SMITH RIVER MINE?!? Canadian Mining Company Unleashes Paid Goons on Montanans

This video of two burly Canadian security guards manhandling a Montanan trying to defend his private property started circulating around the internet recently.

Wasn’t sure what it was for a while, then a tipster pointed out that this was a local rancher who lives along the Smith River.

He was protesting the fact that a Canadian mining company was trying to open a mine on the Smith River.

Further research revealed that a Canadian mining company(TinTina) has been trying to open a mine on the Smith River for years and only because local farmers, ranchers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts have spoken up has the process been questioned.

This is a disturbing scene to see privately hired security, from another country, manhandle a Montanan for defending his property – and all of our property – our public waterway. I wonder what Secretary of Interior Zinke would do if someone grabbed and bumped him like this guy did.

I wonder what Secretary of Interior Zinke would do if someone grabbed and bumped him like this guy did.

Imagine what Greg Gianforte would do to this guy…



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  1. It’s chickenshit that LK is banned from commenting on a post about his activism. He asked me to post this here:

    LK, could you post this at Cowgirl? I’m still banned. (too funny, huh?) People need to understand that this proposed mine is a f*cking disaster. There is no way in hell that this thing won’t destroy the Smith, and then on down to my place on the Missouri. I can’t allow that.

    My major argument is that these mining bastards are always talking about the “stakeholders'” concerns. Well god DAMN! ALL of us down river are the true stakeholders in this because we all have to suffer the consequences. This is the tail wagging the dog. The little town of White Sulfur should NOT be calling the shots here because they are purported to be the only stakeholders. We are as close to the Smith as they are. It’s our river too. If I and everyone else in GF have to drink their shit, WE are stakeholders! And arsenic and acid mine drainage are NOT what we want in our Missouri River water.

    EVERYONE downstream is a stakeholder. And our Missouri fisheries do NOT need a super injection of toxic crap! “The power to define the situation is the ultimate power.” We can’t allow the corporate bastards to define this situation for us! Once the river is gone, it’s gone forever. It ain’t comin’ back. THAT’S what people need to understand. In perpetuity means forever. And THAT’S how long mine waste water will have to be pumped and treated. Forever! Why would we want that?

    Once gone, no amount of money would make it right again, so all this talk of bonding is bullshit. All the money in the world cannot make a pristine river. Time to say no and mean it. These miners are simply no good lying bastards. They think that they can trick us one more time with their bullshit of latest technology. Well, the people in GF aren’t having any of that. Too many horrific examples of what really happens nearby. Just go over the hill to Monarch and Neihart and SEE what happens after the mines close.

    Yes, a river runs through it. But the river also runs through all of us who love that river! It’s in our souls, it’s part of who we are. We are water. Water is life. We can’t sit by and let some no good greedy lying bastards destroy it, for they are destroying us!

    The corruption here is immense. I working on that too. These folks involved in this thing are dirty. They will do anything and everything they can to circumvent true debate and influence elected officials and government employees through back channels. THEY walk into the DEQ with their privileged access and the workers tremble. I think that they’re the ones who should tremble when they see the anger from the public! And the anger is immense. It must be released before it’s too late. Let’s have a TRUE debate about this proposal. That’s all I ask. Let ALL stakeholders say their piece. That’s all I tried to do and for that I got kicked out.

  2. If anyone thinks Zinke, Daines or Gianforte will do anything to protect Montana’s water, wildlife and citizens from Corporate Goons you are sadly mistaken! This state has never been protected from the damage inflicted by mining and oil companies. We still have Superfund cleanup sites left over from the days of the mining barons. Are you willing to compromise your children’s health for a job in mining or oil? If so, just start sprinkling arsenic and heavy metals on their morning cereal and be done with it!

  3. Has anyone put this in front of Justin Trudeau to look at?

  4. You know this is going to get a lot worse and the rent-a-cops with pistols will be no match for ranchers with rifles. Stop this mine now before the first man dies.

  5. Snidely Whiplash | June 12, 2017 3:51 PM at 3:51 PM |

    Not sure I saw anybody getting manhandled, but since GG pushing a pipsqueak over is being called a body-slam, why not? What I did see is some belligerent drunkard yelling obscenities being escorted out of a civil meeting. So FUCK HIM!

    • Actually the guy is a paid actor. The mining company paid him. You’ll never see or hear from this guy again. I know this because I know everything.

      • Larry Kralj, is a brother-in-arms and icon of the Montana blogosphere. He could be my alter ego. Jessica Sena is an earth hater and lobbyist for the extractive industry that wants to mine on a tributary of the Smith River. The video was posted at her Facebook page with over 500 comments before it was taken down. Like Barrick, Tintina is a Canadian miner. Kralj owns the phrase “Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers” along with many other colorful colloquialisms.

        • Has Larry Kralj been banned from this site, I never see his comments any more?

          • Yes. Being a pariah is hard work. Just ask lizard who also bans LK.

            • Larry is a wacko, who isn’t afraid to call out everybody, including libs, so he has probably set a record for being banned at blogs on Montana. If you want a short list, make a list of blogs he hasn’t been tossed from ⁉️

              • Larry is whoever anybody paying him wants him to be. He goes everywhere claiming to be everybody. Talk about Fake News.

    • Snidely Whiplash | June 13, 2017 7:57 AM at 7:57 AM |

      I must really be pissing you off with my posts in the Bozeman Chronicle comments since you feel the need to post under my pseudonym here at MT Cowgirl.

      I will continue to do so. Signed Art Fenske/Snidley Whiplash/The Blaze

  6. So, what industry is going to keep Maegher County moving into the next few decades?

    Remember when Montana Democrats supported good paying, union jobs?

    No. You’ve all forgotten.

    • Snidely Whiplash | June 13, 2017 10:17 AM at 10:17 AM |

      Tintina’s own estimate is the Johnny Lee deposit has a 11-14 year life span. The thing no one wants to talk about is the additional mines proposed to get your next few decades and the environmental impacts from such large scale operations are why so many people are opposed to opening the door even a little bit.

  7. I am so glad you liberal progressives are a minority in this state. You really do not know anything at all.

  8. Hey Snidley, before you do your revisionist history through minimizations for GG, check out the FOX eyewitnesses statements IF you have even a crack of openness in your mind. They were clear: GG not only threw the guy to the ground, he grabbed him by the throat, and then started pounding on him! (which continues to be replaced w the less egregious, and MAYBE slightly exaggerated part- “the bodyslam”, though, by some accounts, that IS a fair description also. And WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MONTANAN ARE YOU? YOU USE THE WORD PIPSQUEAK TO MINIMIZE AGGRESSIVE BULLYING and literally a cowardly strangulation attempt AND punching a guy while down? WELL MOST MONTANANS I KNOW WOULD PULL GG OFF, AND THREATEN TO SLAM HIM FOR AGGRESSING ON SOMEONE SMALLER THAN HIM!
    FINALLY, I marvel at how the press has missed the Meet of the GG story: As in, the reason that the content of the question caused him to go over the top – it would have exposed his lies about healthcare, and his hidden Message in “I will not support any increases in taxes” or (TRANSLATION: “I will not tax the rich, and even give them tax breaks on Healthcare (as in their latest proposal that the GAO had just commented on the day before, and GG had put off questions by saying “the GAO hasn’t scored yet”), even if it means more people dying from ACCESS TO EXPENSIVE inadequate, Healthcare, that we will Actually cause Montanans to die!
    I do not like his use of F-bombs either, but his language, which I believe, made his rant LESS effective) IS a separate issue from the content. YOU ATTACK AND TRY AND MARGINALIZE BY SAYING HE WAS DRUNK…YOU HAVE AN OLFACTORY SMELLIVISION IN YOUR COMPUTER? OR ARE YOU JUST ASSUMING, AS ALWAYS, THAT YOU INTERPRETATION IS FACT AND NEEDS NO EVIDENCE. (PS: On this latter (he was drunk), point I AM open to evidence, and will admit I was wrong if you have any…I WILL NOT reply to the standard tricks that people who have no evidence resort to: eg’s: labeling the other person, switching the topic to something else, (to distract from said lack of evidence, and having to admit they made a false accusation or unsubstantiated claim!)

  9. Drunk or not he expressed the thoughts of my and my partners families, families that have lived here for 105 years on one side and roughly 10,000 on the other. And I am fucking sick of hearing Republicans/conservatives lament the loss of Union jobs while they do everything in their power to cripple and destroy Unions. Furinstance the move to privatize air traffic control-no problem IF it includes reinstating the ATC Union that Ronnie killed. Unfortunately I doubt we will hear this idea, even from Democrats. And that is why I am one of the new Precinct committee chairs-so I can move the DNC back to a Party that strives to make it possible for a head-of-household to work 48 hours a week and pay for food, housing, educating the kids and a little recreation. If the other adult in the home wants to work it should be only so as to afford a BMW instead of a Honda, or a really, really BIG SCREEN tv. In short, a return to the economic and taxation system that built the most prosperous and powerful middle class in History and made us ALL, rich and poor, truly the wealthiest society in Creation. This means overthrowing the Oligarchs and Kleprocrats that have stolen our Future and helping heal them of this horrible hoarding disease that has driven them to madness. Destroying our Planet just to pile up more Profit is madness of the greatest kind.

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