Senator Daines Caught with His Pants Down Lying to Montana Media

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Senator Steve Daines took a page out of his buddy Greg Gianforte’s book and decided to tell folks in DC one thing and the Montana press another.

Fortunately, it doesn’t require a leaked audio tape from a fundraising call for all of Montana to see how full of it Daines is.

As one enterprising blogger pointed out, a DC newspaper Roll Call reported that Steve Daines talked about how important and integral he was to the GOP process he was on behalf of Montana.

On June 12th, it was reported that, ” Sen. Steve Daines of Montana, for example, said his voice is being heard, specifically on proposals impacting rural health care.”

In the SAME WEEK, Daines told the Billings Gazette he was being shut out of the secret talks.

So which is it Steve?

Are you the champion of rural America who brings Montana’s interests to the plate at the secret GOP health care dinner?

Or the Senator that just is not tall enough to ride this ride.


6 Comments on "Senator Daines Caught with His Pants Down Lying to Montana Media"

  1. Montana is ONCE again in the national news. Unfortunately As Usual NOT anything to brag about. Montana is in the top [47th] for infant deaths and teen suicides. This should not only be a horrible awakening, but an Embarrassment for ANYONE who voted for more of the obstructionist America has had for the past eight years.ANd now Senator Daines appears to be poured out of the same mold and could care less. It was BAD enough when it comes to the elderly, but this is showing the most blatant disrgard for the most valuable among us.

  2. I cannot believe people who have been in relationship with family and spouse, who have reared children, who give lip service to religion and civic activities and public service and volunteering — get to D.C. and become numb to the number of people who do the same things but rely on government assistance. D.C. makes too many of the electeds feel “better than” those whose lives have not been so lucky. Daines should focus on the fact that kicking 76,000 Montanans off the Affordable Care Act to give pennies to billionaires is affecting three-fourths of our State’s population. Ughhhh!

  3. Scum from the top down. The electorate has earned it. It’s not the first time this country has placed the dishonorable in office. No type of government is without its share of corruption. However, we have the availability to sort our the truths should we be willing to do the work.

  4. Democracy, as all governments, is not without self-serving leaders. We have been through horrible times before. We have none to blame but ourselves. We have all the information at our fingertips to research and choose honorable people to vote for. That the majority chooses not to do the work is on us.

  5. These guys aren’t even good liars. They contradict themselves on almost a daily basis! I thought that was the job of their staff, to keep track of their lies. Hard to find good help anymore.

  6. I just don’t get how it’s easier to believe 150,000,000 of us are lazy bastards totally lacking any morivation to improve our families lives than it is to believe 400 greedy bastards who take 50% of total income every year are just that-a bunch of heartless greedy bastards who love themselves more than they love America. Go figure!

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