. Who would be so dumb to tell such a baldfaced lie which could be easily refuted? Someone wishing only to plant doubt in voters minds in order to mitigate the damage and win the election. Who should they believe? Him or a lying libtard reporter?

    In fact, many voters interviewed on election day admitted they were confused about the conflicting reports about who was to blame – precisely because of, and the intent of, Gianforte’s shameless lie. Voters gave him the benefit of the doubt and as a result he didn’t lose their votes. It was a successful strategy and only had to work for a day, and it did. The public has a right to get the full measure of the man who was elected, and reporters should stay on the case. After all, GG is already officially running for re-election and the matter hasn’t been fully resolved – he has shown no remorse for his fabrication, only for assaulting the reporter. (Remorse would of course be the bigger lie, truth be told.) Unfortunately, the media has not hounded him about that fabrication so score a double win for Gianforte. The media’s been deferential in order to preserve an image of civility so they won’t get accused of being aggressive.

    While losing his cool under the pressure of a campaign on which he invested so much personal wealth could be understandable and forgiven, playing the lie card so shamelessly has revealed his true character. I wish the judge could consider that self-serving lie used to deceive the public. That’s the real crime here and the window into the soul of Greg Gianforte.

    We have learned that Mr. Gianforte has the right stuff to be a successful politician: the ability to lie with ease and without remorse for a worthy cause – his own election. If he was trying to invoke Trump’s image and character, it worked. His baldfaced lie and refusal to address and own up to it reveals that he’s a similar sleazy, egotistic, wealthy businessman-turned-politician desperate for power.

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