Steve Daines is Literally Playing Games with Montanans’ Health Care

When you elect a former host of a reality television game show to President of the United States, it really is the only logical conclusion that his herd of bumbling yes-men Senators will take to playing games with legislation.

Senator Steve Daines took our political debate and discourse to new lows. Daines, proposed an amendment, on the floor of the United States Senate, as a farce.

Mr. More Jobs Less Government™ has decided he wants to propose an amendment for government run, single-payer health care.  He knows this won’t pass.  He even says he doesn’t support it.  This vote will be a waste of 10 minutes of taxpayer money.  This amendment isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on to the taxpayers.

I expect this kind of trolling from the MT Cowgirl blog commentator who uses 3 different aliases but submits his comments from the same email address (you know who you are man), but I expect a little more from a United States Senator.

In what I can only assume was an e-mailed statement or one of his famouse snap chats, featuring a winky-smiley face, to the Billings Gazette Daines said:

“I do not support a single-payer system, but I believe Montanans deserve to see us debate different ideas, which is why I am bringing forward this amendment,” Daines said Wednesday night. “It’s time for every senator to go on the record on whether or not they support a single-payer system.”

That’s rich. And not just $teve Daines rich, this is Greg Gianforte rich.

Daines claiming he wants to “see us debate different ideas” on a piece of legislation that had ZERO hearings, passed along party lines (with two GOP defectors), and is being hailed as the beginning of the end for the Affordable Care Act is ludicrous.

You know where a good place to debate ideas is?

A. Committee Hearing, with loads of expert testimony and questioning.

B. A town hall meeting in your state with your constituents and a healthy back and forth dialogue.

C. A panel discussion with hospital workers, nurses, doctors, and patients.

D. All of the above.

And do you know what Daines chose?

He took out his pen, wrote out “none of the above” and made fart noises with his mouth until the teacher had to put him in the hallway.

I hope Democrats don’t fall for this game of “when did you stop beating your wife?”

They should all vote no and move on to actual solutions that might have a chance of passing the GOP controlled Senate.  Don’t let Daines sit in the back of the class and snicker with the other Cool Kidz Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell.

Honestly, it is sickening to see a member of our delegation using time in the Senate to try and score political points when his constituents health care hangs in the balance.

I hope embarrassment isn’t a pre-existing condition by next week.

Families across Montana are watching the Senate to see if they will have insurance next year.

Senator Daines is spending his time trying to put a whoopie-cushion under Democrat’s chair and laughing to his friends.

The Senate deserves better.  Montana deserves better.  Frankly, everyone deserves better.


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  2. Excellent essay. Thank you.

  3. This is one of those times when it could be an advantage to have senators from both parties. Senator Daines must trade his vote on skinny obamacare for federal funding to fight forest fires. His loyal voters put him in office to make a stand when it counts. It’s their land that is burning. If he can’t make his vote mean something for Montana when it’s desparately needed, he has no business being in the Senate.

  4. Daines has a good reason for avoiding townhalls or any other interaction with his constituents, he takes his orders from DC, not from Montanans.

  5. Drunks for Denny | July 28, 2017 10:56 AM at 10:56 AM |

    Nice picture of Daines with Lying Ted Cruz. Really sends the message home.

  6. Daines and Gianforte, thumping the Bible and bragging about their Christian religion. How is taking healthcare away from millions of Americans in anyway consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ? Answer, IT ISN’T! They must attend one of those Prosperity Gospel Churches, where they believe if you aren’t rich than you are not be worthy of God’s love. You shall know them by their actions, not by their words! What will be the next move in their war on the poor?

  7. Along with the thought that everyone deserves better, let us include Ryan Zinke. See the petition, sign the petition, share the petition…

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