Anddddddd in this corner…..

It appears the reigning Heavyweight Champion of the World Congressman from Montana has a new challenger: John Heenan.

It is likely that this match election will turn into a battle royal and many more participants will jump in to take on Greg Gianforte. After pleading guilty to assault, being required to do community service, anger management classes, and using his money to try and avoid a mugshot it’s likely Gianforte will be vulnerable.

Jersey-Greg is keeping a low profile in DC and in Montana. He’s hoping everyone will forget that he told a member of the press, asking a legitimate policy question, to “get the hell out of here.” And then of course body-slammed him.

Hulk Hogan Greg Gianforte has his first challenger, and let’s see how he measures up.

Let’s go to the tape:

Billed from Billings Montana.

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Age: 40

Body Slamming Capabilities: Unknown

Nicknames: The Magic City Miracle, the Lawya Who Will Destroy Ya, the Copper King Slayer

Key Issues: Campaign Finance

Formal Rival: Art Wittich

Known Affiliations: Democrat

Finishing move: the lawsuit

For a more serious look at this candidate head over to the Last Best News. They have a great and thorough write-up of this potential challenger.

I don’t know much about Mr. Heenan, but I do know that I’d prefer not to have a Congressman with a rap sheet.

As challengers emerge we will be sure to keep you posted on how they stack up against Congressman Gianforte.


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  1. I refer to our very own elected Republican representatives as the Down Brothers, Slam and Shut. Neither worth a dam

  2. The R train is about to derail.

  3. So much of Greg Gianforte & others sounds like a chip off the block Donald Trump.

  4. I wonder how far to the right GOP wannabes will go in these races for Rep and Senator? Are they all going to be Trump butt kissers (like Zinke and Daines), or will there be a brave man or woman willing to buck the party dogma and do what’s right for the people of Montana?

  5. Reality isn’t a strong point for you Dems, is it?

    The Montana Democratic Party is in ruins after last years elections, and the special election this Spring.

    I would say that the Dems (the party of the rich) will load up Jon Tester with money and support, and that is it.

    I see no reason John Heenan will do better than Quist did.

    • 48 degrees north | August 10, 2017 6:08 PM at 6:08 PM |

      Party of the rich, you really need to cut back on your fox news consumption, it is cutting the oxygen off to your brain, and with the few brain cells you had to begin with you really cannot afford to lose anymore.

      • According to the news, the Dems (the party of the rich) have already gave Tester $4,700,000 – and FYI, that’s what rich people do, isn’t it?

        Maybe they should try another gimmick candidate, something other than a gay Indian woman or an aging folk singer.

        The reason the Dems crashed and burned is not knowing who their constituents are.

        • Hey Eric, how about a link to your story “according to the news”.

            • Thank you.

              “The $2 million figure for the second quarter of 2017 mirrors the amount of cash Tester raised in the first three months of the year. According to his campaign, 91 percent of the contributions are $100 or less.”

              Yeah all that cash comes from Mega-donors.

              Thanks for clearing that up.

              • You have never heard of bundling?

                • You can bundle a bunch of $10 dollar donations, no different than any other dollar amount.

                • And “Bundling has exactly what to do with the subject”. Please explain and be specific.

                  • If small donors were to truly donate $4,700,000 to a candidate in Montana, 18 months before an election, it would make history – never been done before.

                    So to suggest a buffoon, like Tester, is so beloved by Montanans is even more of a long shot.

                    So if I’m a rich Dem, of which there are many, and I want to give a large chunk of money to Tester, it’d be a simple matter to set up lots of shill donors.

                    Now you’ll say prove it, and it can’t be proven, because of the way the system can be manipulated, but there are about 4,700,000 pieces of circumstantial evidence.

                    • So what you are saying is the article that you linked to cannot be believed.

                      And with that said you invent some fantasy because you disagree with Jon Testers political views.

                      I think I am done with you for now.

                    • Oh and BTW, 4.7 Million divided by 91 is only about 52 thousand donors.

                    • You would be hard-pressed to find 5200 Montanans that like Jon Tester enough to send him a check, let alone 52,000.

                    • # 1. 52000 is just a tad over 5% of the State Population.

                      # 2. As much as I dislike out of State Money in Congressional elections, it is 100% legal.

                      Now, you were saying?

                    • Using shill donors is illegal. Just ask Dinesh D’Souza.

                      What you can do is look at the FEC reports and see where the money comes from.

                    • Thanks Doug, but Eric isn’t interested in truth or facts.

                    • I laid out the truth – you just have little appetite for it

                    • The truth eh?

                      And exactly what truth did you “lay out”.

                      The only thing true was that Tester has raised some money.

                      How much was raised for the special election?

                      Yawn…… you have nothing but some innuendo and shallow attempts at a smear. And BTW, this is not about Tester. It is about who will wipe the floor with Greg (MMA) Gianforte in the next election.

                      You have a nice weekend, ya hear.

                    • The Truth – that you cannot handle:

                      (1) The Dems are the party of the rich. Proven by many examples, first, in that they have pumped $4.7 million dollars into the account of Jon Tester, from special interests, 18 months before an election, and another example is the now-disintegrating Montana Democratic Party, who legally laundered $64,100 dollars for Hillary, before the primary even.

                      (2) That we just came off an election here, where the voters showed that they overwhelmingly reject the Dem platform, which is currently anti-business, special rights for gays, gun control, and abortion on demand. Given that the Dems are making no move to change their goals, there is no reason to believe that ANY Dem challenger will do better than Rob Quist, Denise Juneau, or any of the long list of Dem losers.

                      I will reserve my judgement on Testers chances until I see who the GOP nominates, and right now you won’t hear him campaigning on Obamacare, Abortion, or special rights for gays, he has wrapped himself around something safe, like Veterans Issues, even though the National Dems despise veterans, lumping them in with the rest of us ‘deplorables’ that didn’t vote for Hillary.

                  • And once again Eric, this article is about who will be running against Gianforte, not Jon Tester.

                    If you have opinions regarding the Tester election I am sure the administrator here would publish them.

                    But since you have repeatedly brought up the ridiculous amounts of money spent for elections in America, surely you support the effort to overturn Citizens United and get all this special interest money (your words) out of our political system. (The Dems are the party of the rich. Proven by many examples, first, in that they have pumped $4.7 million dollars into the account of Jon Tester, from special interests,)

        • In looking over the article suggested , Eric was either reading another article or can’t read and “comprehend” what an article is about. No place in the article did I see about an Indian woman and especially the insinuation. Correct me and show me if I am wrong.

          • Well Virginia, I won’t consider it correcting, just teaching.

            Facts are stubborn things.

            First, The story is about a political newcomer, who I’ve never met, but I actually consider him a good guy, running against Greg Gianforte.

            And I pointed out, that we just had an election here, and the Dem platform was soundly rejected by voters, and therefore I think ANY Dems chances of winning a national seat here are quite poor, unless the powers-that-be in the party make changes. I pointed out there recent history, of rigging the primary process to nominate an aging folk singer, and also running a candidate who campaigned on being openly gay, and of native american heritage. facts – not insinuations. Do they know who their constituency is? Obviously not.

            I also pointed out that the Dem Party here, who crashed and burned, is not your fathers Democtratic Party anymore, they are the party of the rich, and the party of special interests.

            Lastly, I’ll put up one more article for you – enjoy;


            • Hey Eric, I actually agree with you on some of the things you just wrote.

              But your attacks on a fairly popular Senator are not “truth”, they are your opinions.

              The next election will be close and Tim Fox will probably make it interesting.

              Oh and Facts and truth that are based upon opinion and bias are not always synonymous.

              • I will not forgive Jon Tester for casting the deciding vote on Obamacare. Ever.

                And in past campaigns he was a serial-liar. This I also will not forget.

                But I think his chances of re-election are very good, because the Dems, the party of the rich, will probably spend $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars) to buy the seat.

                (Did somebody say the Dems were NOT the party of the rich?)

                • Claiming Sen. X cast the 60th vote on ACA is a common rightwingnut lie rightwingnut candidates tell and rightwingnut low-information voters believe. Tester was actually the 48th vote cast overall.

                • Hey dumbshit! It was that distinguished REPUBLICAN Senator from Arizona, John McCaine that cast the deciding vote. Don’t you ever listen to what the orange haired commander in chief in the lies he tells.

                  • No Richard Miller – there was not one single GOP vote to pass Obamacare into law. The GOP was locked out of the discussion from day 1 – if you want to rewrite history though, maybe a few people on this blog will believe it :)

                    • 79 hearings
                      181 witnesses
                      121 amendments, including from GOoPers.
                      25 days of debate on the Senate floor.

                      Try facts instead of talking points.

                • @Eri** – After supporting the pathological liar now squatting in the White House, you now have the brass-plated ‘nads to complain about the Senator who is among the top FIVE most honest in Congress?

                  Tell you what…….since you won’t forgive him for not being an ignorant tea-bagger, I won’t forgive you for not being smart enough to recognize the alt-right scum for what they are. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

  6. “I see no reason John Heenan will do better than Quist did.”

    Pretty hard to see much when you head is that far up your own ass.

  7. So you want someone with their lips pressed against Pelosi and Schumer? That will get you a lot of MT votes. Can MT afford these idiots any more?

    Talen changes Colstrip exit plans, plans to stay for foreseeable future!

    The State and Local Tax Impact of the Keystone Pipeline
    Property taxes in impacted states would increase as a result of the eight construction camps that would be built by the construction company to accommodate the influx of workers needed during construction. There would be four in Montana.

    About 12,000 jobs, or 29 percent of the 42,100 jobs, would be held by residents of the four proposed Project area states1; of these 12,000 jobs, approximately 5,400 would be direct jobs and approximately 6,600 would be indirect and induced jobs.

    26 Million in property taxes every year.

    • Ever been around pipeline const? It will be quickly completed and crews gone, a flash in the pan. It won’t take years to complete, months. If they ever get started.

      • Tell that to the MT’s that get jobs there. Maybe it will get then ahead so they can start a business in their hometown or not if you get your way. Your great at getting more votes.

        • “Maybe it will get then ahead so they can start a business in their hometown” They’re going to start a biz on a month’s wages?

          • Build a pipeline across Montana in a month? What will they get if you get your way? Nothing. Thanks you guys for helping our state and our people…..not…Making Montana Poor…make the kids leave the state for jobs. Thanks.

            • @bull**it – And if you get your way, they’ll get toxic air, contaminated water, polluted soil, and a more rapidly deteriorating climate.


              • Then will you get rid of that natural gas line to your house?

                • @bull**it – Are you really as thick as you seem here? That pipeline under discussion is purposed for crude oil and tarsands sludge, not ethane. Just like you mouth away about Tester, when the topic was Greg ‘Hitman’ Gianforte.

                  But since you can’t find any traction to be nasty about the actual topic, how about you name the last time Tester had himself videoed shooting at a drone?

                  Name ONE major pipeline anywhere in the world that hasn’t had “incidents” that resulted in leaks and contamination!

                  Name ONE major pipeline that employed “thousands” of workers, even in construction!

                  And, BTW, I don’t have a gas line to my house.

                  And since we’re exploring information about our personal circumstances, share with us how many times, on average, you have to stop on the way home to ask for directions.

  8. 48 degrees north | August 10, 2017 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

    bullet, you must either not have kids or you really hate them. Coal is destroying this planet and you trumpers are either to stupid to figure that out or too consumed with your own wealth to care about future generations. As far as the Keystone pipeline goes the jury is still out as to whether that disaster will ever be built. Also your jobs numbers are greatly exaggerated and even the ones that do eventually exist during construction will quickly be gone after it is completed. We will be stuck with a pipeline that leaks and contaminates our environment for the next 50 years and we will be the ones that have to pay to clean it up. This country needs to invest in clean energy and better storage and get away from fossil fuels, and hope it is not to late.

  9. 48, if your listening to Gore why don’t you just give him all your money and get it over with. He needs the jet fuel. Also, there have been pipelines in MT probably longer than you with little or no impact. Approximately 90 million property taxes per year now with existing pipelines and if your bored google abandoned wind turbines.

    A Washington Times story seems more credible:

    Hawaii provides the favorite example: The 37 turbines at the Kamaoa Wind Farm stood derelict for more than six years after it was discovered that repairs were more expensive than replacements. This is just one of six abandoned wind farms in one of the most wind-ideal places on the planet.

    The Altamont Pass Wind Farm in Northern California used to be the largest wind farm on Earth. Now it is best known as the largest killer of eagles and other raptors. The turbines are shut down for four months a year to protect the birds during their migration. So much for that pro-forma.

    As many as 4,500 wind turbines have been built — and abandoned — in California alone.

    • @bull**it – The Washington Times?? Really? What’s the matter, didn’t the National Enquirer have a science column this week? With your intellect, I bet you think Moby Dick is a medical condition.

    • There is no energy shortage problem just get up in the morning and look to the east.The problem is we have no way of storing the energy in large quantities and for extended periods of time. Instead of the government handing billions in corporate welfare to the coal and oil companies it needs to be spending the money on new innovative ways of storing energy. Batteries are not the answer, it is in kinetic energy (Flywheel) storage. As far as pipelines causing no problems in Montana, you are either stupid or in the industry to try and push that line of bull. There are leaks in every pipeline and the vast majority are covered up by the industry and government agencies.Fossil fuels are killing this planet and if we do not do something in the very near future the human race is doomed.

  10. If you want to live in a loser state there are others available, not MT. see ya…

    • @bull**it – I thought you were planning to move to Somalia. Or was it Sudan? What happened, did they ban immigration by low-information Trumpsky supporters?

      • Least I didn’t buy the Hillary BS.

        • @bull**it – No, you voted for Trumpsky for 4 very solid, predictable reasons. He’s not a Democrat, he’s not black, he’s not a woman, and his name is not Clinton. And now look what you got – a sociopath who is a congenital liar,with a room-temp IQ, the ethical standards of a weasel in a hen coop, and a lifetime history of lying to, cheating, or stealing from everyone who has ever deal with him.

          No wonder he’s your idol.

  11. Wind turbines shut down for four months? That doesn’t sound like failure, but more like INTELLIGENT planning where they figured out a way to have have Clean energy and also a way for the Birds to thrive. I am glad our fore fathers didn’t give up on their first try at refrigeration or the telephone.

  12. Virginia, yes we need to be smart about this. Don’t let extremist environmentalists fear mongering fossil fuel before renewable is competitive. The wanna-be renewable energy promoters don’t care about our taxes or utility rates. They are just out there to pay for their boats, planes, cars, and massive homes then declare bankruptcy and abandon the assets. Utilities companies are getting pressured to invest but just pass on the costs to consumers. Politicians support to buy votes.

    Bet the low income love this one in Nevada.
    CARSON CITY — A bill seeking to resurrect Nevada’s rooftop solar industry would create new costs of more than $48 million a year over the 20-year life of the measure, an NV Energy analysis shows.

    Just over $30 million a year on average would result from credits paid for energy generated from the systems that would be above market value.

    Another $18.2 million would result from providing the cost of services to Nevada net metering customers below the actual cost of the service, the document provided to the Senate Commerce Committee says.

    • Your fascist errand boy Jersey-G is going to get his sorry fascist ass kicked so bad, he’s up against a pro now, this won’t end well for you worshipers of commie-colluding Prez Perv!

    • Jim Justice, the Republican governor of West Virginia, is floating a federal proposal to bail out the struggling Appalachian coal industry at a cost to taxpayers of up to $4.5 billion a year.

      As Justice described it to the Wall Street Journal, under the proposal, the federal government would pay out $15 to eastern power companies for each ton of Appalachian coal they purchase.

      • Meanwhile closer to home.

        Unfortunately, those bets haven’t paid off, and it’s increasingly clear that some of them never will. Customers have paid slightly more than $460 million in just the past five years in premiums over and above the market price of energy for the coal, hydro, and wind power plants the company owns.

        Put another way, if NorthWestern had instead bought energy from other suppliers—the independently owned share of Colstrip or excess supply from wind farms—every NorthWestern customer would have saved on average $1,250.

        • Old Line Democrat | August 11, 2017 11:05 AM at 11:05 AM |

          Except that the reason the ratepayers have paid more is because NorthWestern had to buy back their generating assets that were sold off by Touch America (MPC) so they could purchase on the phony spot market created by Enron. Remember them?
          As far as wind farms, as revealed by the open mic at our PSC hearing, the monied interests have paid enough to get their way no matter what the result. Big Picture folks. Our oligarch reps are out for themselves and their cronies no matter how many guided pack trips they take or new sets of orange carharts they buy and wear for the camera.

          • MPC was a fine company with a solid record of paying a dividend and providing excellent service.

            NWE is nothing like that.

      • Drunks for Denny | August 12, 2017 8:31 AM at 8:31 AM |

        Subsidizing coal? That’s almost as dumb as subsidizing methanol! Oh…wait a minute.

        • ” That’s almost as dumb as subsidizing methanol!”

          Yep paybacks for wealthy Corporate Farming operations.

          Conservatives bitch about the subsidies for wind and solar and ignore the welfare given to Coal, Petroleum and Farming.

          • Drunks for Denny | August 12, 2017 8:27 PM at 8:27 PM |

            Excellent point, Mica. Which is why we all should join together, Republicans and Democrats, to defeat the Montana DNRC incredibly stupid idea to buy the Angela Farm north of Miles City for $15 million dollars. An incredible waste of tax payer dollars, unprecedented since Brian Schweizer bought that ranch north of Havre.

          • United States[edit]

            Allocation of subsidies in the United States[edit]

            On March 13, 2013, Terry M. Dinan, senior advisor at the Congressional Budget Office, testified before the Subcommittee on Energy of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in the U.S. House of Representatives that federal energy tax subsidies would cost $16.4 billion that fiscal year, broken down as follows:
            1.Renewable energy: $7.3 billion (45 percent)
            2.Energy efficiency: $4.8 billion (29 percent)
            3.Fossil fuels: $3.2 billion (20 percent)
            4.Nuclear energy: $1.1 billion (7 percent)

            In addition, Dinan testified that the U.S. Department of Energy would spend an additional $3.4 billion on financial Support for energy technologies and energy efficiency, broken down as follows:
            1.Energy efficiency and renewable energy: $1.7 billion (51 percent)
            2.Nuclear energy: $0.7 billion (22 percent)
            3.Fossil energy research & development: $0.5 billion (15 percent)
            4.Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy: $0.3 billion (8 percent)
            5.Electricity delivery and energy reliability: $0.1 billion (4 percent)[27]

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