It’s August, Will Senator Daines Hold a Town Hall

Steve Daines

I cannot remember the last time Senator Steve Daines held a town hall.

If I could, I would have a running clock of “It’s been ____ Days Since Steve Daines Held a Town Hall.” But I can’t even remember the last time Daines faced his constituents so that joke goes in the trash.

I know he’s held those tele-town halls. But there is something about looking people in the eye and seeing their passion, their disagreement, or heck even their agreement with you.  And Daines seems to be avoiding that.

Daines was able to secure one more week in Washington but it looks like the Senate will end up sending the Senators home to see their constituents.

Senator Daines has one simple question to answer, and we—his constituents—have one simple ask: Will you hold a town hall?

I’ve called Daines’ office and repeatedly asked this question. I’ve been met with platitudes and non-answers.

I do know he travels to all 56 counties though! Good for you Senator Daines. But it begs the question: if a Senator travels to your county, and no one is invited to see it, was he really there?

Senator Daines will have the whole month of August to drive around the state. Hopefully he stops in and actually holds a public meeting. I know I am willing to travel wherever and whenever to find out just what the heck he’s been up to—but I am not going to hold my breath.

If any of you fine readers find out where Senator Daines is going to be please shoot me a tip. I am about to start putting his face on milk cartons.

Feel free to leave the question you’d like to ask Senator Daines in the comments.  I like to think with all the time he has not meeting with Montanans he spends perusing the blogosphere.


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  1. The original Art Fenske | August 2, 2017 9:24 PM at 9:24 PM |

    Don’t hold your breath.

  2. I call Daines’ DC office 3-4 times each week about various issues (most of which he refuses to take a concrete position on) and always close with a request for information on when/where he plans a live, face-to-face town hall meeting. I begin each call with, “I would have called the Senator’s BUTTE office, but he doesn’t have one, so you get to deal with my questions.” I also call each of his state offices at least once/week. I’ve been trying the Missoula number for months, but there’s never an answer, or even a voice mail.

  3. Claudius — nice to read of a kindred spirit when it comes to Senator Daines and his avoidance of a real town hall meeting. I also read with much interest your account of his Missoula office as I spent the first two months of this year trying to contact his Sidney office, I live in Sidney, before I was informed that his man in the office had quit and gotten married around the end of the year. I was told by his Billings office that they could not return calls because someone had to be in the office to get the information from the phone! There is now someone in the Sidney office some time but not regularly that I can tell or very helpful when reached.

  4. No way. This time last year I was on an 8 day backpack trip in the Beartooth and lo and behold I ran into Steve and his wife and an outfitter, all on horses with every amenity imaginable. I remember thinking, “Dang, if you really like this, why is your lifetime conservation voting record somewhere between 0 and 1 per cent? Why do you want to do away with Wilderness Study Areas? Why are you for repealing the Antiquities Act?” Anyway, forgetta bout it. His “tele halls” are a scam. The calls are screened. It is usually a rigged “luv fest” for Steve. Let’s face it, while he spends 10k to be escorted into the backcountry, he is really bought and paid for by mining, oil, gas, coal, etc. Just follow the money. I hope I live to see the day when his ass gets voted out of office.

  5. The last time Daines made an official stop in the Bozeman area, he arrived in a fancy bus and spoke at a doughnut shop on the east side of Belgrade — not in Bozeman. He babbled and then refused questions. That was more than 8 years ago. In case you’re counting, only why bother? Daines hasn’t had his marching instructions for the recess so apparently does not know what to do yet.

  6. Expect a new star to rise in the east before the next open Daines Scripted-by-ALEC MT press conference. Expect two if access is unrestricted.

  7. Question that I would like to see (but I have faith that the Johnny Mathis Song “Twelfth of Never” may be most appropriate): Name three policies, positions, enacted laws that are beneficial to the average individual with minimum negative impacts on them?

    For a Democrat this is so simple, but for a conservative ???

  8. Ask the voters of Wis., Mich., Penn., and Ohio that won Trump the presidency. Maybe jobs, safety and common sense. Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps only you listen to each other and no one else listens to you. You better re-invent for 2018 or all those voters will continue to ignore you as we do now.

    • @bull**it – Ask the voters of WI, MI, PA, and OH about all those jobs Trumpsky was going to save – they’re gone. Ask them about the new jobs he was going to create – zip, zero, nada. Three of those states border Great Lakes. Ask those voters about how they’ve had to fight the administration to continue the cleanup of decades of greed-driven corporate pollution of the Lakes.

      You’re not listening to voters – you’re listening to Fox Fraudcasting and the alt-right AM radio idiots. News flash!! They’re lying to you.

      Those voters are starting (finally!!) to smarten up. The so-called president’s approval rating is now down to 33% by latest polls. I guess they’re just getting tired of winning.

      • Maybe you should start listening to Fox so you don’t get rectal cancer from all the smoke your sources are blowing there.

        And no these are not burger flipping jobs like the Obama years. These are good jobs like in the Coal and Oil / pipeline / manufacturing industry and the computer industry like those all previously sourced out to other countries.

        Over the last three months, job gains have averaged 195,000 per month.
        In July, the unemployment rate fell to 4.3% as expected, matching the 16-year low also seen back in May of this year.

        • @bull**it – You really are a Trump voter aren’t you? Those jobs aren’t gains. They’re simply the normal churn, and don’t even keep up with the jobs being outsourced overseas. You know, all those jobs Trumpsky promised to save with his superpower negotiating skills?

          You know, those negotiating skills that have managed to offend and alienate every world leader except Putin? Wait! Even Putin now is disgusted with his incompetence and weak-kneed humiliation.

          • The Real Art Fenske | August 4, 2017 1:09 PM at 1:09 PM |

            Lemme guess, Clitius. You believed BO when he made claims of saving a gazillion jobs, but when real numbers come out under Trumpster, you don’t believe them and make excuses. You partisan hacks suck (R & D) and are exactly who to blame for BO & Trump. Not an original thought in your melon, and you have no idea why jobs are outsourced or who to blame. It’s idiots like you that make America sucks so bad.

            • @Fake Fenske – Sounds like you don’t like living here. Have you considered a move to Sudan? People there would welcome the chance to have a genius like you tell them how stupid they are, and how wrong their religion is.

              It would be paradise for you – no government to speak of, and all the guns your little 2d Amendment heart could desire.

              Keep in touch………let us know how great it is!

          • Earth to Claudius, come in Claudius….and you guys wonder why the masses are growing that ignored you and your types. I find this rather comical. Thanks for the entertainment. Good luck in 2018.

            WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Wednesday that electronics giant Foxconn will build a $10 billion factory in Wisconsin that’s expected to initially create 3,000 jobs, the largest economic development project in state history.

            • bullet, you definitely need to read more about the Foxconn investment in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is giving them $3 Billion to build the factory. It will cost Wisconsin $1 million for each job created. That is what is called a good investemnt???

              • Democrats work hard to lose more seats. What do you think when the average voter sees this garbage. Do you think is would be better if built in Mexico?

                From your link;
                MADISON, Wis. (Reuters) – Wisconsin’s proposed $3 billion incentive package for a new LCD screen plant by Taiwan’s Foxconn is in danger of being pushed through the state’s Republican-controlled legislature too quickly, Democratic critics said on Thursday.

                Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, hopes to open a $10 billion plant in 2020 at a 1,000-acre site in southeastern Wisconsin. It will initially employ 3,000 people but that number could rise to 13,000, officials have said.

                Proponents including President Donald Trump and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have touted the project’s investment potential and job creation, including an expected 22,000 ancillary and 10,000 construction jobs.

            • @Bull**it – The so-called president is on record for having told 836 lies in just his first 6 months. Fortunately for Trumpsky, there are a hardcore percentage (ever-shrinking) of low-information voters gullible enough to swallow them.

              Foxconn has run that same scam in three states now, trolling for incentives and payoffs. Weak-minded Walker and the brain-damaged far right in the WI legislature are just the latest set of chumps to take the bait.

              Why don’t you see if you can put in an application for one of those greeaat new jobs? And while you’re waiting, you can sign up for the great health insurance in Wisconsin and get your name on the waiting list for all the other great benefits there.

    • The word “we” is generally thought to indicate more than one.

  9. Wake up Montana.
    Add up GOP Voter suppression by cross checked off Registered Voters
    ➕GOP Vote subtraction by hacking Vote machines
    And DJT easily looses 2016 Electoral Vote Total.

    Add in Trump Tower servers serving USA Voter information to Cammbridge Analytics to Russia.
    ➕1,000 Russian trolls committing malice against Hillary Clinton
    And Donald Trump would have bigly lost our 2016 Federal Election.

    But that is not a big picture.

    In one big picture, our Ammended Constitution, imo,
    does not anticipate active measures against the electorate,
    Like large scale GOP Voter and Vote suppression.

    Does not anticipate Putin-Oligarch-Russian Crime information warfare actively deceiving Americans thru Sputnik, RT, Fbook, and Twitter.

    However our Constitution does anticipate what must be done at the Federal Level, to counter decades of Russian rubles laundered thru USA casinos.

    Does anticipate what must happen to maybe a trillion dollars of USA Real Estate and businesses bought by Russian Organized Crime, oligarchs and Russian oilygarchs.

    Bought with rubles systematically stolen from the people of still poor Russia.

    That’s the big picture.
    Along with Russian:
    〰️Annexing Crimea.
    〰️Invading turf and governance of Ukraine.
    〰️Threatening Finland’s Border.
    〰️Interfering with Brexit Election & French Election
    〰️Increasing Aid to North Korea.
    〰️Arming the Taliban.

    How can Montana not call Putin an aggressive adversary ❓ ❔

  10. I’m looking forward to the day when Hilary Clinton will be installed as the legitimate POTUS. By Trump’s own words, he said the 2016 presidential election was rigged. His campaign’s collusion with Russia to undermine our Republic will be exposed.

  11. ALEC and other far-right activists are calling for a Constitutional Convention. They want to initiate an amendment requiring a balanced budget, codify draconian restrictions on voting and civil rights, and secretly probably plan to repeal the 14th and 19th amendments. Back to “the good old days” when only rich white men had any rights at all.

    I think people of intelligence, sanity, and good will should help promote the idea of such a convention. The nasty parts the alt-right want can be easily defeated, and the convention can proceed to incorporate civil rights, voting rights, and equal treatment rights into a new amendment that will stymie even the conservatives on the Supreme Court.

    And, while they’re at it, they can move to repeal the 22nd Amendment, so President Obama can run again in 2020! Picture the hilarity that would ensue as the current so-called president proceeded to excrete rings around himself and move his “southern white house” from Florida to the Caymans!

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