What’s in Steve Daines’ Secret Health Care Bill?

What’s in Steve Daines’ Secret Health Care Bill?

It seems as if Republicans in the Senate may or may not have their version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) written.

It’s hard for an average Montanan to know because the bill is being drafted behind closed doors with no hearings. My 5th grade civics is a bit rusty, and it’s been a while since I popped in my School House Rock cassette, but I don’t think this is how our founding fathers drew it up.

It’s not hard to ascertain that the junior Senator from Montana is trying his best to avoid saying anything of substance about the bill.  Maybe we just have to hope and pray for a leaked call with DC donors–a kid can dream can’t he?

Even as Daines scores great headlines like the DC newspaper Roll Call’s: Republican Senators Unaware of Health Care Details, he continues to receive zero input from constituents.

Daines puffed his chest this week, telling Roll Call that he was advocating for rural priorities. With no in-person town halls, no listening sessions, and not even a sliver of transparency it’s hard to understand how a millionaire from Bozeman could even begin to understand rural health care needs.

Daines owes it to his constituents to let us in on the discussion he’s been having. Hold a town hall, ask for input, heck just tell the thousands of Montanan’s who have coverage for the first time in their lives that everything is going to be okay.

Even his former boss, the recently convicted Greg Gianforte knows the AHCA is bad for Montana. And the President threw the bill under the bus just this week saying it was “mean”.

Daines and his Republican colleagues in the Senate can spend all the time they want behind closed doors trying to put lipstick on a pig. But you can be sure that when they trot this piggy out for a vote it’s still going to smell.


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  1. I wrote Daines yesterday. The e-mail was short, just two sentences. “Answer YES or NO to the question. Are you going to vote on the Senate Health Care Bill before the it has been scored by the CBO?

    If I actually get an answer, I will let you know.

  2. We elect Senators and Congresspersons to represent us, Montanans of all political pursuasions. One thing we all share is we are citizens of a state whose Constitution is among those in the nation that provide the the people the right to know what government is doing and to comment before legislative and government action is taken. That is the root from which Senator Daines and Senator Tester spring from. That Montana value is part of what they should be carrying to Washington on our behalf. When they do not step up an insist that their fellow Senators practice openness and transparency, they betray Montana values. They should not be allowed to run away from that.

  3. Daines, Trump, and the whole Republican coalition are either stupid or totally missing the boat on thos one. All the need to do is pass a one payer system and win the adulation of millons of registered voters for decades to come.

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