Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Steve Daines

Daines Hypocrite Award

After nearly 8 long years of listening to Congressman Steve Daines, and now Senator Steve Daines, scream “repeal and replace” across our TV sets he’s settled on just the repeal effort.

Yesterday, MTN’s Mike Dennison reported that Senator Daines (and Commissioner Rosendale) have decided that ripping away coverage for 22 million Americans wasn’t enough, and they need to see 32 million Americans lose coverage.

On it’s face this seems to be your usual run-of-the-mill GOP talking point/attempt at public policy: take from the poor to enrich the wealthy.

But earlier this week Senator Daines rode in on his white horse and took credit for funding Community Health Centers across Montana.

From the Montana Standard:

Daines said Montana’s Community Health Centers provide reliable access to affordable health care close to home.

“I’m pleased that Montanans … will continue to have the health services they rely on,” he said.

I don’t disagree with Senator Daines.  It is great that Montanans will continue to have the health services they rely on.

But less than 7 days after claiming credit for this money, Senator Daines wants to take away the source of this money.

The much maligned ACA created  a Community Health Center fund.  This money trickles down to the states in the form of the grants that Daines claimed credit for.

If Senator Daines gets his way next week, and the ACA is repealed, the CHC’s across Montana will not get this vital funding.  It will be harder for them to balance their books.  It will be harder for them to keep the lights on.  It will be harder for the Montanans who use CHC’s for care to receive treatment.

The result will be the antithesis of Senator Daines’ quote: He will be pleased that Montanans will no longer have access to the health services they rely on.

All for the fulfillment of a campaign promise.

Senator Daines can’t have it both ways.  Either the funds from the ACA are good and allow for Montanans to have access to the care they need.  Or the whole bill needs to go.

This week he championed money from the ACA.  Next week, he will vote to repeal the bill and get rid of that money and the coverage for 32 million Americans.

If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary, you’ll find a smiling picture of Senator Daines.


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  1. Face it, he isn’t out to help “we the people” unless you’re a multimillionaire!

  2. This was in the Bozeman Chronicle today.
    TITLE: Please, senator, save the ACA for those who need it
    CLICK HERE ==> http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/opinions/guest_columnists/please-senator-save-the-aca-for-those-who-need-it/article_32c3a170-32d7-519a-9dbb-343d019ee4cc.html

  3. I was involved in bringing that Bible Study Fellowship to Bozeman with his Mother Sharon many years ago. I am pained to see the legacy of the so called “Christianity” he is brining to the politics of our state and country. Hypocrites. Modern day Pharisees. I hope they all, those around him, get a wake up call like Saul blinded then seeing again on the road to Damascus. It’s the “gospel of prosperity” that’s been ruling and infiltrated the right wing conservative republican bunch who really are cloaking their religion in greed and idolatry. But most of them are too blind to see.

  4. The President is right – let it fail. It’s only a couple of months until open enrollment and sticker shock set in.

    Double digit increases for crummy coverage.

    Don’t forget – the guy responsible for this is Jon Tester. He cast the deciding vote on Obamacare, if he would have had a brain he could have saved the whole country from this mess and been a hero.

    Remember what we heard from The Great Leader, Barack Hussein Obama? Families will save $2500 per year, if you like your plan you can keep your plan, if you like your providers you can keep your providers, everybody will be covered, and if you can’t afford it the cost will be FREE!

    How did that work out. :)

    • My ACA policy has worked out alright.

      Self employed. late 50s.

      My premiums have gone up < 14% in the 3 years I have been enrolled.

      I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about.

      • My ACA sucked ass.

        Self employed. Late 30s. Wife & 2 kids. $1800/month. Affordable my ass.

        Enjoy your subsidy at the expense of my kids.

        • Enjoy the educating of your kids at my expense.

          That is how a civilized society works.

          Maybe you should have chosen a different plan.

          • Al Frankenfurter | July 20, 2017 11:49 AM at 11:49 AM |

            A civilized society means I have to pay for your mcdonalds eating fat ass? Yeah, that makes sense. I take care of myself, while you get fatter by the second. Then I get to pay for your healthcare. What a typical fat assed socialist line of though. Where’s my free shit, Eric?

            • The people getting the most free shit are always the ones who love it! BTW- When my kids get to school age, they won’t be going to pubic schools. And I wouldn’t brag about paying for pubic school in this country- I’m guessing you haven’t noticed, but they suck!

            • Uh huh. Haven’t eaten at Micky Ds in 10 years. BP is 130/80, I bet I am in far better health than you are. You know anger and bitterness are as big a killers as stress?

              At the rate you are going you will have a stroke any minute.

              I laugh at you.

              • Oh man, you ARE the greatest. Just ask ya! ((everybody loves the guy who starts rattling off his BP,touting his above average looks and bragging about the millions he made off the first dot.com bubble– the one you and me didn’t know about)) Apoplectic much about the election results, Eric? Still? Sheesh. I’m just having fun pointing out how stupid you liberals sound and you’re drowning in your own rage of spittle while watching reruns of Rachel Madow holding up the Trumpers $49 million tax return. You’re not laughing, you’re out of your mind right now.

                • Sorry dimwit, I was replying to Mr. Frankenfurter. Since you brought it up.

                  I don’t have cable, don’t watch Maddow and am not apoplectic about Trump. I didn’t vote for HRC and am certainly not a Liberal. I am not a millionaire, just another working stiff. I am enjoying watching Trump get dragged deeper and deeper into the Russia trap that Putin snared him with.

                  You sure do like to make shit up though. Maybe you are really Donald Chump.

                  Toodleloo dimwit.

            • Are you my long lost cousin by any chance?

              Hot dawg.

          • Yep Eric…I bet fenske is purposely picking the worse option (that would be of course any of the BCBS shield) options…or he’s making it up. I’m on it without a single subsidy and mine’s nowhere that cost unless you pick the gold level lowest deductible options (and I still think exaggerated). The other two providers in Montana have only reported a 4% and 7% increase for next year (and that’s lower than average increases before ACA).

            And of course, the lie Art tells himself is that it’s ACA fault. In 2009 as a self employed worker he would have two choices – one each for BCBS and Pacific Source/nee NewWest…both were just as high and you had NO choice. MY BCBS went up almost 50% one year when I hadn’t used a single bit of it and I still had a 12K deductible…and was still higher than my ACA. So Art would be paying the same amount – if not even more – with no choices if ACA never existed or if it is repealed or replaced (by both CBO reports we’ll be back to 10+% increases almost immediately).

            Liars lie – and there are a lot of lies told about ACA for pure political reason…see Senator Dark Money Daines….and maybe Art Fenske. it’s funny that people would deliberatly lie about their circumstances to make these arguments here – but people are strange.

            Lastly…ACA isn’t really paid for by the Art fence’s unless he’s making somewhere over 250K…it’s paid for in almost entirely by the taxes on the most wealthy in the country, but mainly to cuts, reorganization and other changes that slowed growth, cots increases and per patient spending.

    • When crafting their ill-informed, Limbaugh-parroting, anti-Obama screeds, right-wingnuts never seem to grasp that it’s Big Insurance’s greed that raises premiums, quite aside of what the ACA was designed to do (and has done). Premiums go up because that’s what premiums do in a greed-driven, for-profit, capitalistic system.

      Don’t like how MUCH they’ve gone up – and are now going to go up even faster? Thank the Republicans YOU elected – the ones who defunded the guaranteed government assistance to the insurance co’s for helping cover the poorer and less-healthy among us that are now covered by the ACA.

      Jeebus – if the Rightwing had a brain between them they’d be dangerous. Oh, wait – they’re ALREADY dangerous – and it sure ain’t because of their ability to reason through a problem using facts. If a single ‘winger could turn off Faux long enough to do the tiniest bit of research from somewhere other than Breitbart, they wouldn’t be ‘wingers anymore, and could actually join the educated class of people who knew what they were talking about. Whatta concept, huh.

      Btw – at what point do you think that a president’s middle name adds one whit of weight to an otherwise intellectually barren and fact-free argument – save for showing that your argument itself can’t stand on its own two feet?

    • And as to “How did that work out?” From another source:

      “A world without Obamacare: is a world where the self-employed (who are some substantial percentage of those who opposed Obamacare) would pay premiums TWICE what they are paying now, and 32 million people would lose insurance altogether. In other words, Obamacare succeeded in holding premiums lower than they would be without it, and in covering 20-30 million more people who, by the way, are employed but did/do not earn enough to buy health insurance. Medicaid expansion expanded Medicaid to working people whose income did not enable them access to health insurance. This is what the data in the CBO report tells us. (And what it does not tell us but we know: pharmaceuticals and insurers are gouging us big time. Fix that.)”

    • Hey Eric, I love my Obama Care coverage. Sure, it’s gone up a little but I’d rather have it go up then have no insurance at all.

      Didn’t your Great Leader, President Trump run his campaign on Repeal and Replace promising that we would ALL IMMEDIATELY have superior and far better health insurance. That PROMISE certainly happened didn’t it?

      In fact, what has Trump done for Montanan? It’s people like you that have given us “body slamming” Gianforte who IS AN EMBARRASSMENT to our state. And, people who commit that “Gianforte” type of violence just might have done it before! So stop blaming Tester for your problems, get to work and have your party come up with a plan to fix the parts you don’t like.

      And, Wouldn’t it be great if Montanans could actually have a face to face town hall with Senator Daines and actually talk about it? Oh, but that won’t happen because he is a coward that hides in DC.

    • *Eric, Just what part of you are full of You are Full of Shit don’t you understand?

  5. Tell me exactly Eric, how the ACA failed? The one serious problem with the ACA was that they did not address the premiums and how the insurance companies would gouge the public. As you know and in case you didn’t many politicians receive donations from the insurance lobby so for them to come down hard on the insurance company would be disastrous. All reports that I have read indicate that the Obama administration brought this country back from near disaster after the 8 years under Bush who was what? Oh yes republican!

  6. “By their language you can know them.” Kind of like “separate the sheep from the goats.” Just a political observation.

  7. What is lacking that a person has to use “nasty” words to express their views ?

  8. Sad that some still hate President Obama. As for healthcare, generally many Republicans simply do not want the government involved. And probably would like Medicare and Social Security let alone Medicaid to be ended. There is an irrational fear of “socialism.” At the same time I imagine there are those who have experienced large premium increases. Realistically, eventually the nation will have some type of Medicare for all.

  9. Just wait guys…. Only 4 of the original 24 Obamacare exchanges are still standing, the rest have failed. Insurers are bailing out, and it will be game over for Jon Testers baby.

  10. Off topic but I hope I’m not the only one to spot this-Giantfarte just introduced his first Bill. It would penalize Congresscritters a small percentage of their salary if they don’t balance the budget. Like that bunch of millionaires are sweating their $175,000 salary-they mostly have at least 20X that much in their retirement chest, oops,I mean campaign coffers. The biggest poison pill though is hid at the bottom, it requires a 2/3 majority to pass ANY Bill that would increase revenue. This Bill is a recipe to destroy our democratic government. Our population grows every year, delayed road, water and energy repairs grows every year and yet the GOP expects the Budget to shrink. The deficit is what needs to shrink, as it did under Clinton-and FDR! It’s time we took our country back from these Republican Robber Barons and repeal Reaganomics. Trickle-down economics turned us into a nation of Peons and it is high time Don the Con takes his golden shower act back to Moscow.

    • Well, did you ever suspect that double g gave a shit about anyone but himself. Same thing with the other teabagger dipshit daines.

  11. Oh, spending close to or more than 60% of our budget on Defense is also a recipe for bankrupting our democracy.

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