Matt Rosendale Shows He Would Make a Great Postman, Maybe Talks Health Care, and Gawks at GOP ‘Celebs’

Matt Rosendale Shows He Would Make a Great Postman, Maybe Talks Health Care, and Gawks at GOP ‘Celebs’

Doing his best Newman from Seinfeld impression Matt Rosendale saved himself the 49 cents for a stamp and hand delivered a letter to Senator Tester today.

I don’t know who paid for this trip whether it was Mr. Rosendale’s campaign committee or the Montana taxpayer but I do know for certain that the USPS is pretty darn reliable and for a fiscal conservative, this trip seemed like a bit of a waste of money.

It’s hard to determine which Matt Rosendale was in Washington DC today, Commissioner Matt, or politician Matt because Rosendale alternated between his twitter accounts throughout his day on Capitol Hill.

First, we had Commissioner Rosendale showing he wasn’t afraid of dogs and could deliver the mail with the best of them calling for “real action” and what says political stunt real action like handing a letter to an intern!

Following his special delivery he tried his best to hide his Maryland accent in a video where he says “the federal government needs to get out of the way and allow Mont-ah-na to develop a program so we can take care of our folks who have chronic or preexisting conditions.”

Now Matt, I know you are new here, but the only reason folks with pre-existing conditions like asthma, heart disease, or cancer, are able to get insurance is because of that damn federal government. Montana had its shot for the last 120 years or so, I think it was time for the feds to step in.

Then in what I can only imagine was a Clark Kent like quick change, candidate Matt Rosendale went to talk with Steve Daines about health care.


Rosendale’s tweet is a bit ambiguous. He highlights that he was talking with Senators—plural—about health care and then fangirls over a hearing with Defense Sec. Mattis.

I am going to give Rosendale the benefit of the doubt here and assume he knows a Defense Appropriations subcommittee has nothing to do with health care.

Who knows, maybe the Republicans are holding super-secret Appropriations Defense Subcommittee hearings on their AHCA legislation and Matt Rosendale and Sec. Mattis have finally figured out the cure to the American health care system. I won’t hold my breath though.

Maybe Rosendale can fill us all in at a public meeting to discuss what kind of suggestions he was making to the secret Senate Republican health care bill. Again, not going to hold my breath.

I just hope for the taxpayer’s sake that Mr. Rosendale figures out there are easier ways to deliver a letter.


4 Comments on "Matt Rosendale Shows He Would Make a Great Postman, Maybe Talks Health Care, and Gawks at GOP ‘Celebs’"

  1. Let’s not forget how many Veterans have pre=existing conditions from being in combat.

    The Vietnam Veteran suffers form exposure to gent Orange. The Gulf War Veterans suffer from who knows what chemicals they encountered.

    The more that the Veterans can be made aware of what will happen to their health care if the Republicans get their way, the more they will be forced to admit that they care little about Veterans.

  2. Hey MATT-MAN, you went to the WRONG guy, it’s the GOP HIDING THE WEALTH-CARE BILL!

  3. Rosendale is just positioning himself for a run against Tester in 2018. I am sure we will see the delivery of the letter to Testers office soon in a political ad. Another multi-millionaire trying to buy a Montana Senate office. We are kind of back to the days of Clark Daly in early 1900’s. It will be a very tough ugly money fueled race for senate in 2018 in Montana. The democrats really have their work cut out to get Tester re=elected

  4. I’ll vote for Tester. He is a “real” Montanan. He has lost fingers doing farm work. He gets his hands dirty from honest work unlike to other two repuglican sleazeballs that claim to “represent” Montana. Let Matt the Drone Killer run against him and we’ll put him in the same place the rest of the bullshitters belong-on the unemployment lines.

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