New Sheriff in Town

Well Montana blogosphere, I don’t know if you noticed but there’s a new sheriff in town.

*Please imagine the above-pictured saloon doors being kicked in and me walking slowly into an old-timey saloon.*

Our friend the Montana Cowboy has elected for the greener pastures of less writing and more whiskey shooting. We thank him for his hard work and look forward to his continued guest posts.

Watching Montana elect a Congressman who seems better prepared to be the undisputed world champion than Montana’s sole representative in the US House can drive anyone to drink.

I plan to maintain the progressive, fiercely independent, and at times a little sassy ethos of this blog.

I may be a little more rough around the edges than you are used to but you know what? With a Senator prepared to rip health care away from thousands of Montanans, a Congressman fighting his mug-shot instead of the special interests, and a President who starts his mornings off with diet coke, burnt steak with ketchup, and Fox and Friends instead of some good steel-cut oats, maybe that’s just what we need.

As any good law-man or woman knows, a sheriff is only as good as their community and the key to a healthy community is good communication.

That’s why I come before you today humble—with my hat in hand—asking for your help.

If you have tips, gossip, suggestions, secret security cam footage of Greg Gianforte working on his wrestling moves, guest posts etc. I hope you will drop them into my empty hat.

All tipsters that want to remain anonymous can do so, there’s no incentive for Johnny or Ginnny Law to burn a good source.

Feel free to e-mail me at

I look forward to hearing from you.




13 Comments on "New Sheriff in Town"

  1. Brilliant! I suggested as much with my “I spy with my public eye” FB page but didn’t get much traction. We need photos of Politicians AND their families out in public being hypocrites-like the loudmouth “conservative” familiar to Montana blog readers, now on a Twitter tirade cuz his welfare check is late. See Greg Jr. drunk And disorderly? We need to know!

  2. Good, I look forward to a return to competence this site has been missing the last few months.

  3. Thanks for stepping up! A hefty lift but needed. Based on what I’ve been forced to watch in MT and nationally for the last two years I think we need to honest about what’s not working for the Dems as much as we’re honest about what’s wrong with the Repubs. Because honestly we’re getting our asses kicked and we need to figure out how to appeal to regular people again, not just liberals. We’re playing the victims instead of putting out ideas that will help people improve their lives.

  4. Sounds like a winning plan, figure out a list of negative things to say about Greg, and with the rampant hatred of President Trump you will be able to promote any Dem candidate you want and he/she will be a shoo-in. I’d recommend they campaign on keeping Obamacare, special rights for gays, gun registration, and saving public lands! This formula has worked well for the Dems in the special elections lately. I hope this encouragement helps!

  5. Eric, you are full of yourself. And Art Fenske is there a box to check for idiotic remarks?

    • What are you talking about Richard? Don’t you believe in the Dem platform? You should take pride in the fact you’re not deplorable.

  6. All hat, no cattle and not a Montanan just right and left coasts looking for a cheap place to live and a voice to promote the take care of me, please. Wrong state for that!

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