Steve Bullock’s Eyeing Federal Office–And That’s Bad News for MT GOP

News came last week that Steve Bullock has started a political action group to amplify his voice nationally and perhaps even lay groundwork for a run for president or senate.  This welcome news to democrats in Montana and nationally.  Bullock is one of the most popular governors in the nation and could also bring red-state progressive chops to the 2020 contest.

Amid this news, it’s hard to imagine how utterly frustrated Republicans must be by now, given that Democrats in Montana seem always to be led by star power, by politicians who get strong mention as presidential timber or otherwise are able capture the country’s imagination (Bullock, Schweitzer, Tester).  The GOP, meanwhile,  now must settle for Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte.  Can you imagine any of these duds trying form a national PAC and get 2020 buzz? 

Bullock is now regularly on the cable news circuit whereas Daines and Gianforte  are no longer  even willing to speak to reporters at all, or answer questions in a public forum.  Town halls have been ruled out entirely (replaced by those absurd climate-controlled “tele-town-halls”) and certain topics will simply not be discussed at all. No state except Montana, you can bet, can claim that its entire Republican congressional delegation has boycotted interaction with the the public. The Montana GOP should be proud of that achievement, and I hope they enjoy thinking about it.  

As Bullock gets national ink and buzz, the GOP settles for the Daines and Gianforte show, two politicians who are greatly dishonest, dull, evasive, possessing no ideas at all, and are constantly getting dunked in choppy political waters and are totally unable to swim in them.  

The $64,000 question, of course, is…why? In a red state, the stars should be red.  But here they always seem to be blue.  It’s a Montana political paradox that continues to provide intrigue.  One answer is that the GOP stands for nothing but fakery, incitement and hatred, and thus it’s impossible to attract real players.  Whatever the answer, Democrats are a minority party in Montana but we rule the state when it comes to the top politicians, and we should be proud of it, and enjoy it (since it probably won’t last forever). 




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  1. Snidely Whiplash | July 24, 2017 9:25 PM at 9:25 PM |

    Big question for Mt Democrats is, who in the hell are they going to run against Fox?

  2. Bullock has no chance. He is pro-coal and couldn’t even get an infrastructure bill passed in a state of a million people. Let’s be honest folks, Bullock cares about himself, period. He realizes that he’s out of a job soon enough, and he is merely looking for an appointment from the next Administration. The national Democratic Party would never be so naïve to approve the nomination of a candidate that doesn’t hold the core value of environmentalism (sorry, Steve, your public land chants don’t eclipse your pro-coal actions). Maybe he can spend more time doing the job he was elected to perform, instead of galavanting around the country beating his chest for his next job interview. Hubris is and will continue to be his downfall. The nation, unlike The Montana Democratic Party, isn’t going to get behind that.

    • His pro-coal stance is the very reason that explains his national appeal. As long as the Democrats embrace environmental extremism under their umbrella, they will remain a minority party.

  3. You’re whistling through the graveyard of you have your hopes pinned on Bullock.

    You think Bullock has something going for him because he was re-elected? I will give you a free lesson in Montana Politics;

    Fact: no Montana Governor has ever been voted out of office in Modern times – we always give them a second chance.

    Fact: no candidate with a NRA ‘F’ rating has been elected to a national office here.

    Fact: Bullock has no accomplishments to run on.

    So please – PLEASE nominate him, he will look good on the 2020 ticket with Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Warren heading the Democrats.

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