New Ad: Montana Will Not Forget Gianforte’s Dangerous Behavior and Rhetoric

In a savvy move the DCCC has chosen to go on air with new ad buy highlighting why Greg Gianforte had Shane Scanlon release a statement blaming Ben Jacobs, then later Gianforte pled out to the assault and admits he committed the assault on a Reporter by bodyslamming him into the ground, the day before the May 25th special election.

This new ad highlights the blatant hypocrisy behind Gianforte’s robotic refrain of “taking full responsibility.”

Fact is: he hasn’t.

Check the ad out for yourself:

Oh, and there’s that whole thing about how Mr. Gianforte is trying to skirt his responsibility and avoid taking his mugshot.

Nothing says “taking full responsibility” like sending your campaign spokesman out to lie for you, ignoring questions about that, and trying to make sure no one can google picture from when you plead guilty to assault.


6 Comments on "New Ad: Montana Will Not Forget Gianforte’s Dangerous Behavior and Rhetoric"

  1. Just watched the DNCC ad against Gianforte and I’m really not impressed! Need a much harder hitting ad against a dangerous, reactionary politician who sad to say my state elected. My stepdaughter calls him the Giant Fart!!

  2. This ad proves it – the DCCC has no clue how to rebound from their beat down last November. Keep up the good work guys !

  3. Gotta ask, what PR team came up with that?? Unfortunately I think they’ve effectively taken a page from the Trump book that’s worked for Trump. Repeat something enough and it becomes true. Repeated, far too many times, is Gianforte stating he’s taken responsibility for his own actions. Far better, in my opinion, would have been to put short blurbs under each iteration stating how he has not taken responsibility. Still no photo et. mug shot, etc. People have short memories. That ad, imo, is essentially a Gianforte ad.

  4. They need to do another one, showing that he contributed to alt-right/neo nazi/white supremacist candidate!

  5. Pretty weak…

  6. Jesus Crispy, I’m beginning to rethink my volunteering as precinct chairperson for Montana Democrats. On the other hand maybe more radical assholes like me is what the Party needs.

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