Don’t Fall for Steve Daines’ Shell Game

As the Senate’s Orwellian “Better Care Reconciliation Act” enters into a leadership-induced coma, I expect Senator Daines to follow suit of many of his colleagues and take a swing at the comatose vessel of the BCRA.

Senator Daines telegraphed this move a bit earlier this week. Daines bragged about putting the bill text on his website and claimed he wanted to hear from Montanans on the issue.

Of course he wanted to hear from Montanans from the comfort of his plush DC digs not in Montana.  You see, if he came to Montana he might have to look the child who’s health care he hopes to take away in the eye.

After Daines championed his transparency, and laid the draft text of a hypothetical bill on the internet for all to see, the bill quickly changed. Daines said nothing of how he might vote.

Then the Congressional Budget Office report came out. It confirmed what we all knew, this bill is a turd wrapped in tinfoil.  Again, Daines’ held a moment of silence for all the lost coverage of his constituents.

Now that Boss Mitch has shelved the bill for another week Daines will start his not so long con.

He will come out against the bill, talk about how it needs work, needs to “address rural needs.”  I am sorry, but Steve Daines wouldn’t know rural if he fell out of a private jet in Hysham.

Once he beats up on a version of the bill that will never see a vote Daines will arrive to accept his prize.

Heck, he might even hold an in-person town hall! Get high fives, pats on the back, and THANK YOU for listening Steve tattooed on his back.

Then Daines will come back home to Washington. Mitch will have wrapped this turd in even more tin foil and sell it to Steve as just the most exquisite pair of silver earrings.

Daines will then tout the Montana driven changes he secured–maybe injuries sustained from a body slam will no longer be covered–put those purrdy earrings on and when Mitch says jump, Daines will say “how high?”

And the thousands of Montanans will be left on the ground, without coverage, and without a hope in the world.

There, I laid it out for you. Now don’t fall for it.


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  1. Prediction: He will be bribed with more Medicaid $, as will Senators from AK, ND, SD and WY. Murkowski is the one carrying that ball, but Steve will be happy to take a turn spiking it in victory.

  2. Daines, you are the problem. Why not grow a set of balls and tell Mitch the bitch where to stick his healthcare bill?

  3. Both Daines and Gianforte (he will have to vote sooner or later on the Senate Bill or the reconciliation bill) if they support the current Senate Health Care Bill? If they don’t, what specifics (have to provide specifics, not motherhood) do they need to see in the bill before they can support.

    Have to keep the questions geared to the needed specifics, otherwise they will deflect from the question.

    And then need to ask why does a tax cut need to be part of a healthcare bill?

  4. Yes, your right. Those with insurance will be stepping over the dead bodies to get into the Emergency Rooms. Thanks for convincing any reasonable person that thought you were idiots, that you are idiots.

  5. Daines has said that as long as Planned Parenthood is funded in the bill he’s voting NO. Regardless of the effects his NO vote will have on the disabled, the vets, and children he wants to control women’s access to healthcare

    And he had a tele- town hall to hear from Montanans but he has staffers screening questions prior to constituents asking said question.

    • tele-town halls so BOGUS, screened and scripted, I’ve was on one, waited and waited, they’d didn’t care for my ‘edgy’ question….

  6. Wasted an hour of my life listening to Daines phone town hall. I’m so disgusted with him! Talk about a trump twin, it was all lies and talk of “fake news”. He tried to tell us that Murkowski was on the secret healthcare committee and that it was fake news that there was no women on it. He needs to go!

  7. Excuse me, but wasn’t it clear to anyone else what was going on even yesterday in Mitch’s mind?
    As soon as it was clear, even to him, what a stinker the best bill the Republican committee could come up with was, he went to fallback position. For the majority leader that is and always has been gaining political advantage wherever possible. Naturally, avoiding fallout from excremental process was not enough, but since they had to publicly present this stinking pile sometime, why not make it an opportunity for GOP Senators to take a stand against some insignificant detail of it? That way they don’t just save face, but appear to be genuinely virtuous to all those supporters who weren’t really paying attention. So they get some brownie points for it. Worked perfectly.
    Now they can slowly think about maybe getting something done in repairing the ACA and maybe push some other little stinkers in coaxing the Democrats to go along, such as crippling traditional Medicaid in the long term which has been their goal all along.

  8. My hope for anything reasonable from Sen. Daines were dashed when on his web page was his vote to not allow states like Vermont to be allowed to require labeling of what might be in their food. He went on to say that such laws were a direct attack on MT values. I can not help but believe that his vote had more to do with Monsanto’s $38k than MT’s hypothetical values. It also seems to conflict with the Republican view of state’s rights to make anti gay laws.

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