Who is the Montana Political Review? And Why do They Love Boston so Much?

A tipster has recently peaked my interest. Lured me into a caper. Has me chasing the big cheese. Whatever silly phrase you want to use, MTHat is on the case!

Who is the Montana Political Review?

The Montana Political Review seems to be your normal, run-of-the-mill astroturf blog that pops up every election cycle to try and beat up on Montana Democrats.

There have been so many I can’t even remember their generic, patriotic, and non-descript names.   All I know is that they tend to pop up when a federal race comes around.

When you’ve been around as long as I have you learn there are few certainties in Montana politics. The GOP primary will secure one crazy, they’ll try to give Jon Tester back his fingers, and a couple of astroturf blogs will pop up.

This one is pretty stealth though. They have well a well designed website. They have sleek #onmessage tweets. They pepper in generic content from Senators to make it look nonpartisan.

They even have a phenomenal tagline: “News and Commentary aimed at breaking the Helena bubble.”

Don Draper couldn’t have dreamt up a better tagline while smoking his last lucky strike, finishing a bottle of whiskey, and cheating on his wife for the 30th time.

But from looking at their twitter page, it would seem that this “Montana Political Review” may in fact be the love child of east coast operatives.  Nothing breaks the Helena bubble like east-coast content!

My alluring tipster pointed out to me that @themtpr twitter account follows mostly Montana politicos, with a couple of exceptions.

You see, the @themtpr also follows their favorite Boston based news sources.

You can see a screenshot of their “following” list includes noted Montanan and Amazon Author Greg Strandberg as well as their favorite Boston twitter users

Don’t worry friends, I have screenshots for the eventual unfollows after Mitt Romney or some other Masshole bro yells at their intern for trying to get their Julian Edelman fix on the companies fake astroturf twitter account.

Running late for you float trip down the river? Better follow the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to find out how your 2,500-mile commute is going to be.

Want to know where your favorite Helena Brewer has ended up? Better follow the Boston Red Sox in case they are the team that snagged Ryan Braun.

Want to know what your hometown governor is up to? Better follow @Massgovernor for updates.

Or maybe, just maybe, this “Montana” political review is run by some highly paid east-coast consultant.

I for sure wouldn’t know of two Montana elected officials with cash to spare.

Here’s a tip for our Bostonian friend: if you’re going to write an anonymous blog, at least live here.

I don’t know who you are yet, but I hope one of our tipsters spots you at Fenway, or da GAAAAADENNN, or jetting up to MAAATHAAS VINYAAAD.

If you want to reveal your identity, you know where to find me. But most weekends I am out of cell service camping or fishing—I know that’s hard for you to understand.


4 Comments on "Who is the Montana Political Review? And Why do They Love Boston so Much?"

  1. Funny stuff, MT Hat (and good on’ya, tipster!) – keep up the good work! I don’t personally know any conservatives canny enough to weed astroturf out of their own Montana-politics garden themselves, so it’s nice to have it pointed out publicly for all to see (and make fun of, of course).

  2. Oddly enough, this Boston thing has the same smell as Richard Berman of the ‘Green Decoys’ propaganda. It might look persuasive to whoever gives him money, but it’s bogus in the real world. Too bad Strandberg may be dense enough to fall for dirty cash.

    A bit of searching with combinations such as Berman Montana Boston Green Decoys et brings up some Boston Connections, eg
    “Exclusive: “Green Decoys” Lure Sportsmen Into Deceptive Trap”

    See also BermanFacts.com
    In all – high end political hack with infamous Montana connections, likely including PERC.org.
    Cheerios, then

  3. Now this is ripe. Montana Cowgirl trying to unmask another blogger. Well it’s summer.

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