Clock Strikes Midnight for Steve Daines’ Health Care Fairytale

Senator Steve Daines’ fairy-tale of health care finally came to an end today.

Daines spent the last few months hiding from his wicked-evil constituents, dodging the cruel Montana media, being a big shot in the DC papers, and dining with the handsome and President Charming.

He was able to avoid the horrible chore and duty of holding an in-person town hall, leaving his wicked Senior Senator Jon Tester to do the grunt work of hearing from Montanans.

Senator Daines had it all. He told the Montana media he hated the lack of transparency and he was “locket out” of  the process. He told the DC media that he was one of the cool kids and was in on the partisan negotiations. His fairy-tale briefly took a dark turn when he accidentally revealed that all he really wanted in a health care bill was for thousands of Montana women to lose access to health care.

But today, the clock struck midnight. Senator Daines voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

As he scampered down the Capitol steps he tripped and fell out of his crystal cowboy boots.

Unfortunately for Senator Daines and for Montanans everywhere, we don’t live in a fairy-tale.  And now it’s up to the Republicans in the Senate to try and find the health care bill that fits just right.

If the previous GOP plans are any indication of what a replacement will look like we will see thousands lose their coverage, pre-existing condition protections go away, Medicaid expansion come to an end, and no relief for the people with legitimate gripes about the Affordable Care Act.  We may soon live in a harsh reality.

Another harsh reality for Senator Daines is that he will be forced to look his constituents in the eye at some point in the next 3 years. He will have to tell us how he knew better than Montana doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, patients, caretakers, and just about everyone who wanted health care costs to go down.

Here at the Montana Cowgirl Blog, we hope that come 2020, Montana voters can send Senator Daines off into the sunset and he can go back to being millionaire Daines. Let’s hope that’s not a fairy-tale.


15 Comments on "Clock Strikes Midnight for Steve Daines’ Health Care Fairytale"

  1. Daines has sanctimoniously proclaimed himself “pro-life” yet he has worked incessantly to condemn thousands of people to death by stripping away their health insurance. He has self-righteously boasted of his “faith” and yet he has blatantly and repeatedly violated the most fundamental teachings of his “savior.”

    His conduct has marked him indelibly as a liar and a hypocrite. No wonder he has that smug, supercilious grin on his face as he stands next to his role model. He is right where he knows he belongs.

    • Everyone should realize this whole religous right thing is a scam. The same bunch that bought the speel of the evangelical snake oil salemen and their mega churches are the same ones that have bought the speel of Daines, Trump, and the far right. Same salesmen, different message.

  2. Yes, Daines is a snob, too good to talk to voters. The question is, why do all the people who will have no insurance continue to vote for this vicious little monster man? Pro-Life? That’s impossible — if he were pro-life he would have to eliminate the death penalty in Montana. If he uses “his faith” to decide how to vote in Congress he would feed the hungry, heal the sick, support public education and respect the elders.

  3. Such a lair…and even worse, people who should have know better voted for this joker. He’s always made the fakes and most transparent of empty promises to woo voters and then gone to Dc to do the exact opposite.

    I always hear right wingers complain that Tester votes in lockstep with Obama/Pelosi/Schumer or whomever their trying to tie him to at one moment or another. But Daines, and soon GG, will vote in absolute lockstep EVERYtime with Ryan or McConnell, and even on bills like this that are so absolutely fake, harmful or just bad for real Montanans. Yet, never an eyebrow is raised on the right…

    • Hauser, your right, this is why Trump won and the dems have lost almost a 1000 government seats and continue to lose more. Wake up and re-invent your Dem party or continue to lose more seats.

      • @bull**it – No, it’s just that there are more ignorant, racist xenophobes than anyone was willing to believe. Confirmed now by the remaining core of support for a sociopathic, congenital liar who has constructed an administration whose corruption is exceeded only by its incompetence.

      • So you think Ds should try to out-fascist you Rs? That’s not possible.

        • There it is!! Way to be Piddler. Even though you have no clue what the word means: Fascists!! It’s always the Ds versus Rs with you- brilliant- they got you right where they want you. I’ve never known anyone to hate their neighbor as much as you.

          • @Fenske(so-called) – You’ve never known anyone to hate their neighbor??? You must not live where there are any Trump supporters. Boy!! Are you lucky!!

  4. GG already votes lockstep with the bitch from Wyoming. Daines, get this message: I have two grandchildren and a son who all have pre-existing conditions and if they are harmed by your bullshit partisan antics in falsely representing Montanans, consider yourself unemployed the next time you run for any office in Montana. You are a sick little punk.
    I’ll bet your knees are very sore from spending all of that time under McConnell’s and trumpster’s desk.

  5. Is anyone really surprised by his vote? Did anyone really believe that he would vote otherwise? If so, you are in bad need of an education. Wake up people and start paying attention. Research and learn.

  6. Medicare Part E is such an obvious solution. Of course so are solutions to most of our problems, start by raising the rent for the One Percent. Cheeze, hadn’t thought about that, the one-percenters used to be the term for truly hard core bikers, now it’s for Bazillionaires…equally odious?

  7. If you are interested in Senator Daines’ curious path on healthcare, you might want to look at where Daines offered an amendment which would have provided Medicare for all Americans and then voted against it.

    In all fairness, this seems to be a maneuver to trap Democrats into voting for socialized medicine but who would have thought that a Republican would propose it.

    • “but who would have thought that a Republican would propose it.”
      laker1, he did not propose this bill expecting it to ever see the light of day. He did it in a feeble attempt to get Democratic senators to vote for it to show the Republican base that they are all “socialists” thereby guaranteeing that they will get voted out of office. Typical game playing by our ignorant senator.

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